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Our First Sant Jordi Day in Barcelona (VIDEO)

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New Catalan tradition we’re TOTALLY adopting and celebrating for the rest of our lives: La Diada de Sant Jordi!

We’ve been looking forward to this festival ever since we moved to Barcelona. It’s known by foreigners around here as the “Catalan Valentine’s Day”. But sure enough, as has been our experience with just about every new tradition here in Catalonia, it turned out to be even bigger and more delightful than we had imagined. I mean, a sunny spring day full of books and roses and dragons and princesses? What’s not to love?!

Anyway, Barclay brought his camera along and made a quick little 5-minute video of our Sant Jordi “date”. So I thought I’d pop in and share it with you today.

Happy Sant Jordi, everyone!

Ali and Barclay

Casa Battlo in Barcelona on Sant Jordi Day

Sant Jordi Roses In Barcelona

Roses for Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Demasie Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Sant Jordi Desserts in Barcelona

Sant Jordi Dragons Barcelona

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11 comments on “Our First Sant Jordi Day in Barcelona (VIDEO)”

  1. So enjoy your posts, learning so much about Barcelona and new recipes! Don’t stop!

  2. Love the story of St George and the Dragon! Thank you for the video, I felt like I was on the streets os Barcelona.

  3. You guys are so darn cute! Love the videos! Red every where! My favorite color! What a great holiday! Wheat! When I saw wheat in the rose bouquet I was amazed! Love wheat being from Kansas! Woo hoo!

  4. I am very happy to read your blog post. Saint George’s Day is a very special tradition for Catalans, centered on books and roses. All Catalonia fills with stands selling one, the other or both, which people buy as gifts for those they love. You can find books of all types and languages, roses of all colors, and much more. Indeed, a recent trend has been an explosion in book signings.

  5. A day where the gifts are flowers and books?? Yes, please!! So lovely. And I just watched the videos of your apartment tours. Those spaces are lovely. Love all the balconies and the light in your place now.

  6. I have never seen Casa Batllo look so beautiful! My husband and I travel to Barcelona every year, but usually in the Fall/Winter so we have never experienced Sant Jordi day. It looks AH-mazing!

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful day. My two favorite things in life – flowers and books! And toss in the color red (my absolute favorite color), it’s perfect. Such beauty.

  8. I just want to say it one more time—Dia de Sant Jordi is an absolutely WONDERFUL occasion to be in Barcelona. Such classic presents as roses & books are never going out of fashion! A few years ago I was visiting Barcelona in April and discovered this celebration just by chance. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photo or video. Your lovely post inspires me to take my wife to Barcelona for the Catalan Valentine’s Day the next year. And I’m filming everything this time.

  9. Nice post.

  10. How fun. What is the date?

  11. Your mail is always exciting to read. You have put a bug in my head about going/moving to Barcelona.