Chocolate Chia Smoothie

March 27, 2014 by Ali

This Chocolate Chia Smoothie recipe tastes oh-so-decadent, but is actually really good for you. And it's vegan and gluten-free!

Chocolate Chia Smoothie | #vegan #glutenfree

I’m not quite sure how it happened. But somewhere along the lines of the last 2 years of self-employment, after years of a late-to-bed-late-to-rise musician schedule, I have now officially become a morning show person.

Still working on the morning person thing. My body seems bent on the whole nightowl thing. But the blogging world and Twittersphere are up early, so about a year ago I turned on a morning show for the first time in about a decade to help wake me up. And now I basically can’t go a morning without tuning in to at least say a quick hello to Josh, Lara, Robin, George and the gang.

Oh yeah, it’s GMA all the way at my place. Yes, yes, I know that 90% of it is fluff news. But apparently their advertising has worked because they are now totally a “part of my morning”. And I kind of wish Lara Spencer would be my best friend. :)

Anyway, the other main part of my morning nowadays is smoothie-making. I shared last week about how I’m back on the smoothie kick, so I have a backlog of recipes photographed that I need to share with you. And this chocolate chia smoothie is one of ‘em. You could arguably call it a “shake”, since it tastes so darn decadent and delicious. But don’t let that chocolate fool you. This is basically a healthy green smoothie hiding behind a bit of naturally-sweetened cocoa.

And it’s super easy to make. Here’s the skinny…

Chocolate Chia Smoothie | #vegan #glutenfree

Basically, this is your classic chocolate green smoothie with a bunch of extra chia seeds added into the mix. I had some fresh spinach on hand, so added that in for my greens. Then I just added in a banana, some milk (I used almond milk), unsweetened cocoa powder, a hint of vanilla and lots of chia seeds.

Chocolate Chia Smoothie | #vegan #glutenfree

Oh, and I forgot to add ice before I snapped this photo. Be sure to throw in about a cup full of cubes. (Or if you’re using a frozen banana, you may not need them.)

Then just pulse in a blender until it’s nice and smooth! If you feel like it needs a little sweetening, you can add in some honey or your choice of sweetener. But I loved it just as-is.

Chocolate Chia Smoothie | #vegan #glutenfree

Such a rich and delicious treat, made all the more so knowing that it’s actually good for you. I’d call it a perfect way to start the day. (And I kind of think Lara would love it, don’t you??)

Chocolate Chia Smoothie | #vegan #glutenfree

Chocolate Chia Smoothie

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Total Time: 3 minutes

Yield: About 2 servings


  • 1 banana, peeled
  • 1 cup tightly-packed fresh spinach
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 cup milk (I used almond milk)
  • 3 Tbsp. chia seeds
  • 2 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder (I used dark cocoa powder)
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • (optional: 1 Tbsp. honey, if needed to sweeten)


Add all ingredients to a blender and pulse until smooth. Serve immediately.

About 3.5 cups

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Chocolate Chia Smoothie | #vegan #glutenfree

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Ali Ebright is a freelance recipe developer and food writer/photographer, and blogs at Gimme Some Oven and Gimme Some Life. She also loves all things music, traveling near and far, actually making things from Pinterest, cozying up with a good book and her sweet pup, Henry, and spending time with a wonderful group of friends. Come say hello and follow Ali on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & Instagram.

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46 thoughts on “Chocolate Chia Smoothie

  1. I loved it but everyone else was freaked out by the dark green color and the sightly odd texture (from the Chia seeds). After they got past that they loved it as well. Excellent recipe!

    - Madi VH

  2. I’m drinking this smoothie right now and it is soooo good! Definitely going into the regular rotation.

    - Risa

  3. oh gosh this is just sooo good! I changed out 2 tblsp of ground flax meal for the chia seeds, omitted the vanilla and used unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Then doubled the whole recipe. My 16 and 9 year old are enjoying it with me.

    - Rebecca

  4. I add almond butter and it is extra delicious!!

    - august

  5. This smoothie is delicious! I have it every morning. I have 3 toddlers, and they all liked it too. Had to put it in an opaque cup so that they couldn’t see that it was green the first time :-) Now they know it’s yummy!

    - Cat

  6. this looks sooo good! I will definitely try it!
    I am also really into chia seeds. when I put them in my oatmeal or shake I let them soak in water or almond milk for about 15 min so they have the chance to triple their size.

    - madelaine

  7. Just made this recipe this morning. It is amazing! What brand of dark cocoa powder did you use?

    - Cat

  8. Just made this as a late night study treat and it is delicious!! Great for an energy boost.

    - Emma

  9. I will try this Smoothie, But how many calories is this and will it be a healthy substitute for a meal?

    Please advise.

    *** I’m trying to lose 15 to 20 Pds. I do yoga and pilates 3xs a Week.

    - TM

  10. OMG! This smoothie is incredible! I have made it for dessert for the past four nights. I am obsessed.

    - Diane Rocha

  11. This smoothie looks so good! I’m a nightowl too, but an exciting breakfast always helps coax me out of bed. Can’t wait to try this one. Thanks!

    - Alanna

  12. This looks like a great smoothie to have as a dessert with lunch! Nothing like a pick-me-up in the middle of the day- I can’t wait to make this~

    - Efrain- Rooks to Cooks

  13. What a great way to start your day!

    - Meredith

  14. I’m holding out on smoothies-for-breakfast until Midwest summer kicks in, but I’ll def be thinking about this one until then!

    - Sadye

  15. I really, really hate it when people post recipes that are – healthy or whatever and do not put the nutritional information with them. How much protein? how many calories? how many carbs?

    - janieruth

  16. Ugh, yes! I’m always looking for new smoothie recipes! Can’t wait to try this one ;)

    - Ceilidh

  17. Well one can’t help be hooked by chocolate. Then to see spinach and feel self righteous about healthy. And lastly that it take ONLY 3 minutes to make. Be still my heart! Be careful with that morning or any kind of day time TV stuff. Laughing—–

    - Carol at Wild Goose Tea

  18. I, too, fight my night owl tendencies. So hard! Glad that you have successfully broken the cycle!

    This smoothie looks worth getting up earlier for! I can’t wait to try this out! My current smoothie is growing stale.

    - Lindsey @ American Heritage Cooking

  19. totally with you there, at least while on mat leave! I’ll miss morning shows :)

    - natalie@thesweetslife

  20. I can’t wait to try this recipe! It looks great!

    - Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

  21. Definitely going to try this recipe. I loooove, love, love those straws! Where did you get them?

    - Jennifer G.

  22. Looks like a great way to start the day!

    - Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

  23. In the interest of saving money, can I substitute ground flax seed for half of the chia?

    - ellen

  24. What kind of blender do you use? Definitely adding this smoothie to my list of must-makes!

    - Kim

  25. Just made this and I LOVE it! I decided to use kale instead as it’s much harder for me to ‘eat’ than spinach and it was great. I also added in a couple of dates for sweetness. I’m totally going to try to trick my 8 year old with this recipe…. her new thing is refusing to eat anything green! Thanks for the post!

    - Melanie

  26. Looks amazing. What a great way to get some spinach in my kiddo.

    - Whitney @ Jewhungry

  27. Never tried this with chia seeds before, definitely will now :) Awesome!

    - Amanda

  28. Never tried it with chia seeds before, definitely going to now! Awesome :)

    - Amanda

  29. Chia AND chocolate?! This one is a keeper!

    - Phoebe Lapine

  30. I love the chia seed banana combo, I’m sure this smoothie tastes awesome!

    - Layla @ Brunch Time Baker

  31. I love the mixture of chia seeds with bananas! I’m sure it tastes awesome!

    - Layla @ Brunch Time Baker

  32. Does anyone know a good substitute for bananas in smoothies? Nearly all smoothie recipes have at least one banana and I just can’t stand them! (and yes, I can still taste the banana flavor even with all the other goodies :) ) other than that, I would love to try this recipe!

    - annette

  33. I loooove chia seeds in smoothies, especially when they involved chocolate! : )

    - Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

  34. Omg. YES! I can totally relate to the morning show thing. I was just telling my boyfriend how sad it is that I spend half the morning running from the kitchen to the bedroom so I can “catch up” with my talk show peeps. But I love it! And these smoothies?! Gorgeous! Pinned :) xo

    - ashley - baker by nature