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Maoz Vegetarian

Maoz - cheap and delicious vegetarian falafel | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

Maoz Vegetarian

What It Is: 

A famous little falafel shop with two things on the menu: falafel and fries.

Where It’s Located:

Ciutat Vella – between El Born and El Raval (Locations in Europe and the States too) | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

If you’ve pushed your Spanish ham consumption to its limits, this is a delicious way to let your system recover with a solid vegetarian meal. The falafel is the best we’ve had in Barcelona, and it’s served with pita (or salad greens) and your choice of hummus or baba ganoush. Then there’s a self-serve salad bar offering a rainbow of toppings to customize your sandwich to taste.

It’s located on a super-touristy block near La Rambla. But it’s fun to get a sandwich or falafel salad with fries, and watch the river of people flow by.

Our Recommendations:

  • When there are two of us, we usually order one pita (or salad) by itself. Then couple that with a “combo meal” order, which also includes a drink (water, soft drink or beer) and some of their straight-from-the-heat fries to share. (The fries are huge, so you can totally share them.)
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Website | FacebookTripAdvisor | Yelp | t:+34 653 847 653

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