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7 Blogs That I Totally Enjoy Reading Every Day

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Do you have a handful of blogs that you follow purely for fun?

Over the past few years, I’ve moved away from following primarily recipe blogs to spending my time enjoying other types of lifestyle blogs, and it has been awesome. I have blog categories on Feedly for photographers I admire, cool people working for social justice, interesting perspectives on faith, DIY stuff I actually want to try, you name it! Mostly they’re just blogs that have nothing to do with recipes, and I find that I look forward to reading them more than ever. But that said, the blogs in my reader that get the most clicks by a landslide are in my favorite category that I have oh-so-creatively named — get ready for it — “fun”.

And they are just that — blogs I find fun! Some I have followed for years and years, some are pretty new to me. Some deal with 100% light and fluffy stuff, some dig a little deeper into the meat of life. Some of them share the most beautiful prose, some are random and chatty and full of incomplete sentences. But I love them all, and can genuinely say that I look forward to reading them most mornings (after I read The Skimm, of course, which I’m still obsessed with), and also genuinely admire each of the bloggers behind them. ♥

So if any of you are on the prowl for some new non-recipe blogs, I thought I’d share 7 of my favorites with you today. I’m guessing you’ll be familiar with a few, but I’m hoping there might be a few new gems in there for you to discover. And hey — if you have some favorites of your own, pretty please share them in the comments below, because I totally want to check ’em out.

Have “fun”!


Blogs I Recommend |

Design For Mankind

What It Is: A lifestyle blog by Erin Loechner, filled with beautifully-written essays on everything from design to parenting, marriage, work, travel and more.

Why I Love It: I’ve never met Erin before in person, but she feels like such a kindred spirit. I have enjoyed tuning into her blog for years (like, so many years now!) for a dose of real-life inspiration and lovely prose. Her posts on navigating motherhood and marriage have always been some of my favorites. But I have always especially connected with her posts on slowing down, creativity, and self-care, probably because they’re always words I need to take to heart myself. I really admire how open she has been to letting her career evolve and pivot in some big ways over the past decade, and I can’t wait to follow along wherever the next roads may lead.

Recommendations: Every single post in her Life archives. All of the links at the bottom of this post. The Live FashionABLE scarf that she designed.



Blogs I Recommend |


A Cup Of Jo

What It Is: A lifestyle blog by Joanna Goddard covering everything from style to food, design, travel, relationships and motherhood.

Why I Love It: This is another long-time read for me and one that I still completely look forward to tuning into daily. Her posts are always interesting and fun, and I always look forward to her weekend list of links. Also of note — she has really awesome readers, so the comment sections on her posts are always worth scrolling.

Recommendations: Her Friday link posts. Her “Motherhood Around The World” series. All product recommendation lists (see her style and design categories, although heads up that you’ve gotta click fast on the links — her readers regularly buy out the items she loves). Everything on relationships and motherhood.



Blogs I Love |



What It Is: A lifestyle and DIY blog by Elise Blaha Cripe, full of tons of great inspiration for all things DIY (memory-keeping, home decor, knitting, photography, recipes, gardening), great resources for blogging and entrepreneurship, and an honest peek into daily life with her husband and two cute kiddos.

Why I Love It: I have been following Elise’s blog since before I even knew what a blog was. (Yeah, way back before blog readers, she was a favorite “bookmark” in my browser!)  And in that weird way that the internet brings people together, I kind of feel like we’ve “grown up together” over this past decade. It’s been fun to watch her transition from life as a single graphic designer to falling in love and getting married, having one daughter and then another, taking the leap from one creative endeavor to another to another — and sharing stories and reflections and photos of it all on her blog along the way. I just really dig the way she thinks about and appreciates life, and love her style. Now if only I could make myself finish a scrapbook…

Recommendations: Every single project in her archives. Her posts on small business (these resources are great) and blogging and goal-setting. And just generally, any posts where she chats about everyday life. :)



My Favorite Blogs |


Cupcakes & Cashmere

What It Is: A lifestyle and fashion blog by Emily Schuman, full of all sorts of great posts on everything from fashion/beauty to decor, recipes, work, and reflections on life with her husband and young daughter.

Why I Love It: I had always heard people talk about this blog, but didn’t start following regularly until a year or two ago. Fashion blogs aren’t usually my thing, but I feel like Emily posts about trendy things in a fun and helpful and accessible way. Her beauty tutorials are also always fascinating and spot-on. More than anything though (I’m realizing a theme here…), I love the posts when she shares about the relationships in her life, and all of the honest ups and downs of navigating life as a new mom.

Recommendations: All of her beauty tutorials/recommendations. Her personal posts. Her DIY projects.



Blogs I Love |


The Everygirl

What It Is: A lifestyle blog for “career-driven women”, with a team of authors posting multiple times daily about topics from career, to culture, fashion, beauty, travel, wellness, and more.

Why I Love It: I go back and forth between loving and liking this site, but lately I’m loving it, so it’s back on the list. ;) In a nutshell, the Everygirl site shares a wealth of content for modern women about what it looks like to live a meaningful, healthy and stylish life.

Recommendations: Everything in the wellness archives. Their entertaining posts. “In The Know” news summaries each Friday. Home tours galore. This mug.



Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.54.26 AM


Advice From A Twenty Something

What It Is: A lifestyle blog by Amanda Holstein (who actually also writes now for The Everygirl), full of “advice for the modern girl” on everything from fashion to beauty, decor, relationships, blogging and more.

Why I Love It: Don’t be turned away by the title if you’re not a 20-something. I recently discovered this blog, and have really been enjoying it in my thirties. ;) She shares all sorts of helpful tutorials on all things stylish (from hair tutorials to skincare/makeup tips to fashion advice and more). But then she also has some great blogging and career posts, as well as her trademark relationship advice posts.

Recommendations: Her skincare archives. Everything in the real life archives. Lots of really great styling advice.



Favorite blogs |


Be More With Less

What It Is: A minimalist blog by Courtney Carver, filled with some of the best articles and tips I’ve read on how to live a more simple and meaningful life.

Why I Love It: Minimalism blogs seem to be all the rage right now, but Courtney’s writing has always stood out from the crowd for me. The site itself has a simple design (I recommend starting here vs. the homepage) and her content is absolutely solid. I read it regularly to re-center, and soak up all of Courtney’s good tips for how to actually-factually simplify everything from my wardrobe to my schedule to my digital life and beyond. Bonus — I’ve also spent time with Courtney a few times in person, and I can vouch that she truly lives this stuff out in a beautiful and inspiring way.

Recommendations: 25 Ways To Simplify Your Life In 10 Minutes Or Less. Project 333 (fun fact, hers was the original capsule wardrobe post back in the day that went viral!). Courtney’s life-changing story. Really, just about anything in the archives.



What are your “just for fun” favorite blogs to read? Please share!

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47 comments on “7 Blogs That I Totally Enjoy Reading Every Day”

  1. I can’t believe you get that jealous feeling: your blog is actually one that makes me envious! Your pictures are always so perfect.

    Anyway, thank you for the recommendations. I followed quite a few, as I previously only visited food related blogs!

  2. i do enjoy a cup of jo, have been reading for a while too. i didn’t know about others you mentioned above, will definitely check it out. i usually read food and healthy living bloggers mostly but its always so refreshing to read about things BUT food every now and then :)  will be checking out few of these here. 

  3. You should check out Posie Gets Cozy. It’s one of my favorite blogs of ALL TIME. 

  4. What a fantastic list, thanks! I’m definitely going to check these out and add them to my Bloglovin feed : )

    I love blogs that are totally different than my own. I tend to like Carrots N Cake for the lifestyle stuff since it’s so far away from my own life. Two Peas & Their Pod I also love their lifestyle/family posts. Those totally are the most fun posts to read! 

  5. Yay I’m so glad you did this post! I’m always looking for new blogs to follow! 

  6. Thanks for the list! I’m a huge fan of thekitchn and Bev Cooks (she’s hilarious!)

  7. Uhhh.. this blog??

  8. These recommendations came at the perfect time! So excited to check them out and I loved seeing The Every Girl on the list, I read it daily ! 

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks so much for this list Ali! I’ve been needing some new blogs to read! I’d love to know if you have any favorite podcasts you listen to. I’m always looking for new things to listen to as well!

  10. I love at her adventures (and sometimes misadventures) in fitness are great. I also love her thoughts on life, and share her hatred of pantyhose! I can’t wait to check out some of your recommendations.

  11. Starting a blog has introduced me to so many amazing bloggers. I actually look forward to opening my e-mail in the morning now! I read The Londoner because of her hilarious puns & fun adventures, Gal Meets Glam because she is SF based (like me) & has such a timeless style, Well Traveled Wife & Overseas Escape because they are both so honest & real & travel to all of the places I want to see, Classy Girls Wear Pearls because of the gorgeous vintage style photos of dream homes & outdoor adventures, Southern Girls & Pearls because I’d love her whole wardrobe, Skinny Confidential because she motivates me to live healthy, For the Love of the South because of her incredible stories, then How Sweet It Is, Pinch of Yum, Butterlust, Hummingbird on High, & yours because I always want good food in my life! Thanks for sharing these. I can’t wait to check them out!

    • Thanks for sharing these with us Kari — those are some fabulous blogs you mentioned!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing. I can’t wait to dig into these!

  13. I follow a TON of cooking blogs (love yours!) but I have to say my all time fav blog is Messy Nessy Chic.  It is a collection of offbeat and interesting stuff she finds around the web.  Truly unique and always entertaining!

  14. In no particular order: The New Potato, Camille Styles, Cookie & Kate, The Skinny Confidential, Danielle LaPorte, Love & Lemons, Just a Girl & Her Blog, Chocolate Covered Katie, Happily Eva After, Girl’s Gone Child, Atlantic-Pacific, One Lit Chick, Kitchen Treaty, The Simple Veganista, A Couple Cooks, Glitter Guide, The Tig, Smitten Kitchen, Mind Body Green, Minimalist Baker, The Stripe, Amanda Flisher, Emerging Women, goop, Tara Mohr, The Muse…ok, so maybe I have a problem?!

  15. Some great suggestions!

    I also love and  And if you want more hair/makeup tutorials check out and  another minimalism blog … 

    Do you use Feedly and/or Pocket? I love both apps to read and then save from my favorite blogs!

  16. Food blogs still get most of my attention but I feel like a more rounded person when I branch out. You listed several of my go to non-food blogs.  This was a great post.

  17. Thanks for sharing, Ali! Some of these blogs are new to me so I look forward to reading them!

  18. What a great post! I can’t wait to check out a few of the blogs I haven’t visited yet. I love Cupcakes and Cashmere (have for years). Her photography and style is so beautiful. I’ve heard so much about Cup of Jo but have never dedicated myself to it. I should read it more often! Have a great Wednesday.

  19. I have a l lot of blogs I love to read….my favorite is which is about a mama (and papa) of 5 living on a family farm in Maine. Recipes, crafts, and the trials, tribulations and joys of life on a farm and raising a family.
    Also–Dinner A Love Story, Smitten Kitchen, Design Mom. Young House Love (YHL is sporadic now).

  20. great list, I hadn’t heard of a few, thanks!  I love tales of me and the husband, little baby garvin, love taza, and strawberry swing and other things

    • Thanks for sharing these with us Michelle! :)

    • Thank you for sharing – so many great resources out there! The only one I have in common with you so far is The Skimm. Will definitely be checking out some of the others you mentioned. Thanks a bunch!

  21. I’m super pumped to check these out – I’m actually not familiar with any of them!

    My favorite is Baby on the Brehm. It’s written by a friend from college, and she is hilarious, real, and thoughtful. She’s been battling cancer the last 6 months or so, so she’s used the blog as an amazing platform for awareness. 

  22. Thank you for sharing – so many great resources out there!  The only one I have in common with you so far is The Skimm.  Will definitely be checking out some of the others you mentioned.  Thanks a bunch!

  23. Thanks for sharing this list! I especially enjoyed perusing Design for Mankind. 

  24. I like the “THE EVERYGIRL” type of blogs which are most essential for today’s woman. Interesting list of blogs to kill the time. Must read for everyone.

  25. Love this – just added them all to my Feedly!

  26. Thanks so much for this post. You have really expanded my life. Almost all of my emails are food related except for two I really enjoy: Centsational Girl and House Tweaking.

  27. Thank you for sharing! I always like to find new blogs to check out to shake it up every once and awhile. Cheers! 

  28. I just put into google “blogs like cup of jo,” and I was sent here. Great list. I’ll enjoy checking out your blog, too. I regularly read a beautiful mess and really enjoy it.

  29. I love Cupcakes and Cashmere! It’s really hard to believe any one can give you blog jealousy. Your pictures and post are amazing! Keep up the good work!

  30. Wonderful recommendations! I enjoyed every blog you listed here! I believe in making memories around a happy table too, and so I think your blog is great!

  31. Thank you! These are all wonderful and exactly the type of things I was looking for in a daily dose of creativity. Good list!

  32. You have just granted my quarantine wish. I needed this so badly… THANKS!

  33. THis looks pretty good

  34. this was super helpful, thank you so much!!

  35. Thanks for this. I was looking for something like this which I can follow.

  36. Thanks for your recommendation, I came across this blog at the right time.

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