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Weekly Wear: The Perfect Weather

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Skirts and Spring | #whatiwore

That perfect in-between weather is my favorite feeling. You know what I am talking about. When it is so nice outside that you almost don’t even notice the weather. You aren’t hot or cold…just perfectly comfortable.

Unfortunately we live in Kansas City, so the total number of days that fit all of those guidelines are about 3/365. But when we get them all I ever want to do is be outside! We experienced a day like this last week and it was so great.
(and happened to fall on our day off! Lucky us!) 

So of course I took it as a chance to pull out a comfy skirt and dance around in the street! Because that’s what all reasonable adults do!

But really, give it a try. Skirts and Spring | Skirts and Spring | Skirts and Spring | Skirts and Spring | Skirts and Spring |

Weekly Wear: {Outfit Source} Skirt and Shirt: Charlotte Russe, Hat: Charming Charlie, Shoes: Target-Clearance $9.00!, Bracelets: Thrifted}
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3 comments on “Weekly Wear: The Perfect Weather”

  1. cute! love every bit of it.

  2. that hat is delightful.

  3. The perfect weather count is Philadelphia is approximately 7/365, so your sentiments are understood! Love that skirt and hat, lovely for this time of year!!