How To Cut A Bell Pepper – 4 Ways!

Learn how to cut a bell pepper with this quick 1-minute video tutorial!  Plus, I’ve got lots of great tips for you for how to select and store fresh bell peppers.

How do you feel about bell peppers?

Love ’em?  Hate ’em?  Have a favorite color?  (Have a least favorite color?)  Like ’em raw or roasted, sautéed or stuffed, diced or sliced?  Have a few ripe and ready to pick in your garden right now?

Well, while these beauties are still in season and overflowing at our neighborhood farmers market, I wanted to squeeze in a quick How-To Tuesday video tutorial with lots of tips on how to cut a bell pepper.  And specifically, how to cut bell peppers 4 different ways (diced, sliced, ringed, or “stuffed”), how to select perfectly ripe bell peppers, how to store ’em for maximum freshness.  Plus, of course, lots of tips for recipes to make with them.  👌

Let’s do this.

How To Cut A Bell Pepper | 1-Minute Video


Here is my favorite method for how to cut a bell pepper 4 ways — diced, sliced, into rings, or hollowed out so that it can be “stuffed”.  The same methods can apply for sweet mini peppers.  Just use a small paring knife with the mini peppers if a larger knife is too big.


In general, you want to look for a bell pepper at the market that:

  • feels firm and heavy and smooth
  • looks glossy and has a vivid, deep color
  • has minimal blemishes and/or soft spots
  • is in season (peak season runs from July through September, although different regions may vary slightly)


Bell peppers should be stored in the crisper drawer in your refrigerator in a plastic bag.  Pop them in there as soon as you bring them home from the market, and be sure that they’re nice and dry before storing.  Depending on their level of freshness upon purchase, bell peppers should last in the fridge anywhere from 4 to 10 days.  (Just give them a good look-over before using.)


Here are some of my favorite recipes to make with fresh bell peppers!

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  1. Your how-to videos are always great and really helpful – thank yoU! I still still refer to your egg series. Hope all is well. virtual hugs –