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Girls Scotch Night

Learning about the world of scotch cocktails (<– never thought about those two words going together!), thanks to my friend, Beth. She recently subscribed to Shaker and Spoon, and decided to host a handful of gatherings last month to share her craft cocktail creations with friends. Such a fun idea, and such yummy cocktails.

Loving Nordstrom’s semi-annual sale this year!!! Seriously, my favorite everyday bra (so flattering, and it doesn’t do that annoying fold-down thing on top!), my favorite riding boots (this is a killer discount), my favorite rain boots (a classic), my new favorite cleanser (just bought one last month and I’m totally loving it), my favorite black leggings (although I also recommend all of Old Navy’s leggings), and one of my favorite candles (yummy). So many favorites! And the discounts are pretty impressive. (And all of those are affiliate links. :))

Feeling all the feels watching these conventions these past two weeks. It was so cool finally getting to hear this guy speak live last night, especially after reading his book this past month. And I have no doubt that this speech will go down in the history books. Extraordinary.

Thinking about gearing up another season of my 10 Things I’ve Learned series. I don’t know how many of you read it, but I totally enjoyed it, and have a list of many more friends I’d love to hear from. And I’ve also been thinking interspersing some lists of my own in there, such as 10 Things I’ve Learned About…Friendship, Stress-Free Entertaining, Dating This Guy For A Year, Saving Time And $$$ At The Grocery Store, Traveling, Neighbor-ing, How To Make A Killer Margarita, etc. What do you think? Any requests??

Loving this app that a friend recommended to me. Who knew that checking the weather could be so cool?

Receiving lots of zucchini in my CSA lately, and looking forward to trying out recipes for these peanut noodles, these refrigerator pickles, these tots, and these tacos. ‘Tis the season.

Wanting to train my dog to do this. (How is that even possible?!)

Counting down the days (um, 17!) until Barclay and I leave for Paris!! We’ll have a few days there before hopping on our Viking River Cruise to float around the country. Do any of you have recommendations on places to go and eat while we’re there? Or also any recommendations for Bordeaux? I would be happy as a clam just eating French cheese and baguettes and wine each day, but I suppose I should branch out… ;)

Wishing you all a beautiful week!

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  1. We just got back from a trip to Paris and I can recommend the little streets of Montparnasse for a dinner night. We were lucky to stay in a hotel there and always found a little delicious treat to eat every night.

    Also Pierre Hermé is amazing for Macarons and other baked goodies. Not so crowded like Laduree on Champs-Élysées but so very fancy :)

  2. I’d LOVE to read any/all of the 10 things lists about the topics you mentioned! Especially entertaining, saving time & $, traveling, neighboring, etc.!

  3. YES to the 10 things series! I want the scoop on you and Barclay! ;). Thanks for the Nordstrom recommendations too. I’ve been meaning to hit up that sale.

  4. HI Ali, my husband and I took a Viking cruise on our honeymoon 6 years ago. Granted, we skipped France (we spent a week in Prague instead) and went along the Danube from Nuremburg Germany to Vienna Austria. One thing to be prepared for is an older crowd. We were 28 when we went, and the next oldest couple was probably 45-50, with the majority 60+. We didn’t have a problem with this, and actually spent a night or two hanging out with the younger staff at the bar, since most guests went to bed early. The thing we were most disappointed with is the food on the cruise. It was American food – we were hoping for German sausages and Austrian schnitzel. No such luck. We talked with the cruise director about this, and he said that most of their guests are older and prefer American food. (We were also the “odd ones” who walked & biked (our boat had bikes you could use every day) the small towns on our own – many other people on the cruise asked us how we did this!) I get the impression that we have the same travel philosophy – immersing yourself in culture, food, etc of the place. We ended up eating breakfast on the boat (out of convenience), eating lunch & dinner at a local restaurant, whenever we could. The food on the boat wasn’t necessarily bad, it just wasn’t representative of the place we were. Good luck! You’ll love it – and I hope your food experience is better than ours.

  5. Get the museum pass in Paris, or before you go, as then you won’t be waiting in lines forever to get tickets and then another line to get in. A big time saver. The L’Orangerie is not to missed as it has Monet’s waterlilies and it is more than just a print on the wall. And though the baguettes are fantastic don’t skimp on the croissants and other baked goods either as it is just so much better in Paris. Enjoy!

  6. PARIS

    Pastries: Pâtisseries des Rêves, Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, Angelina

    Museums/Fun: Catacombs, Musée Rodin, L’Orangerie

    Food: Verjus, Buvette, La Gazette,

    Though I haven’t eaten there myself, I have heard that Frenchie and Septime are incredible.

    Do share lots of pictures and every.single.detail about where and what you ate!

  7. I loved your 10 Things I’ve Learned Series!! I really love all of your relationship posts too, so the dating and friendship posts would be great to read. 

  8. LOVE THE NORSTROM’S LINKS!!!!! :) I’m totally ordering that bra, thank you!

  9. The Peanut Zucchini recipe is to die for!!! One of my favs for sure! Would love to see your twist on it ;)

  10. Sad that you bring politics to this blog. As far as that wonderful speech given last night by Bill, I’m sure he whispers in the ear of all the women he’s messes with how much he loves his wife. Yes, it’s historic that a women was nominated, however, it’s very unfortunate that it was this woman. 

  11. I don’t have any specific requests, but I love your “10 Things I’ve Learned” series, & would love to see it come back!

    In Paris, L’As Du in the Marias district is the BEST falafal.

  12. I studied abroad in Paris and giving recommendations for my favorite city makes me so happy! Musée Rodin is one of my favorite spots. The museum itself is wonderful but the sculpture garden is really the highlight. I also second Linda’s recommendation below- Pierre Hermé is a must! The pastries are out of this world. And as a fellow foodie, you will love Rue Moufftard- so many food shops, and a food market as well.

    And if the weather is nice, there is truly nothing better than a book, baguette, and bottle of wine enjoyed on the banks of the Seine.

    Have the best time!!

  13. Looking forward to reading your 10 Things I’ve Learned posts! I always love catching up with you in your currently posts ☺️ Hope you’re having a nice week! .. Jessika

  14. I’m sure you read Chocolate and Zucchini, but don’t forget Clotilde’s Guides to Paris:

  15. We’ve been thinking about trying out a Viking River Cruise! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on how it goes. :)