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Never Too Late

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{monday melodies} a song to start your week

»Listen to Call it a Dance by Waterdeep.

Don & Lori Chaffer of Waterdeep have ranked high among my favourite lyricists for over half my life. Their songs are poems and stories wrapped up with tunes you can’t shake (and don’t want to). The first time I heard Track 7 on their latest album, No Doubt of Sunshine, was at a show before the album was released.

It often takes time for a song to strike me; and hearing something live first, it can be difficult to catch the lyrics. Not so with this song. I was struck with that first phrase: We can change.

After Thanksgiving, it’s easy to write off the remaining few days of November, and then, since there’s just December left, decide that the year is basically over and I might as well just wait until next year to do or to be or to hope.

But, as Lori sings, It’s never too late to try. Whether it’s the end of the day (just think how stunning sunsets are) or the end of the year, you still have today.

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what might the last five weeks of 2012 hold for you?
any final wishes for this year?

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5 comments on “Never Too Late”

  1. Sorry to start off your comments with such a shallow answer….ButI decided yesterday to do a “detox” diet between now and the big holiday trip (with a few cheat days thrown in)…so lots of fresh fruits & veggies and no caffeine or alcohol for me for most of the rest of 2012!

  2. Oh Waterdeep. They have taken me through the death of my mother, and subsequent questioning of faith, etc., as well as major life changes, feel lonely and need an old friend times. They have influenced my songwriting and I aspire to one day write as real, as human, as desperately earthy a song as they tend to churn out.
    And to answer your question; I’ve been discovering just how much more life holds out for you when you start looking. I’m looking. And God continues to give me places where I can show His love, be the person I’ve wanted to be, and generally do what I feel I must. I don’t know what all that means or what it entails, but I’m convinced if I keep my eyes and ears open, I’ll get pointed in the right direction.

    • And in case I didn’t make it clear (I’m still in a turkey stupor), THAT is what I’m doing with the rest of the month and year. I’ve wasted enough of my life – now is the time to actually BE.

    • lovely, mel. i totally agree with you on the — “how much more life holds out for you when you start looking”. so true. may we see many great-good things in these final weeks of 2012!