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Streetcar Date

Celebrating my one-year datingiversary with this handsome man, and feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for this amazing year we’ve shared together. Life with him just seems to get better and better, and I’m not taking a moment of it for granted.   I’m already looking forward to another year of adventures ahead!

Feeling very inspired (ahem, while we’re still on the subject of my favorite guy) by Barclay’s TED talk, which was finally published on YouTube last week. The unfolding story of The Wash Project never ceases to amaze me, and I’m so proud of him and all of the amazing people here and in Mali who have been a part of it.

Taking a 3-week class on the Enneagram that centers around a slightly different new school of thought, and absolutely loving it. Just one week’s worth of homework studying my type in this new book felt like a year’s worth of therapy…in a profoundly encouraging and challenging way.

Obsessing over the new season of Unreal. It is so well-written, and basically affirms everything that I’ve guessed goes on behind the scenes of my Monday nights with JoJo (proof this week!). Also, is anyone else wildly bored with this season of The Bach? I miss these two.

Trying to decide what I think of this whole Korean snail mask trend. Have you tried it? (I did last week! ?)

Making this recipe at least once a week lately. My summertime fave.

Checking the mail everyday to see if this new toy has finally arrived (not yet!). I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my favorite coffee shop drinks, so this boyfriend of mine (who worked at a coffee shop for five years back in the day) has promised to teach me. And who knows, if I master it maybe I’ll teach you! Although I’ve gotta admit — I may be equally as excited to learn how to make good lattes as I am good latte art. Priorities. ;)

Road-tripping today down to the Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend with my girls. Time with them is my favorite, and I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks! Ready to close down all of my screens and soak up some quality time (and some quality sunshine) with everyone. So until I talk to you again…

Happy weekending, everyone!

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6 comments on “Currently”

  1. Omg that barista maker looks insane, I want one! Congratulations on your 1st datingversary!! <3 Glad you're excited for the next year ahead! :)

  2. You two look fabulous together!! And YES, he is a very handsome man but then you are a very beautiful lady!!
    I enjoy all of your posts and recipes!!!!

  3. I am saving for that same machine!!! I can’t wait to see your many posts around it…latte art!!

  4. Congrats on your anniversary!!! :)

    I agree, too, about The Bachelorette this year. I may not even finish the season. 

    Did you like the snail mask?

  5. I’ve just found your blog and I’m glad I did. So many good things here. From awesome recipes to lessons in life, this is my cup of tea.

    And,oh. Happy datingversary. :)

  6. I watched Barclays Ted Talk..WOW, great speaking skills.  Such passion and a  great cause.  No wonder you love him!