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tomato love recipe exchange

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You say tomato? I say….

You should totally participate in this summer’s “Tomato Love Recipe Exchange” that I am hosting with Cassie from Bake Your Day!

That’s right. ‘Tis the season for fresh, juice and delicious tomatoes in abundance. So beginning next week on July 9, Cassie and I are going to be posting a new themed recipe exchange celebrating tomatoes every Monday for eight weeks. That’s eight weeks of tomato recipes exchanges! From tomato appetizers, to soups, to pizzas, to dips and more — each week’s exchange is going to be filled with some serious tomato love. And the fun of it is that both bloggers and readers (without blogs!) can all participate and be eligible to win some stellar prizes. Prizes, you say? Yes, prizes. Good ones. You’ll have to check back next week for our first exchange — “Tomato Appetizers” — to learn more!

But as we mention in our super-fancy little video below (look out, we went high tech!), Cassie and I are really hoping that the main “prize” of the summer will be for everyone to learn more about supporting tomato farmers in the United States. We are thrilled that this recipe exchange is actually in partnership with the International Justice Mission, an organization that Cassie and I have admired for years. Through their summer program called “Recipe for Change”, they are helping provide education and resources about how to empower our nation’s tomato farmers. As some of you may know, the tomato farms in Florida, where 90% of our country’s offseason tomatoes are grown, used to be labeled as “ground zero” for modern-day slavery in the U.S. The facts and stories are completely heartbreaking, but thanks to IJM and some other great organizations, amazing strides have been made in advocating for healthy working conditions and fair wages for our tomato farmers. You will have to read those stories too — so inspiring. But more work has yet to be done, so we are excited to share more with you about some simple steps you can take to help support and advocate for our farmers, and would totally encourage you to sign up for IJM’s weekly “Recipe for Change” emails for additional resources, stories and more tomato love recipes from folks like Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan, and more. It’s going to be a great summer!

So pull out your favorite tomato recipes, and follow along this summer for our eight tomato recipes exchanges beginning next Monday on July 9. We can’t wait to have you be a part and share in the tomato love! :)

Tomato Love Recipe Exchange Rules:

How To Participate If You Have A Blog:

1. Post:  Create a tomato recipe using that week’s specific theme (appetizers, pizzas, etc.). You may enter up to THREE recipes per week. We would love for at least one of those to be a new post, but you are welcome to tag old posts as well if they fit the requirements.

2. Link: Using the InLinkz widget that will be displayed on both Bake Your Day  & Gimme Some Oven‘s websites (you need only enter it on one website since they are linked), enter in your recipe photo and link. Each contest will be open 7 days, beginning on a Monday at 12:00am, and ending the following Sunday at 11:59pm. Prizes will ship to US addresses only. Winners will be notified and have 3 days to respond and claim their prizes.

How To Participate If You Do Not Have A Blog:

1. Comment: Create a tomato recipe using that week’s specific theme (appetizers, pizzas, etc.), and post the full recipe as a comment in the comments section on either Bake Your Day or Gimme Some Oven. You are also welcome, but not required, to upload a photo link via Photobucket, Instagram, Flickr, etc. You may enter up to THREE recipes in the comment section per week. Each contest will be open 7 days, beginning on a Monday at 12:00am, and ending the following Sunday at 11:59pm. Prizes will ship to US addresses only. Winners will be notified and have 3 days to respond and claim their prizes.

Additional Entries For Everyone — Get Social!

You can earn up to three additional entries by doing each of the following, but you must leave a comment below saying that you have done so.

  • Twitter: Tweet the following: “Join @gimmesomeoven & @bakeyourday in celebrating tomato farmers/recipes at the #r4c #TomatoLove Recipe Exchange! –”
  • Instagram: Instagram a photo of your submitted recipe(s) with the following text: “I just shared       (your recipe’s name)       in the #TomatoLove Recipe Exchange.”
  • Pinterest: Create a pin on your board of the invitation graphic at the top of each week’s announcement post, inviting people to participate.

Mark Your Calendars:


A big thanks to Julie of Table for Two for designing our Tomato Love graphic at the top of the post!

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26 comments on “tomato love recipe exchange”

  1. Love this idea and you two are ridiculously cute in the video!

  2. I’m excited to participate!!

  3. Love it! SO excited for this!!

  4. great idea!! cute video of you ladies!! xo

  5. Love this – you are also beyond gorgeous, for the record, love the video!!

  6. How fun! Can’t wait to link up – I’m a huge tomato lover! :)

  7. one of your worst ideas ever!!!!!

  8. What an excellent project! Thanks to you and Cassie for bringing this issue to our attention! Have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

  9. my favorite tomato love: grilled bread slices rubbed with a garlic clove,
    chop up some fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil, avocado, hot pepper flakes and slather it on the bread…freshness in every bite.

  10. I love these appetizers!

    Guacamole Tomato Boats

    2 medium tomatoes
    8tbsp. guacamole
    8 tbsp. salsa
    4tbsp. grated cheddar cheese

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. or turn broiler on High.
    Wash and dry tomatoes
    Slice tomatoes in half, cross section wise, and scoop out insides, eing careful not to puncture tear the bottom of the tomato half.
    With open side tomato facing up, fill with guacamole, then salsa, and garnish with cheddar cheese.
    Bake/Broil until cheese melts, the remove from oven.

    Additional: Why not add some Tortilla chips to eat with it while your at it!

  11. While a simple tomato bruschetta is always wonderful, I sometimes like to do a flatbread appetizer

    Thawed and raised frozen rolls, pingpong ball sized bits of pizza dough, or refrigerated biscuits–yeast dough of some sort is best, but the biscuits will still taste delicious

    Roll bread out very thin. Spread dough circles with a thin coating of goat cheese, then place 1/4 in slices of tomato, overlapped to look nice. Sprinkle with basil leaves, rosemary, and black pepper. Bake 8-10 minutes in a 425 F degree oven. Garnish with more herbs, and a few drops of olive oil, and cut into wedges.

  12. I entered and tweeted….what a great idea. Thanks much for hosting this wonderful event.

  13. This is a wonderful idea and I will try to participate at I live in the Panhandle of Florida, in Seaside but am well aware of the plight of our tomato Farmers. I buy my tomatoes locally from farmers I know like MacFarms and dragonfly fields. My mother grew up in Orlando when it had dirt roads. Times have changed, and we do need to make changes for the better. I am moving 2 children to college first of August for their freshman and sophomore years, both out of state, but again, will share if possible. Thanks! Susan

  14. I posted on pinterest!

  15. I instagram’ed