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My future home-sweet-kitchen where I’ll be working from in Austin for the month of February.

Dancing around just a tiny bit (ok a lot) after booking a sweet mid-century house for my month-long stay to Austin this February. My friend Kathryne (from Cookie & Kate) agrees that freezing Kansas City winters aren’t for us. So this year we’re actually doing something about it and packing up our laptops, our cameras, and our dogs, and heading to Texas to try out working remotely for a month. And I can’t wait. Texas, tacos, and Tim Riggins…here we come!

Reading It Was Me All Along, an profoundly beautiful, vulnerable, and inspiring memoir by my friend Andie (from the blog, Can You Stay For Dinner). Good grief, this girl knows how to write. And much more, she knows how to live a brave life worth writing about. It’s available for pre-order now, and will be released on January 6. Hop on it.

Burning this candle every night. Never gets old.

Picking up the guitar again for the first time in years. And surprisingly, I’m really enjoying it.

Nodding along with this article about a better way to introduce friends at parties.

Staying faithful to my daily order for iced pour-over coffee at Quay, despite the fact that I’m the only one in the shop drinking anything non-hot this time of year. Iced coffee FTW!

Listening to these three December playlists (because ’tis the season), Amy Poehler (because this book is way better on audio), and Serial (because isn’t everyone?).

Watching The Good Wife, nonstop. My lawyer crush has officially moved from Will to Cary. (Although I’m only on the third season, so no spoilers people!)

Counting down the days until my friends and I take off for Mexico on Dec. 26. Sunshine and beach time and friend time, hurry on up and get here!

Thinking a lot about what I want this section of the blog to look like in 2015. I’ve let it slide some this year, but would like for it to be my blogging “new year’s resolution” for next year. If you have topics you’d like me to write about, I’m all ears! Feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment below. (And yes, I haven’t forgotten about the This Is Single series. I get emails and comments weekly asking if it’s continuing, and am considering taking it a step deeper next year. We’ll see!)

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16 comments on “Currently”

  1. texas – where are you guys coming to? Say Dallas!!!! 

  2. Yay for doing something about it! I love that you are working remotely for a month from a warmer place.  What a great idea and how awesome that your job lets you do that!! I think it’ll be a great decision for you. :)

  3. Don’t even get me started on Serial! Slate has a Spoiler Special which airs after Serial…they talk about their thoughts on the morning’s episode. So basically, I’m hooked on Serial and also a podcast where they TALK about Serial. I need help.

  4. so exciting about Texas!!! i will be super jealous of all the tacos. you guys also need to go to Sway Thai! 

  5. I agree iced coffee FTW! It is freezing here in Omaha and every time I order iced coffee the barista says “you want that iced?”

  6. Enjoy Austin! It is such and amazingly eclectic and yummy city. Do not leave with out grabbing an ear of street corn from La Condessa and chase it with their jalapeno margarita. Your working remote plan sounds heavenly. I can’t wait to read what you come up with while you are there.

  7. If you bring any of that Kansas City cold weather with you to Austin in February, we’ll kick you out!

  8. I like how you did this post. It’s really personal, while being straight to the point. Warm weather in Texas and Mexico sounds fun. And so many exciting things happening for you!

  9. We recently went to Austin and we absolutely loved it! What a fun adventure, enjoy :)

  10. I will have to look into that book.  I am always looking for a new author.

  11. Topic for the “Single Series” – I’m a KC gal too (woohoo!!) and I never believed everyone when they said that KC is one of the hardest cities to be single in…until I’ve lived here for 7 years and have dated long distance but for one guy.  GEEZ it’s hard being single here!! Your “list” post is exactly what I’m looking for….have often wondered if the Christian guys that is non-negotiable for me are all married already?!?! That’s always the kicker :/  OK so my question would be…..maybe interview some married couples that have our same values, or pull some midwest dating statistics? Don’t know if that makes sense but I am really interested if KC really is the worst place to be single (and the best place to be married and raise a family in).

  12. I just moved to Austin 8 months ago… and LOVE it. You will too :)

  13. I love this series, plus I think it gives you a little break from food and a little extra resistance to the blogging blues. Keep it up, girl!

  14. Oh my goodness I am Good Wife obsessed, too! Just wait until you get to season 6 and meet Finn :)

  15. wow, great article on introducing friends….good reminder that we’re all more, mostly more even, than our jobs 

  16. OMG! I just realized that your from Kansas City! I jumped on your blog several months ago, and LOVE IT! Anyways I just wanted to say hi and I am so excited to know your from Kansas City.