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Our Wedding Video

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Our Wedding Video

Alright, final wedding post of the week, I promise. (You all have been champs to stick with me this far!)  It’s a final glimpse of our special day…on video!

Big thanks to our talented friend and videographer, David Matthew Fiser, for spending the entire day with us and capturing it all so beautifully. And deep thanks to Becca as well for all of the stunning photos that I’ve shared throughout the week. (Believe it or not, that was only half of them — amazing.)

Barclay and I are more convinced than ever that wedding photographers and videographers are absolute saints — working for so many hours and being so present with couples on their big day, and then putting in an even longer stretch behind the scenes afterwards to sort through and edit all of that footage, and pouring so much heart and thoughtfulness into it all. But gosh, the memories they capture on film and hand back afterwards are absolutely priceless. I have no doubt that we will be flipping through those photos and watching this video literally for the rest of our lives. Such gifts.

Thank you all again, too, for tuning in for our story this week and for all of your kind and awesome comments. I feel like you all were right there with us now, which makes my heart all warm and fuzzy and thankful. So thanks for being here, and for being the best, like you always are.

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42 comments on “Our Wedding Video”

  1. PURE MAGIC!!! Congratulations Ali and Barclay! Your love is so radiant, I can only imagine how wonderful your guests felt on the big day :)

  2. I cried! Thank you for sharing this with us. Just beautiful and joyful and all the feelings.

    I was curious about the songs in the video – did you list the artist/song name somewhere and I missed it?

  3. Gorgeous and magical…best wishes to you both! I’d love to know the music in the video – is it listed anywhere?

  4. I don’t even like weddings but I enjoyed every single wedding post this week! Really beautiful.

  5. AH! He is so talented (and one of my old camp crushes circa 2010.). I have LOVED this entire week of posts. Thank you for sharing your day with all of your readers- it’s so personal and it’s a privilege to get a peek into this milestone. Congratulations a zillion times over!

  6. This makes me smile SO BIG! Love every second of this!

  7. This week’s posts are amazing and so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with your readers and best wishes for much happiness as you begin this next chapter together! BTW – I loved the little sigh you gave as you were walking down the aisle – you could just see all of the calm and the peace shine through as you finally reached this moment. :-)

  8. Thank you for sharing your wedding memories. It was a beautiful celebration of love. I love the look in his eyes every time he looks at you. Prayers to you for a lifetime of happiness.

  9. All. The. Feels. Video was like a movie! Ugh, loved it!!! Congratulations to you both!

  10. Wow, he did and phenomenal job on the video. Thanks for inviting us all into this love-filled day, Ali!

  11. Read and watched your whole series.All I can say,being a Mother to 4,now adult daughters,is;wish for them to experience such a perfect and joyous love as yours.That there wedding would be a celebration of that love as depicted so tenderly and with so much love,as yours was!Be blessed always!Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful day!??

  12. Ali-
    This has been the highlight of my week. Work has been crazy and your wedding posts are something I was looking forward to reading everyday. You wedding was amazing and looked like so much fun. Congrats and I wish you guys the best!

  13. WONDERFULLY MAGICAL! You two radiate the love you share. Congratulations, Ali and Barclay! Much love and many blessings in your life together!!

  14. Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful wedding. Wishing ya’ll so many years of love and happiness!

  15. Happy Tears again!



  16. I am so happy for you and Barclay!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  17. Chills, goosebumps, tears, heart flutters- Absolutely STUNNING!!! Congratulations!

  18. Once again I’m reaching for a Kleenex. So beautiful and inclusive on so many levels. Thanks for the front row seat and wishing you both much happiness and the very best in life.

  19. Well! You made someone who doesn’t even know you except through your blog (which has become my go-to-source fie all family event recipes ) cry. Great wedding! Great video! All blessings!!!

  20. Thank you for sharing! A beautiful love story to be continued! Absolutely beautiful wedding and special memories ?

  21. This is what the picture would look like in the dictionary under the word LOVE❤️ Ali and Barclay

  22. Wow, what a great celebration–> well done! Happy marriage to you both!

  23. So glad your Grandmother was able to be there. I know it meant a lot to her.
    So sweet of you two to share all this beautiful story and how much it is appreciated by those
    who can enjoy it…. . Thank you, Many Blessings….

  24. I literally cried through the entire video. I’m so so happy for you both that you found each other, and once again, thank you for sharing this with us, it honestly makes me believe in magical, wonderful love and in soulmates. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together <3

  25. I loved reading about your wedding. It was precious and beautiful. Will you post a link to the post of how you and Barclay met? I would enjoy reading that.

    BTW, I emailed a friend your chicken souvlaki and tzatziki dip with your website. She could not believe how easy it was. She was amazed at the taste. I loved that post also. Thank you for doing what you do.

  26. What?????? After reading your blog for the last two days and hearing about the creative music and musicians you so very carefully chose, I could hardly wait for the video. What???!? Canned music??? Please tell me you have the organic video/audio somewhere! If you do…please post!!!!

  27. Special from start to finish. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Ali and Barclay,
    Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. A Beautiful Bride and a Very Handsome Groom – it was a pleasure to watch the festivities. I am a sucker for weddings and yours was no exception.
    Congratulations and best wishes now and always! ♥♥♥

  29. Thanks for letting us in on your special day-loved all of it! Everything was so beautiful! What was the song playing in the video? It was perfect! Blessings to you both?

    Hope your back is feeling better!

  30. Thank you for sharing your wedding with us. As a long time reader, it gave me goosebumps. It was so beautiful and I am so happy you found each other! All the best with your next adventure together :)

  31. Thank you for sharing that with us! So much love

  32. Music? Please share name/title. Loved the video, so beautiful. What great memories.

  33. I watched this twice, I loved it’s much! :) Thank you for taking us behind the scenes of your special day. All my best to you newlyweds!

  34. This is a beautiful video – so glad you’ll have it forever to look at when you are old. Watching the video, it’s clear that you each found the right partner. Ali, your dress is just spectacular! I love the simplicity. And I love that there is so much meaning behind all the details of your wedding ceremony/reception.

  35. Your dress was spectacular! Plain with just the right lines which looked so beautiful on you. I hope your ending was even more wonderful than you expected!

  36. I’ve read all the blogs on the wedding, and now to see the video I feel like I was a special guest at your wedding! Such a beautiful day filled with so much love! Congratulations

  37. Wishing you every blessing. It has been so much fun to watch this romance grow. Excited for this next chapter as you become expatriates in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Much love. ?

  38. Incredible. I have loved following your story! Your joy is so evident and contagious. So happy for you!

  39. Wow, great video! You guys look so happy, enjoy your adventures together!

  40. Unbelievably beautiful. So happy for you two!

  41. I came across your blog by searching for a potato soup recipe and found a beautiful window into your recent wedding…..I don’t even know you and your stunning video made me cry. Your love and happiness shines through your stunning smile as you gaze upon your new husband Barclay. Congratulations.

  42. OMG! Thant’s so mice! Wish you happy days.
    I’m so happy for you both, guys.