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We’re Moving To Barcelona Today!

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…and Barclay and I made a little video to tell you all about it! ?

This is actually our first-ever video that we’ve made together with people in it (not food, ha), so bear with us as we’re learning the ropes here. But we’ve actually been thinking that it would be fun to film some little monthly update videos while we’re living in Spain. As well as — who knows — maybe some random videos here and there just bringing you around our neighborhood with us, or going for adventures around Europe, or sharing what we’re discovering about everyday life and culture here. We’re just kind of excited to try documenting life in a new way. And this move seems like the perfect excuse to sharpen our video skillz.

So if you’re interested in following along with us, stay tuned! We’re hoping to start sharing some videos on the Life section of the blog here once or twice a month. But definitely subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you don’t miss a video. And of course, I’ll still be Instagram story-ing regularly at @gimmesomeoven (all things food) and @gimmesomeali (all things life), so you can always find me there.

More than anything, though, I just wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for all of your amazing love and encouragement during this mega transition! It’s been a roller coaster of a month getting ready for this move, but we’re feeling really ready and excited to see what this new chapter will be like. So we’re excited to bring you along with us, and send you all lots of love today from our new home in España!

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35 comments on “We’re Moving To Barcelona Today!”

  1. Have you seen the adorable video of the puppy/dog? Everyday for a year they took a one second video of the dog. It’s fun to see the dog grow over time. It’s a cute video…just an idea! Good luck in Spain! I’m looking forward to following your big adventure!

  2. I’m so excited to hear more about your new adventure! Congrats and good luck in your new home!

  3. Que tengan buen viaje!

  4. Safe travels! Can’t wait to see and hear about all your adventures!

  5. Best wishes on you exciting adventure. Safe jorney!

  6. So fun! And scary! All I’ve been seeing is the political unrest there but I’m sure it’s safer than the media makes it out to be. Be safe and have a beautiful time, I can’t wait to follow!!!!!!

  7. Benvinguts! Welcome to Barcelona! Any thing you need just scream out loud and I’ll try to help. Living in Barcelona for almost 20 years. Not best political moment but it’ll get calm soon.

  8. Good luck! I’m sure you will love it! Will be thinking of you!

  9. I loved seeing your vid just now. Was in Barcelona when I was about your age; it’s amazing! Sorry, I laughed when your were discussing the dinner hour there; I also prefer dinner at 5ish and am inclined to get grumpy eating late. BUT, you will get used to it. Wow, brought back so many memories; oh, and the Mediterranean, so gorgeous along with all the history of Spain and Europe. Not to mention the fab markets I remember in the city. etc. etc. Love your life there!

  10. This is the exact reason I signed up for your newsletter. So I can follow your exciting new life abroad!! I wish you much happiness, success and joy in your adventures!!!

  11. Wonderful I am looking forward to Spanish recipes. I grew up in a Spanish household and some of my Grandma’s Spanish recipes have been lost through the years of traveling.,

  12. Que Dios los bendiga abriendo puertas de oportunidad en Barcelona! Ciertamente es una ciudad hermosa y yo si espero muchas recetas españolas. Gracias por compartir su vida privada con nosotros. Bendiciones.

  13. Safe travels! So excited to hear about your new adventures and see your new recipes!

  14. Travel well and be happy! All the best to you in your new life’s chapter!

  15. Congratulation! You will have another new great pages from today in Barcelona!

  16. You two are amazing!!!!! I wish you a new and exciting chapter in your life with your prized possessions, your dogs. Maybe a book might be in the future – I know I would love to read about your daily life, experiences and culinary experiences as well. Be careful and enjoy. God be with you.

  17. Have a safe trip. Signed up for the You Tube. Can’t wait for your videos and newsletters. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The more video of your new life, new home, new neighbourhood and travels the better! I’m looking forward to living vicariously through you.

  19. Safe travels! Hope it goes smoothly (or as smoothly as an international move can go)! Enjoyed the video – you guys are really cute together.

  20. Have fun! We were in Barcelona a year ago and our first morning there we went to find someplace to eat and nothing was opening until 9-10am. Then dinner started around 9pm. It definitely took some getting used to, but you’ll be in your own place, so I imagine you won’t be eating out for breakfast every day :) If you are interested I have two friends that own cooking schools in Europe (they’re open June-Oct). One is in Spain in the Basque region and the other is in Tuscany Enjoy your adventure!

  21. You two are absolutely adorable. I love the love you two clearly have for each other. Best of luck on your new adventures!!

    PS, I don’t remember how I found your website, but it is easily one of my favorites – it’s cleanly designed, straight-forward, and has so much heart. And, of course, I just love the yummy, easy-to-follow recipes. Keep up the great work!!

  22. Your voice sounds just like Layla Palmer’s!!!!!!!! Best wishes on your move!

  23. So exciting!! Barcelona is our favorite city. Four words: La Boqueria St. Josep. Heaven.

    • i second that.
      Was in Barcelona 6 years ago with my daughter, we stayed right close to you in a rental apartment for 2 weeks and had the time of our lives.
      I can’t wait to return.

  24. Do you speak Spanish? or will you learn?

  25. what a fun move, safe travels, will enjoy reading your take on Barcelona, have traveled quite a bit in Europe, but not much in Spain. One of my top 5 movies is “Barcelona” (worth watching if you’re moving there since it’s about U.S. ex-pats there)

  26. Loved it! Super cute

  27. Barcelona is surely a great place to be!! Good luck for your future ahead, Ali. Hope to see some more videos (with people in it)! LOL

  28. You two are soooo cute!! Love your video idea!! It’s nice to hear the voices that go with those beautiful, happy faces!! Looking forward to seeing Spain/Barcelona through your eyes!! Rastros felices…!!!

  29. Love this video! Thanks for posting it. Listening to you talk about the countries you most want to travel to, I couldn’t agree more, and I have a couple to add to your list, countries I love, and I think you would, too: Malta and Croatia. Don’t miss that huge market on La Rambla in Barcelona – it’s gorgeous.
    I’m really excited for you getting to spend time in Barcelona, and wish you the best while you are there.

  30. My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Barcelona and we loved it. Although there were protests going on while we were there, they didn’t affect us at all. What you see on the news, generally, is where the problem is occurring, not the rest of the city carrying on as normal. That being said, hopefully the situation will be resolved soon, as I think it is not doing the Catalans any good tourism wise or financially. When we were there, we went to a restaurant called Abanik. It is rated number one by Trip Advisor for a reason, and I would highly recommend it. (Make a reservation, though, it’s small.) Have a wonderful time, and keep all of your readers posted on your adventures.

  31. Ali, I’m so excited for your big adventure! One of my sisters, that reads your blog, sent me this post/video. My husband and three kids did the same thing almost three years ago. We sold our Georgia farm and came to live in the very center of Barcelona! I too share your husbands passion for walking everywhere and he will have plenty of opportunity to do so! I would be glad to share any knowledge I have for favourite restaurants, sourcing ingredients, ect. We just moved out of Barcelona two months ago. We are now living in a small mountain town just north of Barcelona. My husband still works in Barcelona though. You don’t have to publish this…just wanted to contact you and let you know you can email me if you need to know where to find canned pumpkin and things like that!