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February Stitch Fix Review

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February Stitch Fix Review |

I’m back with another Stitch Fix review! Sadly, I ran out of time to snap and post photos of my January fix from Stitch Fix. (Yes, my success rate with mailing those darn packages back in time is mirroring my track record with returning library books = not good.)  But this month I was on it. And I happened to receive my package on Valentine’s Day, and even ended up wearing one of the pieces out that evening. So it was at least somewhat of a success!

Unfortunately, I only ended up keeping 2 of the 5 pieces this month, mostly due to fit. I feel like my stylist is really nailing the “style” side of things for me. She even read my notes and sent in a different size of a blazer I adored from my December fix. But sadly, the blazer and some of the other pieces just didn’t fit well, especially around the hips. I still wish that they offered an easier option for swapping sizes, but hopefully that will come soon.

That said, I know I talked in my last post about being on the fence with Stitch Fix, and posting these reviews. But without fail, the pieces I receive and wear from Stitch Fix always seem to get the most comments from friends. Plus I love how the choices seem to “stretch” my style a bit. And let’s be honest — I totally love receiving mail!!

So as long as you all seem game to keep reading these posts (which a surprising number of you seem to do each month), I’ll keep ordering and posting. And if you have signed up for Stitch Fix, be sure to let me know and send (or tag me) in a pic of a favorite piece! Swapping these photos — as awkward as they may be — is my favorite part of this service. I love seeing what everyone receives!! And as always, if you need a referral code, feel free to use mine.

Hope you enjoy!


Wait – just what is Stitch Fix?

For those of you wondering what Stitch Fix is all about, be sure to hop back to read My First Stitch Fix post where I share all of the details. Basically, it is an online personal styling service where they mail you a package of 5 surprise apparel items each month, and you decide what you want to keep or mail back. There is a $20 styling fee per “fix”, but if you choose to keep any of the items, that fee is waived. And if you decide to keep all five items, you get 25% off — which is what happened for me this time.

February Stitch Fix Review |

Olive & Oak Cloverdale Striped Short Sleeve Blouse – $48

The first thing I noticed about this fix was an abundance of my favorite color to wear — teal!!!

I got totally excited about this cute little tank, which seemed like it could be dressed up or down or paired with just about anything. But I ended up deciding to pass on it because it didn’t fit. (You can’t tell from this photo, but it was crazy tight around the hips and really baggy around the middle.)  Bummer.

February Stitch Fix Review |

41 Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan – $48

This teal cardigan, on the other hand, was an instant win. I love everything about it. It’s made of a lightweight but really nice fabric, it’s super versatile, and — yes — it’s teal!

February Stitch Fix Review |

41Hawthorn Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer – $78

As I mentioned above, I was totally surprised and excited when I opened up my Stitch Fix box and saw the different size of this blazer that I had requested after by December Stitch Fix. (Click the link to see the photo of the first round.)  I really love this blazer — it’s made of a comfortable yet sturdy knit, it’s lined with a cute black and white striped fabric,  and it’s that perfect piece that can be dressed up or down.

But alas, this size didn’t seem to fit either. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it was just loose and tight in all of the wrong places. Argh. So I sent it back. :(

February Stitch Fix Review |

Fraiche by J Elouise Striped Maxi Skirt – $70

I also reluctantly sent this maxi skirt back as well. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned on here, but my goal each summer is to avoid pants and wear skirts and dresses every day. And at first glance, this skirt looked like the perfect new piece for this summer!

But the darn fabric was way too thin for my comfort level (hello, see-through!). And for $70, I felt like they should have made this one with a much stronger knit fabric. It felt like one small snag would instantly tear it, which is not something I want to worry about in a skirt. That said, though, it was sure cute!

February Stitch Fix Review |

Colourworks Tulane 3/4-Sleeve Sweater Tunic – $68

Ok, I almost felt like I shouldn’t keep this final tunic, just because it’s something that I would have naturally snatched off the rack in a heartbeat. (Which was an interesting realization — I guess I’m liking the Stitch Fix styles that pull me a little out of my comfort zone!)

But hey, it was Valentine’s Day, and it was hot pink (so fun!), and it was made from a really soft fabric (same as the cardigan), and it fit perfectly. So I decided to make it a little Valentine’s Day present to me. :)

To learn more about Stitch Fix…

Again, feel free to check out my first Stitch Fix post where I explain how the personal shopping service works. And if you’d like to sign up, feel free to use this referral link. :)

Disclaimer: Just to be clear, this is not a sponsored post. I am not being paid by Stitch Fix to promote their service. I just happen to like it and thought it would be fun to share! I do receive a referral credit if someone signs up through any of the affiliate links on this page.

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6 comments on “February Stitch Fix Review”

  1. I love pretty much everything they sent you! Too bad it didn’t all fit right, I’ve had fit issues with them as well but in general I love their stuff

  2. I love the teal sweater and shirt!

  3. I like all of the pieces on you, I couldn’t tell that any fit poorly. $70 is too much for a thin maxi skirt. I liked the teal cardigan and shirt pairing.

  4. I loved everything on you! I’m about to get my second box, so I’m searching high and low (and almost a year old) styles to pin to my board! That pink sweater is just the style I liked. I’m glad you kept it.

  5. What do you think about a service similar to Stitch Fix but with pre-owned clothes? Where the average cost of an item is around $15-$20 instead of $55.00?