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Why yes I do drive a Prius

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A prius for everyone! |

Just kidding, I’m not giving out Prius’s (Priusi? Priusss?) I’m not Oprah. I just happen to love the Prius jingle- “A Prius for everyone” If you haven’t heard it I encourage you to look it up. It’s a catchy tune I tell you!

Anyone that knows Tanner and I knows that we can’t keep cars for very long. I don’t know what it is about us, maybe it’s Tanner’s mad skills at finding a great deal or my perpetual need for change, but regardless, we go through cars like candy on halloween! Actually, we were adding it up the other night and between the two of us we have had 15 cars. Ridiculous, I know.

So why not add another one right? ;)

Last tuesday Tanner and I loaded up our car with snacks and drove out to Springfield, MO to pick up a new car. A Prius to be exact. I have been wanting a Prius since the day they came out and after our current car had been randomly been breaking down on us Tanner finally gave in to my begging and agreed to getting one. Great day folks.

Knowing that we were driving all the way to Springfield–about a 3 hour drive from Kansas City, we decided to visit a few places that had been on our to-go-to list for awhile. And yes, I took photos–a lot in fact. So here are a few highlights from our impromptu trip to Springfield.

First up: Askinosie!

Askinosie Chocolate is a small batch bean to bar chocolate manufacturer based out of Springfield, MO. They get all of their beans directly from the farmers themselves and I’m just going to say it-this is the best chocolate I have ever tasted. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth! We were lucky enough to take a guided tour and learn all about the chocolate making process. It was interesting to find out all of the similarities between single origin chocolate and single origin coffee! And speaking of coffee, our coffee shop is now selling Askinosie chocolate. So all you Kansas City friends come on by and give it a try! Askinosie Chocolate | #askinosie #chocolateAskinosie Chocolate | #askinosie #chocolateAskinosie Chocolate | #askinosie #chocolate

Did I mention they make their own version of nutella? Can it get better than this??

Askinosie Chocolate | #askinosie #chocolate

Isn’t this the cutest packaging? They HAND WRAP each chocolate bar! That’s dedication people.

Askinosie Chocolate | #askinosie #chocolateAskinosie Chocolate | #askinosie #chocolate

Thanks Askinosie for the delicious chocolate!

Just down the street from them is Red Velvet. One of my favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess owns a vintage shop that I have been dying to visit. Unfortunately they weren’t open while we were there, but that didn’t stop me from snapping a few photos! And believe me I will be back!

Red Velvet Red Velvet Red Velvet

Next we headed to The Coffee Ethic:

We had been to The Coffee Ethic before on our most recent trip to Branson. Once again I was delivered a great cup of coffee–which was much needed on the drizzly cold day! Each time we have been there the barista’s have been so nice and we always enjoyed the coffee. I love the atmosphere that they have created there.

The Coffee Ethic | The Coffee Ethic |

Our last stop was to Farmer’s Gastropub. They are a British style pub that use local and fresh ingredients on a daily basis. This place was delicious. Tanner ordered the fish and chips and mushy peas and he said they were the best he had eaten since England! I ordered the cottage pie–it was SO good! I would recommend this 100 times and wish it was closer to Kansas City! We will definitely be back! Farmer's Gastropub | www.gimmesomestyleblog.comFarmer's Gastropub | www.gimmesomestyleblog.comFarmer's Gastropub |

So there it is–our whirlwind trip to Springfield, MO. And yes, we got the Prius too! :) Here we are being super excited about driving our new car! Or at least I am!


And here it is: (This was an instagram from earlier in the week.) If you haven’t heard, Tanner and I own a 1976 VW Bus (The green one) We have been able to meet some fellow VW owners and they may or may not talk trash on the Prius–but I’m winning them over slowly!

VW and Prius |

Have a great Wednesday!

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3 comments on “Why yes I do drive a Prius”

  1. What a fun day trip!

    i just looove springfield.
    (i would’ve been w.a.y more jealous had you gone into red velvet though.)

  3. why yes, i would love to take a road trip to Springfield with you!