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La Paisana de Casa Gràcia

La Paisana de Casa Gràcia

What It Is: 

A lovely restaurant tucked away in the back of the design-forward hotel/hostel Casa Gràcia.

Where It’s Located:

Gràcia | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

When we moved to Barcelona, one of our local friends advised us not to shy away from hotel restaurants in the city — they’re actually really popular here! And La Paisana at Casa Gràcia is one of our faves. The vibe in there is fun and trendy, and the food is fantastic.

Menu Recommendations:

  • Their menu changes seasonally, but we love their fried artichokes, Asian green veggie salad, fish and chips, and the “bonfire” potato with seared calamari and aioli is a must.

Other Tips:

  • Check Casa Gràcia’s calendar if you decide to go, because they have all sorts of cool tastings, live music nights, and random mini-theater performances that could be cool to catch while you’re there.
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La Paisana at Casa Gracia | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

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