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January Update!

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Our first calçotada in Catalonia

Hey friends! We’re back with our monthly update today about expat life this past month here in Barcelona. And man, this month was a good one.

From unexpectedly awesome holidays, to eating an insane amount of onions, to a pilgrimage to the birthplace of paella, to hosting our very first American visitor, to a miraculous moment with our sweet pup…January was a month to remember in our books, for sure. And easily the month we’ll look back on as the time when this place legit began to feel like home. Feeling grateful.

As always, thanks for following along with our adventures. And stay tuned for some fun new vids coming your way this month from Barcelona! ?

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12 comments on “January Update!”

  1. It was worth waiting for the January update! The kiddos were asking already when can they watch the new video… They LOVE to follow your journey and adore your furry friends. :) Thank you so much for sharing your amazing adventures with us! What a fantastic country, traditions, food and friends – we need to visit one day! God Bless you guys now and always!

  2. Ali, I have followed you for about three years and love the daily posts. I just started to cook more after retiring.
    Penny and I are going to spend a month in Spain and Portugal this coming June and July. We are exploring places in Barcelona on ABNB and boutique hotels. I’m really looking forward to your posts on recommendations. The story of your lost dog brought tears to our eyes!
    Keep enjoying life.

  3. Do you have any recipes for shrimp rice dressing?

  4. Wow! What a story about Fiona!! I can not thank you enough for sharing your life here with us. It is like living it vicariously through you two! Im still singing, “It’s That Time Of Year!!” Im looking those onions up right now! Happy Trails To you! Connie In KC!

  5. I LOVE these wonderful video updates. You share so much and I especially love seeing your two fur babies! They are so cute. Glad Fiona is safe. What a kind man, to let her lead him like she did. He is an angel. I do have a question and I hope you can address it in your next video: Bull fights and the Running of the Bulls. Are you near where either of these take place? I’m against both, 100% and think it’s horribly cruel. Not to be negative, but I did want to ask. If you could maybe answer this question in future videos, that would be great. Thanks! :-)

  6. Oh my gosh, that story about Fiona is AMAZING. You guys have been through so much with your furry friends there. ?

  7. I look forward to these videos every month! Thanks for sharing your life abroad with us!

  8. I just love your updates! Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  9. Happy Trails To you! Connie In KC!

  10. I think it is wonderful that you are able to go to Barcelona and live! And see how others live! I wish I would have been able to do that. I log on pretty much daily and look at the recipes and try several. They are helping me to eat healthier. Thanks for a fun online place to visit!

  11. It’s great to see how you get settled into the Spanish lifestyle (with the occasional Mexican bit ;) ).
    Seeing the country from an outsider’s perspective is always enrichening.
    If you ever find your way to Galicia, do give me a call, it would be great to show you around!
    Anna & Jorge

  12. Thanks for sharing your life abroad with us!