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Awake My Soul, Mumford

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{monday melodies} songs to start your week

If you haven’t listened to Mumford & Sons yet, let be this be the last word you needed to hear before you remedy that situation. Can you really say no to lively folk rock music that is brazenly honest and approaches even heartache with a good humoured sprightliness? I think not. Many of their songs blow me away lyrically — sometimes a line here or there, sometimes an entire song.

Today I want to share two Mumford & Sons songs; one from each of their albums. These two songs aren’t necessarily my favourites, but, similar to Jónsi’s Go Do song, they are rousing both musically and lyrically.

Mumford’s Sigh No More album is perfect for road trips (especially when you sing along at the top of your lungs), cleaning (particularly when you really don’t want to be cleaning), or while you’re getting ready for work.

Awake My Soul opens with some of that raw honesty — How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes; and ends with the stirring — You were made to meet your maker. Tucked in amidst those lines and the calls to “Awake!” is this bit of wisdom:

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I haven’t fully listened to the Babel album (so I can’t yet speak to its life-niches), but I often hear I Will Wait on the radio and it sparks a similar alertness in me that Awake My Soul does. I appreciate how Mumford isn’t afraid to repeat lines over and over and over again. Sometimes I need to hear something that many times — whether it’s a call to awake or a pledge to wait.

Here are a few lyrics that stood out to me:

Listen to Awake My Soul and I Will Wait and may your Monday be brightened.

what do you think “keep my heart slow” means?
what’s your favourite Mumford song?
what songs spur you on?

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