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The Blogging Life

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In a moment of rare inspiration over my lunch break, I decided to record a little ode to bloggers. It is beyond cheesy, but hey, it was lunchtime! So cheese is appropriate, right? ;)

Bloggers — this one’s for you!

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22 comments on “The Blogging Life”

  1. OMG. Are you kidding me with this? IT’S. AWESOME.

  2. commented on insta already, but I just love this so much! so fun! And so real.

  3. Wow, Ali! You’re such a beautiful singer! Thank you so much for sharing this. You did a great job. And, for the record, I love cheesy. ;)

  4. Umm…is there something that you are not good at?

  5. Oh my gosh so perfect! This just made my day! I love it. And girl, you have an AMAZING voice! You are one talented lady! ;)

  6. I am in love. Plus, can you teach me to play the guitar and sing?


  7. oh my gosh this was amazing! you are so talented! you’re voice is beautiful and I loved the song! :) so happy you shared!

  8. OMG I love it!!! You’re amazing – you captured it so great. And you have a great voice and some great guitar skills girl! My daughter loved it too. :)

  9. LOVE this!!! what a great song. . you have a beautiful voice!!! This made my day!

  10. I love this video! You are so cute and I love cheesy! Amazing and so is your voice! I was blown away, wow!

  11. I LOVE this! You are so cute and your voice is beautiful, lady! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. You’re a natural and should be reading the 5’o clock news!!

  13. <3 Love it!!!! You are too sweet!! xoxo

    PS… we all love you too Ali!! <3

  14. …and so that degree in vocal performance wasn’t wasted on the blogging life!

  15. AWW, Ali! This is so wonderful! You totally nailed it and your voice is beautiful!

  16. You are so sweet! And I love that your Mom comments on your blog, too, Ali! :)

  17. Love this! And so, so true :).

  18. you are amazing! i’m so impressed :)

  19. Just wanted to say I think you are totally brave for putting this out there. Such a creative song, and WOW what a beautiful voice!

  20. I saw this on FB the other day and thought it was the cutest thing ever! :)

  21. I love this :) you’re awesome!