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The Nightingale Orchestra |

Snapchatting all the things. (Ok, mostly my dog.)  Come say hi at @gimmesomeoven!

Still smiling after getting to play a concert with The Nightingale Orchestra this past weekend. Highlight of my month.

Reading this book, which is claimed to rival Gone Girl (doubtful, but we’ll see). Followed soon by this book (followed by the movie with Brad, of course), hopefully finished in time for book club this weekend.

Adoring my new sandals and flats that just arrived in the mail. Sseko is the coolest.

Going 30 days with no tv, which has been surprisingly great. Although I’m sad to admit I’m dying of curiosity just a bit about what I’m missing on The Bachelorette.

Jumping in on the essential oils bandwagon, finally.  I bought this diffuser on Amazon and love it. Now I’m slowly learning about and experimenting with different oils. If only there weren’t a gazillion scents to choose from. (If you have recommendations, I want to hear ’em.)

Preparing for my cooking segment next week on KC Live, in my endeavor to get more comfortable with live video. (Here’s a link to my clip from last week!)

Listening to these guys‘ new album, as well as this chick I randomly ran across on Spotify. Both great for summer drives with the windows blessedly down.

Congratulating myself for keeping my love fern (a fiddle leaf fig that my friends gave me for my birthday) alive for 1+ month. This is monumental news in my long history of plant murdering.

Looking forward to a month ahead at home — soaking up the sunshine, celebrating a dear friend’s wedding, attending a handful of fun events and festivals around town, cheers-ing my dad on his 60th, and just generally enjoying Kansas City this time of year. I LOVE SUMMER!

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7 comments on “Currently”

  1. I guess I gotta read Girl on the Train!  I need a new book to obsess over.

  2. Sounds like a great month! We actually ditched our TV permanently a while ago. We do have Netflix instead, but I find we watch things more intentionally now. We tend to pick a series, watch it together and enjoy it more, rather than just putting the TV on and sitting for hours not really paying attention to it!

  3. Happy to hear you love your new Ssekos!! Love this little round-up; I’ve been wanting to read Girl on the Train (& I can’t stop listening to the Shakes toooo)!!

  4. ahh way to go on the KC Live spot – I just caught up on watching it! And thanks for the Spotify rec – I’m enjoying Odessa!

  5. Great job on your live show! Not easy, and you nailed it!!!

  6. I love essential oils! I am particularly obsessed with lavender (it’s like the windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). My favorite brand is Aura Cacia, you can get it at any natural health store. I was also recommended these brands my my essential oil guru, Jen Denslow:
    Jen teaches an aromatherapy yoga class Monday nights at Sage Center for Yoga and the Healing Arts. It’s a great way to learn about essential oils, she’s been working with them for decades!

    • We love that you referenced My Big Fat Greek Wedding — we LOVE that movie! And thank you for sharing the brand of oils you use, we will definitely check it out! Lavender is our favorite too. : )