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B&N NOOK Giveaway

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B&N NOOK Giveaway |

Photos courtesy of B&N.

We’re excited to partner up with Barnes & Noble for our latest Gimme Some Reads giveaway: not just one, but two B&N NOOKs!

Barnes & Noble is giving away the latest version of the NOOK GlowLight, as well as a NOOK HD — so, two of our readers get to enjoy their very own free e-reader. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


What is Included in the Giveaway?

One lucky winner will receive:

And, another lucky winner will receive:


NOOK Giveaway |

How to Enter the NOOK Giveaway:

Note: The giveaway will be going on through December 13th.

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I’ve never owned an e-reader, but got to test drive these two NOOKs for a few weeks so I could offer a more personal review. As someone who loves the feel and character of a book with paper pages, but who has occasionally borrowed an e-version from the library to read on my phone, it was definitely interesting to see why so many people love their e-readers.

NOOK GlowLight Giveaway |

NOOK GlowLight

This is B&N’s latest version (released October 30th) of their tried-and-true e-reader: the no-frills-I-just-want-to-read-my-book e-reader, the shhhh-I’m-in-the-library e-reader. You get the picture. But, don’t be fooled by its black-and-white simplicity — it has a lot to offer.

Besides the typical choose-your-own-font-type-and-size-reading-adventure, here are just a few highlights of the NOOK GlowLight:

  • GlowLight feature lets you read even in pitch black settings — and you can increase or decrease the brightness as desired, so that you can read in bed without disturbing your partner.
  • Regular (non GlowLit) display is easily readable even in bright, sunny conditions.
  • Super lightweight and comfortable feel. I have an iPhone, which weighs 4.9 oz and this weighs just 6.1 oz — so, whether you’re carting it around in your purse or backpack, or holding it to read for several hours, it’s about the same as carrying around your phone, or a small paperback book.
  • Not only can you check the definition of a word while you’re reading, but once you’ve opened the dictionary, you can check other words, as well.
  • And, two of the bonuses of being no-frills: the battery lasts forever and the price is cheaper.

NOOK HD Giveaway |


Sometimes all-in-one products can be a bit overwhelming, but the NOOK HD is surprisingly easy to navigate and has been crafted with an eye for detail. This is the tablet you want on long road trips — to help you navigate, entertain you, and keep the peace amongst the passengers. As well as, the perfect e-reader to introduce your child to the joy of reading.

To be fair, I will point out two HD negatives, which the GlowLight handles better: because of all its capabilities, the HD battery doesn’t last as long; and, the HD’s glossy display screen isn’t as easy to read in sunny conditions.

But, you have to weigh that with the highlights of the NOOK HD:

  • You can watch movies and TV shows in vivid colour and stereo sound. And, if you have a Hulu+ membership, you can watch shows through that, as well.
  • Customizable profiles and homescreens: you can create multiple profiles, so you can share with family members or roommates without messing with each others’ content — this is also helpful for parents who want to limit their kids’ access to certain apps or features. And, just like a laptop, you can set your wallpaper and decide which icons are on your homescreen.
  • With the web browser and apps, you can access email, calendar, maps, blogs, Google, and more.
  • For graphic novel aficionados: you can choose between zoom view or comic view. Zoom view lets you see each frame full screen and move through them like pages, while comic view shows you the whole page as is.
  • For scrapbookers: there’s a built in feature within the magazine viewer that lets you save a page to a digital scrapbook. So, you can easily create your own scrapbooks, like Pinterest boards, while you browse your favourite magazines.
  • For kids: there are great interactive books that will not only read aloud the story as you flip through the book, but also offer the option for you to record your own reading of the story. Can you imagine how great it could be if your kid had recordings of different friends and relatives reading stories? Or — even your kid’s own recording!

NOOKs Giveaway |

Whether you prefer your reading straightforward and simple, or you’re looking for an e-reader that has something for everyone in vivid colour, there is a B&N NOOK for you.

» To learn more about the tech specs of the NOOKs and find out which one is best for you, check out Barnes & Noble’s Compare NOOKs page.


Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by Barnes & Noble. They temporarily loaned me a NOOK GlowLight and NOOK HD to review, but did not compensate me to host this giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own as always.
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96 comments on “B&N NOOK Giveaway”

  1. Last ebook I finished was “The Lincoln Lawyer.”

  2. I like the HD but even the basic is great too! I like the idea of having both though in case I need to access it.

  3. The last book I read is the second in the Percy Jackson series.

  4. I already have a tablet that I use for an e-reader, but I would be really interested in trying out the Nook Glowlight. I am easily distracted by all the extra content on my tablet and I find myself spending time on things that are less interesting/rewarding/entertaining than actually reading my book. There are a number of features on the Nook tablet that are tempting too–like the reading aloud function for children’s books (that would be really fun for my daughter).

    I’m currently reading the Man Booker Prize winning novel “The Luminaries” by Eleanor Caton (it’s 800+ pages long and the author has an expansive vocabulary which makes it great for reading on an e-reader).

  5. The latest eBook I’ve read is the Hunger Games Series. Good books if you haven’t read them!

  6. I think using a Tablet for an eReader is nice if you are traveling – you only need to have one device. Otherwise I think I prefer a regular eReader.

  7. I like the Tablet so I can browse the web and use it as a reading device!

  8. I prefer one with more internet capibilty

  9. The last ebook I read was The Fifth Wave

  10. I would prefer one with more capabilities for myself. But I would love an e-reader for my kids and I would want that device to be dedicated to reading only.

  11. My daughter used my tablet to read Ozma of Oz

  12. I would prefer a dedicated e-reader. I don’t like things with a lot of bells and whistles.

  13. I was in the middle of Evan Burl and the Falling when my e-reader konked out on me. I’m hoping that Santa will be nice and give me one :-)

    The last complete book I read was What the Dickens by Gregory Maguire

  14. I love the idea of a dedicated ereader rather than a tablet!

  15. The last ebook I read was Extremely Loud and Incredibly close. It was great, though the pictures on the ebook were kind of strange.

  16. I really would love a to try a Nook.
    My Kindle broke and Amazon is not being helpful at all.
    I would like to have one with internet when I am traveling.
    Otherwise the ereader is good.

  17. I prefer an e-reader dedicated to reading.

  18. The tablet looks like it might work better for me.
    Since I read a lot of manga and being able to see either the single image or full view would be awesome.
    Also will be traveling for the holidays.
    What are everyone’s plans?

  19. Mine include books, manga, bookstore and a library or two.
    Must include reads!

  20. I love the HD Nook. You not only can read but look up things on the Web and visit your social network sites! The glowlight would be ideal for my children when they need to read for school.

  21. I would prefer the HD Nook… more is usually better! However, the idea of the glowlight for just books is appealing too… better quality of focused reading without the hundreds of facebook notifications in the background.

  22. the last book I read on Nook was Alice in Wonderland.

  23. I love my first generation Nook…a new one would be even better! Happy holidays!

  24. Reading The Language of Flowers on my Nook right now.

  25. The last e-book I read was “The Secret Adversary” by Agatha Christie on my Kindle app on my phone. It’d be nice to have a dedicated e-reader!

  26. I prefer the HD for movies.

  27. Last e-book I read was The Hobbit

  28. I’m reading The Goldfinch on my iPad Kindle app.

  29. I think I’d prefer the HD. But would love the GlowLight for my girls. Fewer distractions with no internet available while reading!

  30. these are perfect when using cookbooks.

  31. I prefer something more like a tablet.

  32. Currently reading Shantaram.

  33. Great giveaway for the holidays! Thanks for your review! :)

  34. i like the sounds of this glow light, but might take a little getting used to…

  35. I have a nook color but I’ve seen what Bet means about it being hard to read in bright light. It would be fun to try the reader to compare.

  36. I prefer to just have a reader that does reading. I don’t like reading with a backlight like on a tablet… and I get distracted by games and that annoys me.

  37. The last ebook I read I just finished this afternoon, on Amazon’s cloud reader – How to Know if your Cat is Plotting to Kill You by Matthew Innman. I finished another yesterday, a Harry Dresden novel by Jim Butcher.

  38. I prefer an e-reader, but I’m not opposed to a tablet.

  39. The last ebook I read was the Game of Thrones.