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My First Stitch Fix

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My First StitchFix |

To all of the friends who have been twisting my arm to give this a try, I finally did it.

I Stitch fix-ed.

Ok, when I say friends, I mostly mean my blogger friends. Because ever since Stitch Fix came on the scene recently, every blogger I know has been raving about it! And then they have been showing up to conferences and events in the cutest clothes. So after months of holding out, I finally caved in and filled out my style profile online and ordered my first “fix”. So I thought I would share about it with you!

But many of you may be asking — just what is Stitch Fix?!?

My First StitchFix | #stitchfix

What Is Stitch Fix?

The concept of Stitch Fix is actually pretty cool. Basically, you go online and fill out an in-depth profile asking everything from your sizes, to your budget range, to your style preferences, and more. Then once you get approved (I think there is still a small waiting list), you can sign up to receive a “fix” however often you want.

A “fix” of 5 different pieces (ranging from all sorts of clothes to jewelry) is chosen by a stylist with your specific preferences in mind. And then within a few days, a cute little box shows up in your mailbox so that you can try the 5 different pieces on in the comfort of your own home. Then you have three days to decide what you want to keep, and the rest can be mailed back easily in a prepaid Priority Mail shipping bag. Brilliant!

There is a $20 styling fee for each “fix”, which is waved if you choose to buy any of the pieces. But if you return all 5, you have to pay the $20. If you choose to keep all 5, though, you get a 25% discount on everything. Not too shabby.

The other fun bonus is that if you refer friends and they order a fix of their own, you get a $25 credit. So if any of you want to give StitchFix a try, I would love it if you go through my referral link! :)

Why I Signed Up

I initially signed up because I:

a) tend to get stressed out going shopping
b) don’t always trust my sense of style, and love the idea of getting some new ideas
c) lovelovelove the fact that it shows up on your doorstep – convenience is a winner with me!

My September “Fix”

That said, after seeing my friends wearing all of these adorable Stitch Fix clothes, I was super pumped to receive my first “fix”. But I have to admit, I was a little “meh” about most of the pieces this first time. In general, they seemed a little pricier than I’m used to paying, and didn’t totally jump out at me as much as I’d hoped. But here they are!

**Sidenote: I know the “thing to do” is to post a zillion selfies of clothes, but this was soooooo awkward! Ha, next month I am going to get a little more creative with photo taking. ;)

My First StitchFix | #stitchfix

Harriet Chevron Print Detail Dress (41 Hawthorn) – $58

The chevron print of course jumped out at me as soon as I saw it in the box. And while I currently don’t own any chevron (is that trend almost over??), I have to admit that I really liked it on! And it fit like a glove. I’m always looking for dresses for weddings and events and such, so I decided to keep this one. I figured that even this winter, it could be fun with some black tights and a cute cardigan.

My First StitchFix | #stitchfix

Laurey Crochet Back Maxi Dress (Mystree) – $68

Ok, this one arrived in chilly September, so it was hard to get back in the mindset of maxi dresses! That said, I did actually like this one, but the material felt really thin and I didn’t trust that I could wear this one much through the winter. And I’m not yet feeling like buying for next summer, so I decided to pass. Plus, for the t-shirt-y fabric, seemed a little expensive.

My First StitchFix | #stitchfix

Alec Solid Side Gathered Tank (Tart) – $78

Hmmm. I debated on this one for a second. It’s definitely cute and classy, and I love that periwinkle color of blue. But I just couldn’t pay $80 for a tank top that seemed like something I could probably find in a handful of other stores for half the price. Wished this one was a little cheaper, and had some other unique detailing.

My First StitchFix | #stitchfix

Coloma Wool Belted Drape Coat (41Hawthorn) – $98

Loved this coat. Like loved it. But I ended up deciding to pass on it too, because I couldn’t quite figure out when I would wear it?!? It was made of thin, but very warm wool. And even in the time it took to stand there (with the blue tank top on underneath) and take the picture, I was sweating immediately. The sleeves were also super tight, and the belt was really awkward to get on and off, and I just couldn’t see myself fitting this over any of my normal winter-y clothes. And if worn on its own, I would burn up. Boo. But that said, I loved all of the angles and the design. Just kind of wished it was a cardigan!

My First StitchFix | #stitchfix

Martina Square & Stripe Print Cardigan (THML) – $78

I did get a compliment on this one from my neighbor when I wore it down the hallway briefly. ;)  This falls under the category of something that I probably would not have picked off a hanger, but it turned out to be pretty cute on. And I loved that color combo — especially for fall. Again, though, didn’t think it was quite worth $80 for me. If it was half that, I probably would have said yes in an instant.

The Verdict

(Whew, awkward photos done!)

So, this month I ended up only keeping the first dress and sent the rest back. I’ve heard from friends that Stitch Fix really does take your feedback on each piece into review when they are selecting your “fix” for the next month. So I’m game for giving this a few more months to see what shows up.

Overall, though, I absolutely love the concept and the convenience and just the fun of it all. It felt like Christmas when my Stitch Fix package arrived in the mail! :)  Definitely something to look forward to.

If any of you want to sign up for Stitch Fix, feel free to use my referral code. And definitely let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post. I had just been curious to try Stitch Fix, so thought I would share about the experience. As I said, I do receive a credit if people sign up through my referral link, which is included multiple times on this page. But other than that, nada! :)

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22 comments on “My First Stitch Fix”

  1. Looking at your pics, I love that first dress as well. It looks adorable on you and does seem to fit you perfectly. Also, not a huge fan of all the others, especially with their prices, so I would have done the same as you. I can’t decide if I should try stitch fix out, I’m usually SO cheap with clothes and I dont want to waste the 20 dollars!

    • Thank you! :) The first dress was definitely really fun!

      I hear you on pricing. I am notoriously cheap (errr, resourceful?) with clothing too. I should have noted that I DID go back to my “style profile” afterwards and realized that I hadn’t clicked the cheapest option on each type of clothing. So I went in and changed that for next month. Curious if the prices will go down just a little more. I’ll be sure to report back!

  2. Girl you better get that maxi dress back stat. It is perfection on you. The tank is ridiculous even if the color is divine. Pass on the teacher cardigan too unless you want to accessorize with a pumpkin lanyard for your school keys.

  3. The chevron dress is cutest on you anyways!!! you’re so pretty!!!

  4. Ok, THANK YOU! I’ve been reading all these stitch fix blog posts thinking I must be super poor and/or cheap! A lot of the stuff definitely does seem overpriced to me, so I’m glad someone finally commented on that! That being said, I think the chevron dress is SUPER cute and definitely a reasonable price for a dress!

  5. How do you make every single article of clothing look adorable?? I am so glad you got that dress!! I also love that blue top but agree on finding it cheaper elsewhere. Regardless, you are cute as pie and can’t take a bad photo. :-)

  6. good decisions. Did they send the necklace to or did you style that yourself. It’s perfect. And chevron may have been a fad for a while, but it’s still a classic print especially in black and white–that dress won’t go out of style!

  7. Love that first dress! So cute, especially with that necklace. You look SO adorable in everything!

  8. Ah…you actually looked great in everything. Loved the chevron. Loved the maxi dress too. I also loved the cardigan but I love orange so much I wouldn’t be able to pass it up! Anyways…was all awesome, thx for sharing!

  9. Finally! A review that includes prices. Thanks! This really helps.

  10. YAY you got some really cute pieces Ali- I’ve been a little disappointed in my last 2 shipments, so I’m hoping my next one has some good stuff!

    that first dress it TOTALLY you!

  11. You are so cute! I LOVE That first dress! It’s so fun! What a cool concept. :)

  12. Everything looks great on you (and I love that coat – hello, Park City!) I think you’ll continue to get more things that are right on for you with the feedback you leave them!

  13. You are so stinkin adorable! I love that first dress!!! so so cute!

  14. Love love the first dress and i’m so glad you kept it!! I can’t believe that periwinkle tank was that expensive. Probably smart to pass on it. You’re adorable :) hope you love your next box!

  15. You are so freaking cute….in EVERYHTING!!!

  16. um everything looked good on you and the pictures weren’t awkward at all :) LOVE that dress on you though…so glad you got it! I haven’t done stitch fix yet because it’s definitely more than this bargain shopper spends on clothing!

  17. That dress is perfect Ali! Great choice! And none of those pictures are awkward ;) You look great!

  18. Great in-depth review!!! I just heard of StitchFix and was curious and your review definately is making me lean that way… THANKS!!

  19. I liked everything on you, especially the 1st dress. I’m one to base my fashion sense on that, that does not itch me. Also I have to confess the first thing that popped into my mind was where this stuff was made. If it is this pricey and NOT made in the USA — Boo.