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November Stitch Fix Review

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November Stitch Fix |

November marked my third “fix” with Stitch Fix. And I’m happy to announce that it was a total success. For the first time ever, I decided to keep all five pieces!!

Well, to be honest, I was only planning to keep four. But since you get 25% off your entire order if you choose to keep all 5, the total cost was about the same. So I decided to call it an early Christmas present. And double bonus, since so many of you kind friends have signed up under my referral code, I had enough Stitch Fix credits that this order was actually free for me. I know, crazy. I’m not counting on that to happen again. But at least for this time, I owe each of you a humongous thank you. Mwah. :)

I think that the success of this “fix” was mostly due to giving very specific feedback from my last round, which my stylist mentioned in her note. As I explained in my post last month, I was hoping for much warmer clothes this shipment, since temps have dropped well below freezing now in Kansas City. So thankfully, this time there were no tank tops in the box. Just a bunch of cute long-sleeved shirts/sweaters, a pair of cords, and (surprise!) a purse.

Here’s the scoop.

November Stitch Fix |

First of all, a quick sidenote…

For those of you wondering what Stitch Fix is all about, be sure to hop back to read My First Stitch Fix post where I share all of the details. Basically, it is an online personal styling service where they mail you a package of 5 surprise apparel items each month, and you decide what you want to keep or mail back. There is a $20 styling fee per “fix”, but if you choose to keep any of the items, that fee is waived. And if you decide to keep all five items, you get 25% off — which is what happened for me this time.

November Stitch Fix Recipes

Another fun surprise that arrived with my package this month was a cute Stitch Fix Holiday Kit. It included some fun extras, including recipe cards from two food blogging friends, Jenna and Gaby. So fun to see their delicious food featured!

Alright, onto the five items from the “fix”, and the awkward-smiling photos. And sorry about the weird lighting. It has been so cloudy here this week. I swear my feet are not actually tinted blue. :)

My Five November “Fix” Items:

November Stitch Fix |

Queensland Dolman Jersey Top – $48

Ok, you’re getting a two-for-one with this first photo — top and pants. This top actually has a weird story to it. I bought basically this exact same shirt like six years ago at New York & Co or something, and have worn it a zillion times until it finally got a hole in it a year ago. I know. But seriously, it is the shirt that goes with absolutely everything, can be dressed up or down, basically never goes out of style, and is made from jersey and super comfortable.

So I was shocked when I opened up my fix and saw this top! Judge away, but it was an instant YES for me.

Jonathan Corduroy Skinny Pant – $78

The pants, on the other hand, I almost didn’t even try on. I had written on my initial Stitch Fix profile that I never wanted pants, quite simply because 99% of the pants in stores are never long enough for me. I have a 36″ inseam (and order extra-longs online from GAP!), so I pretty much gave up trying to buy cute pants other than jeans years ago.

But. I decided to try on these cords because they were so cute, and they actually fit like a glove! The weren’t quite long enough as normal pants (believe me — I tugged on them for this photo!). But I asked two friends for their advice, and they both agreed that they could pass as “ankle” pants. And hey, in the winter, boots cover up anything. So since they were so comfortable and cute, I decided to keep them.

November Stitch Fix |

Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater – $58

This sweater was another one I eyed suspiciously in the box. Something about the pattern reminded me of an exact sweater I had in middle school, and I couldn’t tell if I liked the style or not. But it surprisingly looked really cute on, and the vivid purple was pretty fun! I realized I didn’t own anything that color, nor did I hardly have any sweaters in my closet that weren’t pure solids. So I decided to keep it.

Stitch Fix prints and patterns and new colors for the win! Again!

November Stitch Fix |

Addison Striped Knit Cardigan – $48

Now this cardigan I absolutely loved from the start. I really love that color of green, and it fit perfectly, and seemed like a pretty versatile piece. And somehow it fits really flatteringly, which cardigans don’t always seem to do on me. Love it. And love me some stripes!

November Stitch Fix |

Kacie Half Flap Crossbody Bag – $48

Alright, the pièce de résistance for this fix was absolutely, positively, 100%, squealed-just-a-tiny-bit-when-I-saw-it THIS BAG. I didn’t even know that Stitch Fix sent purses! But I instantly saw and adored this one. And the timing couldn’t have been better, because the current purse I was carrying was literally falling apart….because it was a $20 purse I had been carrying around for 3 years straight.

Yeah, I am so not that girl with a closet full of purses. I find one I like (which, my last one was $20 at Old Navy, although it was surprisingly well-built and tailored) and wear it literally until it falls apart. Somehow I missed the obsessed-with-purses-and-shoes gene that most women have.

But anyway, I instantly loved this purse. I love the camel leather, the cute little tassels, and I especially love the flap over feature. It also has a really cute thin chevron lining inside. Perfect.

A word about buying all five

I feel like I should mention that I was not ever expecting to have a month when I bought all five items. So this was a bit of a surprise!

When I initially started trying on the clothes, I was planning to just buy two tops and the purse, minus the pants. But then I really wanted to add on one more sweater since it’s cold here. And when I did the math, I realized it would be $182 for those four items. But if I added the pants plus the 25% discount, it would be $195. So basically, $13 for the pants. Plus, this month I had a surprising number of referral fees. (Again, thank you!)  So if I was paying for each of these 100% out of pocket, I probably would have balked a little more about the prices on a few of the items.

But that said, I figured I would take the opportunity and go for it this month. I’m doubting that little perfect scenario of referral fees and five items I genuinely liked will roll around again, but we’ll see. Either way, I’m totally grateful for the unexpected little “gift”, and am pretending like it’s an early Christmas present. I haven’t shopped at all for clothes since I started Stitch Fix, so it has been fun to wear a few new things. :)

To learn more about Stitch Fix…

Again, feel free to check out my first Stitch Fix post where I explain how the personal shopping service works. And if you’d like to sign up, feel free to use this referral link!

Disclaimer: Just to be clear, this is not a sponsored post. I am not being paid by Stitch Fix to promote their service. I just happen to like it and thought it would be fun to share! I do receive a referral credit if someone signs up through any of the affiliate links on this page.

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9 comments on “November Stitch Fix Review”

  1. Dangit you are so cute I can’t stand it!!! You’re also making me so eager to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight so I can go shopping again!! Although it’s probably best for my wallet than I live in yoga pants for a few more months – lol.

  2. I want to do this sometime, but I’m waiting until I lose more weight and need new clothes. :)

  3. All the pants I’ve gotten from Stitch Fix have been super long — such a miracle! I’m 5’10” so I have the same problem. Love the stuff you got this month. :)

  4. ooo I like everything! I really, really love that Striped Knit Cardigan though!!

  5. you look seriously stunning in the photos!!! and I love all the pieces, esp that purse…eek! want!

  6. The green cardigan is hands-down my fav … and I’m not generally a fan of the flyaway (or whatever that floaty style is called) either! This is such a fun feature, BTW, so I hope you keep it going!

  7. Love the black top, pants, and purse! What is the brand of the purse…would love to find online.

  8. Love all of the pieces on you! The bag is fabulous. Can you please reveal what label the bag is? Is it Emperia? Thanks!