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i am…

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…for all of you this Thanksgiving.

Thank you, thank you for continuing to be such amazing readers, taste-testers and cheerleaders of Gimme Some Oven. As always, you all are quite simply the best. :)

So for a little Thanksgiving present to you, I got a little crafty! Well, actually, I found myself stuck on an airplane for a long time today without a book, so decided to play around on Photoshop and create some little foodie “thankful” images that you are welcome to pop on your Pinterest boards. They are far from professional, but maybe a fun little way to spread some extra gratitude in the world.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and meaningful Thanksgiving!

(For more great ways to celebrate, be sure to also check out Thanksgiving Week at Gimme Some Style, Film, Reads and Life. You will be inspired!)


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15 comments on “i am…”

  1. These are too cute! Happy Thanksgiving, Ali!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Ali!

  3. Awww x) I love all these quotes!


  4. I LOVE this new page, and love the graphics! So wonderful, Ali!

  5. :) Cute!

  6. These are adorable! Love the quotes. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  7. Such an awesome post! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! And the next time I get annoyed of doing the dishes, I’ll think about that quote :)

  8. What’s the type you use at ”Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends”?

    I’d love to use it at my works

    Thanks (:

  9. Great quotes. Adding this link to my Pinterest board on “Gratitude.”

  10. Gratitude is everything!

  11. Beautiful quotes … ever since my mother taught me the value of gratitude