Forn de Pa Baluard

Forn de Pan Baluard

What It Is: 

Popular bakery near the ocean, known for their breads and croissants made in the French tradition.

Where It’s Located:

Barceloneta (plus one other location in Gracia)Google Map

Why We Love It: 

There’s tons of good bread available in Barcelona.  But for those who really enjoy quality baking, this place carries the reputation of doing it right.

Menu Recommendations:

Their croissants are made in the old world style, or, you can never go wrong by asking their recommendation.  One of our local friends is also obsessed with their strawberry bread, available on Fridays.

Other Tips:

Just blocks from the beach, you can either start there for a pastry, or pick up a sandwich (bocadillo) for a little picnic by the sea.


Website | Facebook | TripAdvisor | Yelp | t:+34 932 21 12 08

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