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Hi everyone! Ali, here, from Gimme Some Oven.

I am beyond grateful today to be introducing you to my new new blog, Gimme Some Life! For years I have been writing all sorts of recipe posts at GSO that have included a few glimpses into my life and thoughts beyond the food at hand. But I have been wanting to launch a sister site for years where I can just get back to writing for the sake of writing, and hopefully talk in greater depth about some of the thoughts on my mind beyond the kitchen. So I am excited (and now a little nervous!) that the day has finally arrived!

That said, I will tell you up front that even the super-planner in me has decided to leave the direction of the site open for awhile to see where the wind blows. There are no categories yet, no header links, just lots of open space. More than anything, I’m hoping to get back more into writing, and just fleshing my thoughts out on a given issue or thought that has been on my mind. But don’t worry — I like a good mix of fun stuff and deep stuff (and the times when those overlap) in life. So forewarning that there may be all sorts of posts of pure hilarious randomness sprinkled in. :)

More than anything, I’m just hoping that some of these posts might spark up a conversation with you all. And that maybe we can find inspiration and encouragement as we share a greater glimpse into what’s on our minds and hearts. And celebrate the goodness in it all along the way!

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