My Favorite Things + iPad Giveaway

December 14, 2013 by Ali

Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter the giveaways for a "my favorite things" gift set and an iPad Air!

My Favorite Things & iPad GIVEAWAY | #giveaway

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…bright red nail polish and chalkboard wine glasses…a Target giftcard and a brand new iPad…these are a few of my favorite things…

And guess what?

This holiday season, I am giving them all away to one of you!!!

That’s right. I am excited to be teaming up with 7 amazing bloggers for an epic “My Favorite Things” giveaway, in which all 7 of us are doing giveaway packages of our favorite things. And then we are also going to be giving away a brand new 16GB iPad Air! It’s ho-ho-hopefully going to make for a very merry holiday for some lucky readers.

So read more to learn about my favorite things package, and enter for a chance to win them and an iPad air!

My Favorite Things & iPad GIVEAWAY | #giveaway

8 My Favorite Things Giveaways

Ok, first of all, did you catch that I am teaming up with 7 (seven!!) other bloggers on this mega giveaway? That’s right! 8 of us food bloggers have created gift packages of their favorite things to share with you for giveaways, including:

1. Love & Olive Oil | 2. Skinnytaste | 3. Reluctant Entertainer | 4. RecipeGirl | 5. A Southern Fairytale | 6. Gimme Some Oven | 7. Mountain Mama Cooks | 8. FoodieCrush

Be sure to visit each of their sites to enter their specific giveaways and join in the fun. And each time you enter one of these food bloggers’ giveaways (including mine!), you will automatically also be entered in a large group giveaway for a chance to win an iPad Air. (More about the iPad to come!)

My Favorite Things & iPad GIVEAWAY | #giveaway

MY Favorite Things Giveaway

Starting from the top left and going clockwise to the center, here are a few of my favorite things that I’m giving away this Christmas. Hope you love them as much as I do!

1. DELISH Dark & Twisted Lemon & Black Pepper Dark Chocolate BarI know. The ingredient combination sounds suspicious, but trust me. This dark chocolate bar is going to rock your world. The bright citrus and spicy black pepper flavors are subtle, but present just enough to raise your eyebrows, and then have you instantly diving in for a second bite. I’m not even a huge chocolate lover, but I will ask for second and third bites of this bar in a heartbeat!

2. Chalk Note Wine GlassesThese chalkboard wine glasses from Pier 1 are a favorite in my house, and have also become my go-to wedding gift present. Everyone I know absolutely adores them. And they also are awesome to use with entertaining — either for writing names or cute notes on the wine glasses, or even to use them for serving utensils or straws and such. (I almost always put some out labeled “forks” and “spoons” when I have a happy hour at my place.) Love them!

3. Lightweight Gold Leaf EarringsI found these adorable earrings months ago on the $5 jewelry rack at World Market (my total weakness), and I now wear them literally multiple times a week. These adorable (and truly lightweight) earrings seem to go with everything and always get so many compliments! And for such a reasonable price tag, there’s no reason not to pick up a pair or two for some friends this holiday season.

4. Yellow Chevron Paper StrawsOk, I know that the paper straw fad may be overhyped, but you’ve gotta admit — they always seem to make drinks a little extra delightful. :) My current favorite design is this yellow chevron pattern, which seems to go with everything. Cute, classy, and so fun!

5. J.R. Watkins Lotion Devotion KitIs anyone else in love with these yummy lotions? Well, if you have tried them, or if you’re new to the line, I am giving away an entire sampler kit of lotions. They are the perfect way to keep your skin soft and hydrated this winter. And the delicious scents will make your day a little lovelier to boot. The kit includes:

  • Aloe & Green Tea Hand & Body Lotion
  • Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
  • Lemon Cream Hand & Body Lotion
  • Mango Hand & Body Lotion
  • Rejuvenating Foot Cream
  • Signature J.R. Watkins Pouch

6. Essie Forever Yummy Nail PolishEvery girl needs a good red, and this one is my favorite right now. It goes with everything, and will definitely add a festive touch for all of those holiday parties.

7. $20 Target GiftcardFor all of those times when you walk in with 5 things on your list and walk out with 10, this card will at least help with some of the difference. ;) Enjoy!!!

My Favorite Things & iPad GIVEAWAY | #giveaway

iPad Air Givaway

As if all of these cool “My Favorite Things” giveaways weren’t enough, all 8 of us bloggers are teaming together to also give one of our lucky readers a brand new iPad Air!!! This brand new version of the iPad is super lightweight, and comes with 16GB of storage to watch videos, listen to music, and pin yummy recipes to your heart’s content. Read below for instructions on how to enter.

HOW TO ENTER The Giveaways

Alright, this may sound complicated, but it’s actually really simple. Here are the steps to enter the giveaways:

  • Enter to win my “My Favorite Things” giveaway using the giveaway Rafflecopter widget below, and by doing so, you will ALSO be automatically entered in an iPad Air giveaway.
  • Visit the other 7 bloggers’ websites and enter their “My Favorite Things” giveaways, and earn an additional iPad Air giveaway entry per giveaway that you enter. (So if you entered just my giveaway, you have one entry for the iPad giveaway. If you enter all 8, you will have 8 entries for the iPad giveaway.)

Best of luck, and I wish you all a very merry holiday season!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by myself, and the other bloggers who are part of the “My Favorite Things” giveaways. It is my holiday gift to show my thanks to all of you for following the blog. I’m really grateful for you!

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  1. awesome giveaway! thank you! susan

    - susan duane

  2. I love the Progressive Collapsible Cupcake Carrier

    - Shane R.

  3. Than you! Loving this giveaway!

    - M. G.

  4. My favorite thing right now is my little boy! He is almost 2 and is just so much fun!

    - Carly

  5. Right now, sleep is my favorite thing :).

    - Michelle S.

  6. Right now, my favorite thing is that it’s going to be in the high 60s tomorrow in New Jersey and it will melt all the snow we had recently!

    - Claudia

  7. my favorite things are my teapot collection.

    - mary k

  8. My favorite thing right now is sipping chocolate.

    - natalie g

  9. Peppermint mocha from Starbucks!!

    - Trish

  10. Getting any sleep is a blessing. Seems like years behind

    - Jacob LaFountaine

  11. Chocolate is always my favorite thing…lol!

    - Chrissy

  12. I love all of your favorite things! MY favorite thing right now in this cold weather is hot tea. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    - Pam

  13. My favorite thing right now is my wine glass :)

    - Angela

  14. Time with my family!

    - DinT

  15. Peace!

    - Beth

  16. my grandbabies

    - amy rouse

  17. pecan pie bars! mmm.

    - Mary Clay

  18. My favorite thing is CHRISTMAS!

    - Nicole N.

  19. Chai tea lattes

    - Tara Scutari

  20. Comfy PJs!

    - Trista S

  21. I love my iphone, new jacket and comfortable blankets!

    - Sand

  22. Gingerbread, kittens and blogging.

    - Lin Gorenkoff

  23. My favorite thing is the trip we’re planning inJanuary. Hawaii here we come.

    - Cheryl

  24. My favorite thing right now is being able to relax at home for the weekend!

    - Amber

    • My favorite thing right now hot cocoa made with a Cortes chocolate bar. Take a while to make on the stove but it’s oh so yummy!!!

      - Lourdes

  25. It’s terrible but my favorite thing right now is oreo mcflurries. Yikes!!

    - Miss Entrepreneurette

  26. My favorite thing is holiday baking!!!

    - Melissa W

  27. Being able to be home to enjoy Christmas with my family.

    - Cheryl Almas

  28. My fav. thing is a Vitamixer, however, I do not own one but hope to soon:) My other fav. thing right now is a nice cup of hot coffee with vanilla cream:)……mmmmmm

    - Tammie S

  29. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite thing is my fiancee, who will be my wife in 126 days!

    - Shane

  30. ipad mini

    - Tara Crawford

  31. TJ’s Peppermint JoJos!

    - Catherine

  32. My favorite thing right now and always is chocolate.

    - Janet

  33. Cold brewed coffee; hot or cold.

    - Eliza Siegel

  34. Your site is really neat, and although I am fairly new to the site I look forward to seeing more of it. :)

    - Angie Harris

  35. My favorite things include lots of items from Pampered Chef that I use daily. Including their Forged Cutlery knives, food chopper and garlic press.

    - Joyce Pack

  36. Some of my favorite things right now are my new cookie sheets, my Kitchen Aid mixer, my new vintage dresser and my TAZO Zen green tea.

    - Kimberly Deacon

  37. Peppermint Lattes, and mandarin oranges. Scented candles, and cute fuzzy hats.

    - nicolthepickle

  38. starbucks caramel brulee latte

    - Liz

  39. My fav thing would be a Gift card for Target or Walmart or a Tablet or an IPAD

    - roger simmons

  40. My favorite thing right now (and has been my favorite thing for a few years) is my citrus squeezer – I have all three colors/sizes and use them daily.

    - Annette

  41. Christmas decorations…

    - Tina H.

  42. I love making bread–and sharing it with my friends and family.

    - Chris Peters

  43. My favorite things are sunflowers, my Kitchenaid mixer, Meyers Lemon Cleaning Products, french press coffee pot, pre-packaged cookie dough and milk frother!

    - Jordan

  44. Right now my favorite thing is quilting fabric!

    - Sonya M

  45. Love my kitchenaid stand mixer!

    - Teresa Albright

  46. starbucks coffee is my favorite thing.

    - Thomas Murphy

  47. I love Athleta clothing~~

    - Jane

  48. I am loving my electric blanket!

    - Chris Martinez

  49. My favorite things are:

    Hot Chocolate
    A warm & fuzzy blanket
    Lindor Chocolate
    Snuggling with my honey

    - Christy Sanchez

  50. My favorite thing right now? Yummy hot tea in my favorite mug (I’m a little under the weather!)

    - Cathy Baker

  51. I love dark chocolate and that bar looks very interesting. I may have to try it :)

    - Melissa Zornow

  52. Replacing my Mix N Stir Pampered Chef small spatula that I’ve used for years… (I have all 3 sizes, with 2 in the 2 smaller sizes) My new GIR spatulas are pretty darn nifty.

    - Debbie W

  53. I’m loving Trader Joes, Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm, and Beyond Yoga LEggings!


    - Ashley C

  54. My favorite thing is my sewing machine. I just helped my 12 year old son make a gift for his friend.

    - Diana Dow

  55. My favorite thing right now is my french bulldog, Mallory.

    - Keatyn

  56. There is no widget on your page? So I will just comment that my favorite thing is spending time with family

    - Ruthann

  57. My favorite thing right now is cuddling my six month old and a nice warm blanket.

    - Megan Warren

  58. My favorite things are all my cuisinart baking supplies and my cuisinart food processor. I also love all my baby carriers, including the ergobaby and maya wrap.

    - Alonna

  59. kitchen aid mixer for sure!

    - Diana

  60. My favorite thing right now is my Silhouette Portrait.

    - Lisa p

  61. Hot chocolate, my Kitchen Aid Mixer, my kitties, my husband :)

    Merry Christmas everybody! :)

    - Sarah Beer

  62. Fun Christmas jewelry, great lip gloss, and SNOW!

    - Susan Holman

  63. A nap!!! I miss them.

    - katie

  64. spare time!

    - Stephen

  65. I love volcano candles!

    - Chelsey Lewis

  66. My favorite things at Christmas time is hot cocoa, fireplaces, Christmas trees all covered in lights, and family!

    - Maria

  67. One of my favorite things is my fireplace & a glass of wine on a cold Minnesota night!

    - Jodi

  68. I am loving my Mac right now. It helps that it’s ginormous and I can have multiple pages open to get all of my shopping done!

    - Hilary

  69. Burt’s Bees coconut & pear lip balm, homemade coconut & almond body butter, warm chocolate & baby pink moccasin slippers

    - Becca

  70. KitchenAid and scarves

    - Mudita

  71. bath and body works 3 wick candles (winter and marshmallow fireside right now), victoria’s secret thermal pj’s

    - Monika S

  72. My favorite thing is always books. Right now, I am reading the final book in the Divergent trilogy. Can’t wait to finish!

    - Lin Fiorentin

  73. Manna Organics nut butters!

    - Tori

  74. My favorite thing is pumpkin coffee.

    - Lisa

  75. My favorite thing right now is this Christmas season!

    - Becca S

  76. Christmas cookies!

    - Lauren

  77. Kitchen gadgets…loving the Vitamix right now.

    - Samantha V.

  78. favorite thing currently – pretty dishes and coffee mugs! :)

    - Nichol

  79. I love Reese’s peanut butter cups and right now I’m sporting happily warm feet after getting some new winter boot socks.

    - Charlene

  80. A bead ornament that my 3 yr old grandson made all of his own volition. Too precious to know that I am loved!

    - Mickey Louth

  81. I love Chi Latte’s!

    - Aris Finnson

  82. My favorite thing is my camera.

    - Emese Gaal

  83. A good book and a glass of wine!!

    - Kristen Bosley

  84. Space heaters and my cuddly cat!

    - Erica

  85. Stephen’s cherry hot chocolate.

    - Emilee

  86. Sweet!

    - Delinda Nicolet

  87. Favorite items for the kitchen include my kitchen aid mixer, my pastry blender and pastry cutter and my anthropologie measuring cups. Ok, well any kitchen item from Anthro (:

    - Lauren

  88. My favorite things are my babies!

    - Joy Cacchiola

  89. I love my crockpot!

    - Amanda

  90. Mexican hot cocoa, fuzzy yarn, and hugs from my 3yo are my current favy things:)

    - Stacey Lehwald

  91. My favorite things include spending time with my boyfriend and my dogs. Hiking in the great out doors, learning new recipes, watching movies, playing games with my family

    - Cassie Noe

  92. My favorite thing is my Keurig Coffee Maker. Hoping to make the Keurig Espresso Machine my new favorite thing for Christmas!

    - Vicky

  93. My favorite thing has always been yarn and a comfy, relaxing place to crochet.

    - Manda White

  94. I love my Realclay rice cooker.

    - Lori

  95. Peppermint bark kisses and cinnamon pinecones

    - Jamie

  96. Some of my favorite things are my ninja blender and my acoustic guitar! :)

    - Julie

  97. Some of my favorite (wintery) things… sunlight dancing on my skin, low temperatures with clear blue skies, my hot water bottle and warm black blanket.

    - Franziska

  98. One of my favorite kitchen things would be the kitchen aid mixer. Very hard to pick one Thing!

    - Caryn Jennings

  99. I love losing weight without trying (which happened once.. YES), my Cephelon baking things, Urban Decay Makeup and anything coffee!

    - Shannon

  100. My favorite things is a broom, considering my daughter just spilled a huge bag of shredded cheese all over the ground while I was reading your blog!

    - Cassidy

  101. I got a new pair of boots that I want to wear everyday!

    - Kathleen C

  102. Love the extra visits with family during Christmas…and to be Thankful for our memories,,traditions & new memories!! Would love to win the I-pad (:

    - Linda S

  103. in love with my new GIF Pro spautula

    - lindsay jenkins

  104. Some of my favourite things are:

    My planer for garlic and lemon zest
    Chocolate of any kind, especially orange dark chocolate and chill chocolate
    Red wine
    Olive oils and Balsamic vinegars from a great local store called Emulsify. Their products are amazing.

    - Kim

    • Sorry, I misread the instructions, you only want one favourite thing, I would have to say the one thing would be the planer. LOVE it!

      - Kim

  105. I love my Kindle.

    - Libby

  106. My favorite thing right now….my new donut pans!

    - Ace

  107. My kitchen aid stand mixer. This is my first christmas with it, and it’s making all my baking so much easier and fun!

    - Andrea

  108. Volcano Candles from Anthro! Love that scent!

    - April Hunt

  109. Thank you for the opportunity to enter! My favorite things are snuggles from my nephews, vanilla lattes, and lazy baths with bubbles, wine, and a good book.

    - Amber

  110. I love my blender! (I use it every day to make green smoothies!)

    - Leah

  111. I love dark chocolate, my running shoes and warm blankets

    - Trisha Marshall

  112. I love dark chocolate, my running shoes and warm blankets

    - Trisha Marshall

  113. Cooking and baking, all all things pertaining to that, are my favorite things.

    - Billie Barron

  114. I love all of the delicious food and desserts around the holidays…

    - Sarah

  115. Right now, one of my favorite things is Wawa coffee.

    - Juli V

  116. I’m currently obsessed with anything nautical!

    - Brittany Shadduck

  117. Cookie scoops

    - Danielle Newcomb

  118. I love Gardeners Pure Lavender Intensive Therapy Hand Cream. I;m hoping Santa brings me more, because I just ran out, and i NEED this to keep my hands soft and smooth.

    - Sarah G

  119. pretty pumped about the new art i got for my birthday!!

    - shanley

  120. Sipping hot cocoa in front of the fire!

    - Jessica

  121. My favorite thing right now is Roku… and Acorn TV. Watched a British show last night called William and Mary. British television is so witty and intelligent!

    - Jill

  122. Great giveaway items!

    - melissa moran

  123. Silicone baking mats pan liners – utterly amazing for cookie baking sprees!

    - Libby Cripps

  124. My favorite thing right now is dunkin donuts red velvet coffee…

    - Britt-Anya

  125. Sweet and Spicy tea from Good Earth Tea

    - Nicole M

  126. Reading is my favorite thing now

    - Amanda Sakovitz

  127. Great lists!

    - Catherine V

  128. Coffee and coconut oil. Coconut anything for that matter!!

    - Jenn Ash

  129. We just got a new down alternative blanket from Bed Bath and Beyond and it is wonderful!

    - debbie

  130. I love kisses from my little ones, coffee with hubby by the tree lights, and the still on christmas morning before everyone wakes.

    - Nicole Walters

  131. I’m loving Crate & Barrel’s stemless enamel wine glasses – sturdy enough to survive outside but still a little classy.

    - RachelC

  132. Thanks for a great giveaway, this is really some cool stuff! Could particularly use those yummy lotions about now!

    - katharine hanson

  133. Baker’s twine and washi tape!

    - Emilie

  134. Happy Holidays!

    - Robyn Quinn

  135. Custard French Vanilla Ice Cream – I sure could use the iPad for all my recipes that I collect!

    - Valerie Klobuchar

  136. My favorite thing among your faves are those earrings from World Market, they’re so versatile and I had no clue they had jewelry, I’ve been missing out!

    - Jen

  137. Great giveaway! My favourite thing right now is Target – Canada just started opening stores a few months ago and I’m kind of obsessed!

    - Kristin Janzen

  138. Almond M&M’s!

    - Terri B

  139. Love the idea of bloggers working together on these giveaways

    - jerzygirl45

  140. My new kitchenaid mixer!

    - Meghan Cooper

  141. Probably my laptop :)

    - Gökhan

  142. Lindt Lindor truffles – this is the time of year you can most likely find the mint variety!

    - Carmen

  143. A day to stay in my pajamas and read cozy mysteries with hot tea and candles lit…flipping through cookbooks…staring out the window…

    - Jill B.

  144. I am in love with my iphone. Can’t wait for my next upgrade

    - Debbie Flood

  145. My favorite thing right now is my new pair of monogrammed boots!

    - Jennifer Vincent

  146. I’m loving vintage hand-stamped flatware from For Such a Time Designs.

    - Eve D.

  147. Some of my favorite things are scrapbooking, pizza, fashion/make-up and Coca Cola.

    - Beth

  148. I’m new to the iPhone family so I am currently obsessed with it!

    - Ella Brooks

  149. Right now one of my favorite things is a set of customized bowls my husband and I made the other night — so cute and fun! :)

    - Bobbie {the vegan crew}

  150. my favorite things right now are homemade jars of strawberry jam, mrs. meyer’s basil countertop spray, and REN facial moisturizer!

    - emily

  151. Peanut M&Ms and I wish it wasn’t!

    - Debra Lee

  152. My favorite things are spending time with friends and family AND going to the movies on Christmas Day!!

    - Amy

  153. My favorite thing are the beautiful Christmas decorations. Make me feel so warm inside!

    - Milijana

  154. My favorite thing is a pair of warm, fuzzy slippers on a cold Winter’s day!

    - Misty Blu Waters

  155. My favorite thing is the new Tory Burch tote that my BFF got me.

    - Celestine

  156. I am in Tampa. Sunshine, reading anything I can get my hands on, cooking new recipes and my little cat Stormy are my favorite things.

    - Kathy Keegan

  157. Baking has always been my favorite thing and ever since I’ve received my KitchenAid mixer we’ve been inseparable. Cupcake Moscato wine has also become one of my favorite things. I pair baking and Cupcake Moscato with Scandal every Thursday night; Scandal is also one of my favorite things.

    - Toneria M

  158. My favorite thing right now is Horizon Organic Eggnog.

    - Jessica Lodge

  159. My favorite thing right now is snow!

    - rlk @ FirstTimeFoods

  160. My favorite things right now are my keurig machine, maybelline baby lips dr. rescue lip balm and tomato soup

    - Janiece

  161. Maribelle hot chocolate!

    - Samosagirl

  162. I am loving Brookfield chocolate covered anything right now

    - Theresa J

  163. My favorite thing right now is having my son home from college.

    - Janice

  164. I love your broccoli cheese soup recipe!
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway

    - Nana

  165. Right this minute – I have a craving for Chinese food!

    - Janine McNally

  166. Trader Joe’s mango tea with a splash of milk.

    - Christina

  167. Oops, I just commented with my old email address, so I’ll tell you another of my favorite things (besides my rice cooker): My MacBook Pro, which I’m using right now to enter your giveaway!

    - Anne

  168. Right now, my favorite thing is my rice cooker, which I use a lot more than I thought I would.

    - Anne

  169. Chocolate, always chocolate.

    - Joanna F

  170. My current favorite thing is drinking hot chocolate while watching a movie.

    - Anna

  171. Weleda Skinfood lotion for my dry feet!

    - Ruth

  172. A few of my favorite things… sharing a meal with family and friends, with lots of good music, laughter and love, and the smell of the ocean nearby!

    - martha

  173. My kitchenaid.

    - Gianna

  174. My favorite things are my kitchen aid mixer, cast iron pans and my Ove gloves :)

    - Dawn DeVinney

  175. My favorite things are frozen dark chocolate covered bananas dipped in salted almond butter, making homemade almond milk, going for a hike in the great outdoors with my husband and my in-laws Golden Doodle, Haley!

    - Whitney D

  176. Great giveaway. I like trying interesting chocolate combinations. The lemon black pepper sounds great.

    - Barbara Stillwell

  177. I love when my family gets together for the holidays. And it’s always so fun when my sisters and I, immediately follow gift opening, begin the jewelry trades. It’s silly, but fun. : ) Being with them – especially since I live so far now – is one of my favorite things.

    - Mindy

  178. Right now some of my faves are: my KitchenAid grinder/slicer attachement, UGG boots, Bert’s Bees lip balm, TJ’s Cookie Butter!!

    - Leah M

  179. my favorite is homemade treats!

    - Holly

  180. Some of my favorite things include coconut oil and triple chocolate chip cookies.

    - MiYun

  181. my favorite is homemade treats

    - Holly

  182. It’s amazing how easily that song comes to mind from the Sound of Music. Too cool…favorite things? My fuzzy pj’s and coffee with hazelnut creamer. Hands down. My favorites!

    - Crystal High

  183. my Spice of Life vintage corningware set that my aunt gave us for our wedding. I think we have almost every size of casserole that they made, and they’re awesome!

    - Colleen

  184. My favorite thing is my grandma’s cooking!

    - gira

  185. pomegranate seeds, really dark chocolate and my fiance!

    - Shannon

  186. Coffee, ice cream, and skinny jeans!

    - ErinsFoodFiles

  187. My favorite thing right now is my KitchenAid mixer. I use it so much more often than I thought I would!

    - Laura @ The Salty Kitchen

  188. My sparkly ballet flats I found at a thrift store!

    - Loretta

  189. My favorite things are chai tea lattes, my kitchenaid mixer and having fun with my kids inthe kitchen.

    - Rachel S

  190. My fave things are foodie scented candles at Bath and Body Works!!

    - Desi

  191. My current favorite thing is my set of cupcake decorating supplies!

    - Ashley Outland

  192. I can’t go anywhere in my house without being wrapped up in a cropped wrap-around robe.

    Perfect for the chill of winter!

    - Rebecca

  193. My heated socks – it’s freezing especially at night and I need to keep my toes warm!

    - Danielle

  194. My favorite thing right now are gift cards as I can give them to anyone for a gift at Christmas :)

    - Jan Lee

  195. My oven is my favorite thing right now.

    - Andrea

  196. I love having cute mugs with some good flavored coffee or tea!

    - Jasmine A

  197. my favorite thing (that I don’t have yet) is a dyson animal vacuum

    - richelle bowers

  198. with all the holiday goodies, i am worried about weight gain. new favorite: pomegranate!

    - kcc

  199. Spiked apple cider!

    - Owen Brenner

  200. This is holiday season, so i love to baking cookies <3 Oven is my best fav things now <3

    - Ehara Poetry

  201. mini chocolate chips!!!

    - Yashica

  202. Starbucks caramel brulee lattes!

    - Lauren

  203. My favourite thing right now? Tiny animals on fingers!

    - Victoria

  204. Cozy socks and scarves!

    - Sarah

  205. My favorite thing is my green KitchenAid!  Since gifted by hubby, I can’t stop using it :)

    - Kathy F

  206. Some of my favorite things are: a good moisturizing chap stick, Smart Water, and Lindt chocolate.

    - Nicole Marie

  207. I have so many things that I love, yet the biggest thing I love is vegan Korean Cuisine. Plenty of things Korean. Cheesecake, hot drinks, christmas movies (movies period). Helping others.

    - Jacqueline

  208. My favorite thing is my EOS lip balm. I have one in every color/flavor.

    - Kamali Yancey

  209. My favorite thing right now is the brown bag that my husband gave to me as a birthday present.

    - Marinela Diaz

  210. My current favorite thing is my new computer. I have a place to bookmark things again!!

    - Laura

  211. With all this cold weather, my favorite thing right now is hot chocolate in my favorite mug!

    - Kenia

  212. So many favorite things!!! One of mine is snow! Just love it!!!

    - Jeanette

  213. Betsey Johnson shoes!

    - Nikki

  214. My favorite thing is anything warm!! ;)

    - Liz

  215. Gingerbread cookies and flannel sheets!

    - Kate

  216. I love yoga (as always) and Quest bars lately. I can’t get enough.

    - Jordan

  217. paint. just bought a new house, and paint covers a multitude of sins.

    - theresa

  218. My favorite thing is my cookbook collection!

    - Christina

  219. My Keurig! We’ve got several inches of snow on the ground so I’ve been making coffee like crazy!

    - JJ @ My Chicken Fried LIfe

  220. Hot coffee in the morning and a chilled glass of wine at night!

    - Heather Hicksh

  221. riding boots!

    - Leigha

  222. I love any and all chocolate my family lets me get my hands on!

    - Carolynn

  223. Ohhh… your favorite things are pretty nice. Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Holidays.

    - Jennifer Burns

  224. I love my cats :), my parents, Christmas, games, And my Iphone :). Not to mention Jesus Christ our Lord.

    - Jason

  225. My favorite thing right now is a big cup of hot, strong coffee in this cold winter weather!

    - Mary Gardner

  226. My favorite thing this year was making quilts for my twin nephews!

    - Ashley_Grace

  227. I am obsessed with Hershey’s Nuggets with Almonds!

    - Stefanie Gladden

  228. My favorite thing right now is my family’s wonderful Christmas tree! Makes me smile every time I look at it!

    - Veronica

  229. My favorite things are a glass of sweet tea and a grilled cheese sandwich.

    - Alce F

  230. I love multiple sized cookie scoops!

    - Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly's

  231. My favorite thing right now is fabric….I make quilts with it .

    - Margie Young

  232. My favorite thing right now is the CLEAN perfume I just picked up (a birthday present to myself!). I actually have a set of three mini bottles, so I could try different scents. My favorite is the White Woods scent, which is so perfect for winter. I love it!

    - Lynne M Meyer

  233. I love mangoes and ginger any way you can prepare them! They are even better together. My favorite thing is probably my ginger grater. I got it in an asian store and never saw another one like it. It’s a beauty.

    - Debbie Niskin

  234. I love all of the things that are listed in this giveaway! It sounds like a wonderful gift!

    - Melody

  235. Being with family from far away places!

    - Jillian_R

  236. My favorite thing right now is my new IKEA apron!

    - Desiree

  237. I really like the Nike Fuel Band. That is my favorite thing right now :)

    - SF

  238. My favorite thing right now is an iPad.

    - Christine Waddell

  239. TAzo Vanilla Rooibus tea

    - Brenda

  240. Loving this giveaway!! My favorite thing this holiday season is my le cruset pot. It’s perfect for making warm winter meals :)

    - Giselle

  241. Loving this giveaway!! My favorite thing this holiday season is my le cruset pot. It’s perfect for making warm winter meals :)

    - Giselle

  242. One of my favorite things right now is Bigelow Earl Grey tea. I enjoy several cups of hot tea everyday!

    - Kari

  243. Some of my favorite things is Malleys chocolates and Mason Jars

    - danielle c

  244. Favorites are my old dog and my new friends!

    - Kate

  245. My favorite things are good fiction and binge-watching Buffy!

    - Kate

  246. Comfy blankets are my current favorite things

    - Samantha

  247. My favorite thing is creating new holiday traditions with my 3 year old daughter!

    - Hilary L

  248. Brunch with friends I haven’t seen in a while!

    - Elizabeth

  249. My favorite thing right now is a warm winter blanket to curl up in while watching the snow fall.

    - Caitlin

  250. Eggnog lattes

    - Allison

  251. Eggnog lattes from Starbucks

    - Allison

  252. My favourite things include a good book, bubble tea and sushi <3

    - Fatima G

  253. I discovered your blog when I found a recipe for Cherry Vanilla cupcakes! I haven’t left since LOL! My favorite thing is the yellow chevron straws!

    - Sandra Wasielewski

  254. love my dutch oven! perfect for stews

    - Becca

  255. My favorite things are warm winter California days!

    - Cindy W

  256. Warm socks and winter boots!

    - alex

  257. My favorite things are the Kiehl’s avocado eye cream (the stuff is AMAZING!) and the Mission Moto Sweater from Athleta. Thanks!

    - Kirsten

  258. Burt’s Bee tinted Chapstick!

    - Julie L

  259. Current favorite is coffee, for keeping me warm and wide awake this morning. :)

    - Laura

  260. My favorite thing is the opportunity to start baking! I never seem to have time for it these days.

    - Youko

  261. My favorite things that I love are my motorcycle & mexican food. My favorite people that I love are my husband and 2 sons! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    - Wendy Carltonw

  262. My favorite product right now is my Aveeno lotion! With the weather so dry, it keeps my skin so healthy and repairs cracks!

    - Christine

  263. One of my favorite things is my OXO Dough Blender. So much fun to make pies!

    - Kathryn

  264. My favorite thing right now is my new Keurig.

    - Kelly Maxwell

  265. My favorite thing right now is free two day shipping on amazon (how is it already december 17th!)

    - MeLisa

  266. My favorite things are airplanes–they’re bringing my family home for Christmas!

    - MomQueenBee

  267. Right now, cocoa, gingerbread, and slippers

    - Colleen

  268. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Chai tea lattes! Yum!

    - Nicole in STL

  269. I love all my kitchen gadgets and tools that help me bake up trays of deliciousness. Oh and I love to wrap presents so pretty ribbon and toppers!

    - Juli

  270. Lately Im obsessing over the new nail polish line at sephora! What a great giveaway!

    - Alaina {Fabtastic Eats}

  271. My favorite things are cookbooks and spatulas

    - Betty Sanfilippo

  272. Fancy adult coffee at home on a Saturday morning!

    - Beth Goodman

  273. Since the winter cold & dryness has hit, I am loving Bath & Body Works’ hand cream right now. I use it several times a day. Couldn’t live without it!

    - Kim L

  274. I love Essie Nail Polish!

    - Melissa B

  275. Candy canes and a latte

    - Diane Bell

  276. My cats, although I’ve needed to keep them boarded with a friend for too many months now.

    - Chela Norton

  277. Andes Mints and a good book!

    - Dezi A

  278. My favorite thing right now is Ralph Lauren’s Red Polo for men!

    - Pam Gurganus

  279. Thank you for all the great recipes through out the year, especially the pastas and well of course desserts this time of year :)

    - Sarah

  280. My favorite thing right now is Turkish coffee with brown sugar!

    - Sally M

  281. My favorite thing right would be anything peanut butter and chocolate!

    - Heather B

  282. Hate to say it- but with all the Christmas bustle my favorite thing right now is a nap!

    - Michelle L

  283. Ginger! I’ve been obsessed with it lately. Finding tons of recipes I can make with it!

    - Sabrina

  284. I love Target too, and amazon. And any dessert I meet :)

    - Christine M

  285. My favorite thing right now is Starbucks Christmas blend. I look forward to it every year!

    - april

  286. I’m really loving my cast iron pan lately. It was my grandma’s and it feels special to use it now that she’s gone.

    - Megan F.

  287. Love my morning coffee! Can’t go through the day without it!

    - Kathy J

  288. I’m loving the (relatively) unseasonably warm season we are having so far!

    - anna*

  289. Comfy clothes!

    - Whitney S.

  290. my favorite things are kittens and chocolate. Don’t make me choose.

    - missamath

  291. Salted caramel truffles!

    - Jess

  292. My favorite things are coffee and chocolate! :)

    - Natasha

  293. A good book and a warm puppy on my lap for company

    - Tiffany H. (@a_tiffyfit)

  294. I love all things that shine.

    - Ella Belle

  295. Forever i have love chocolate. yum

    - c. BRAVE

  296. My favorite thing right now is my baby girl sleeping through the night!

    - Shelley

  297. Tea

    - Leigh

  298. My favorite thing is a cup of hot coffee and a good book!

    - Marie

  299. My favorite thing is Creme Brulee! I learned how to make it and just recently got a blowtorch! So excited to use it!

    - Jasmine P

  300. My favorite thing right now is my Christmas tree brightening up my house!

    - Amy S

  301. My favorite thing is chamomile tea!

    - Katie

  302. My favorite thing right now is Welch’s White Grape Juice.

    - Tom Bellamy

  303. I was gifted some spring form Kaiser pans (square and loaf size included) that have allowed me to make some beautiful and creative savory or sweet recipes!

    - stephanie

  304. My favorite thing right now is my digital camera and taking pictures of my 2 babies!

    - Annmarie

  305. My Kitchen Aid Mixer!

    - trenda t

  306. My favorite thing right now is this organic sea sale dark chocolate drizzled popcorn! And my 5 month old son!

    - Shannon S

  307. I love rolled oats-> i can’t live without oatmeal in the morning:D some of my Favorite things are my blender ( it’s no vitamix, but it was cheap and still usable ), shredded coconut which i have a strange addiction to, and im a huge lord of the rings fan!

    - Ann

  308. My favorite thing right now is homemade salted caramel.

    - D Schmidt

  309. My soda stream :)

    - Michelle F.

  310. big sweaters and leggings
    TARGET and Hobby Lobby
    making wreaths
    monogram and chevron

    - Kristyn

  311. That chocolate is my favorite!

    - Korianne

  312. My snowblower has been my favorite thing for a few weeks now. And a cup of Earl Grey when I come in from clearing the sidewalk again…

    - Tracy

  313. Great giveaway :-)

    - Valia

  314. Those chalk wine glasses are great! My favorite things right now are all dairy products – especially Vermont Creamery’s Bonne Bouche ash-ripened goat cheese.

    - Sarah

  315. I’m really digging Christmas cookies!

    - Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

  316. My favorite things include cooking your amazing recipes for my family and friends who happen to love the cookie dough truffles!

    - Sharon Z.

  317. My favorite would be the gold earrings!!

    - marian boll

  318. My favorite thing right now are colorful wool socks!

    - Danyelle H

  319. The Tudors on Netflix

    - Soha Molina

  320. my kindle fire

    - laurie damrose

  321. My favorite thing is a good book!

    - Lindsey

  322. My favorite thing right now is my fireplace

    - Jen L

  323. Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark is one of my favorite things right now.

    - Tania S.

  324. A tria and a chai tea latte!

    - Rebecca Gwen

  325. Aromatherapy candles are my in thing right now.

    - Denise Davis

  326. Thanks for your generosity. Happy holidays. I’m going to try that chocolate bar, sounds fun

    - JenS

  327. My favorite things are my twin nieces.

    - Martha in KS

  328. A Triaaaaaa and chai tea latte!

    - Rebecca Peters

  329. mmmm! Dark Chocolate is my favorite!

    - Sabrina

  330. Cookies with red and green M&Ms!

    - Carrie

  331. Hot chocolate with extra whipped cream =)

    - Christy Peterson

  332. Love all of your recipes!!

    - Jocelyn Prater

  333. My Favorite thing right now is sleep! oh.. and red wine! ;)

    - Tracy

  334. My favorite thing right now is mi macbook pro, while I’m listening to good music and drinking in my lovely tea mug infuser

    - Montserratt Cantu

  335. I love my tea infuser mug, my coconut body butter and my stand mixer :)

    - Montserratt Cantu

  336. smoked salt is currently one of my favorites

    - Beccs

  337. My favorite things are any kind of baking supplies!

    - justJENn

  338. Wow this is so much fun. Your new kitchen is beautiful. Favorite thing right now is all the holiday joy

    - Breck Petrick

  339. Chocolate & chips

    - Tammy

  340. My favorite thing right now is peppermint hot chocolate!

    - Bridget

  341. My favourite things are to drink a nice hot cup of tea from David’s Tea. I also love my handmade wooden spoons, my Weck Jars and a big wood cutting board.
    I kind of love those gold earrings from your favourites too :)

    - Ananda

  342. Awesome Giveaway!

    - Marielle

  343. Cook books – especially Cooks Illustrated the New Best Recipe

    - BeccaV

  344. My Favorite things right now are dark choc hot chocolate, dark choc bars…kinda stressed, so it’s a dark choc kinda week!

    - Niki W

  345. My favorite thing right now is Biscoff spread; it’s in so much of my holiday baking!

    - Katie Allen

  346. My Lip Def lipgloss…. LOVE IT!

    - Lauren M

  347. Some of my favourite things are Sonnet James dresses, Manic Panic High Voltage Lip Gloss in Radioactive, and Graffigna pinot grigio.

    - Lisa

  348. I love holiday twinkle lights and snowfall.

    - Rachel B

  349. Peppermint Candy Canes…YUM! My favorite thing right now.

    - Sean C

  350. Hands down my Nespresso machine!

    - Alina

  351. My favourite thing is my new work laptop!

    - Amanda C

  352. My favorite things are boots, scarves, and tea.

    - Becca Entenberg

  353. My favorite thing right now are Reese’s Peanut Butter cup Trees, Essie polish in Wicked, and the tv show Brooklyn Nine Nine.

    - Erika W.

  354. My favorite thing lately is any comfy throw for the couch to snuggle up and keep warm during the cold weather.

    - Keara

  355. My favorite thing right now is a basic fleece half-zip from Old Navy that I got on black friday for $7.00 (so I bought three)! woo-hoo!

    - Rhonda Pearson

  356. I am loving my new bike right now

    - Kristen

  357. My favorite thing right now is my microplane. I’m using pretty much every day right now!

    - Sarah

  358. Such a great give away. My favorite thing during the holidays is peppermint ice cream and homemade cookies.

    - morgan

  359. Orange chocolate!

    - Elisabeth

  360. Although it’s cold out, I still love my ice cream maker!

    - Christine

  361. My favorite thing is being curled up on the couch with my husband and dog.

    - Kelly

  362. My new volcano scented candle!

    - Lilli

  363. My favorite thing right now is mu ninja 3 in 1 cooker..

    - Michelle

  364. cinnamon tea, makes me smile every day!

    - kristin

  365. My Grandkids and my Surface Rt.

    - Debbie Loy

  366. Dark & Twisted Lemon & Black Pepper Dark Chocolate, that’s a whole lot of interesting.

    - Lina

  367. My favourite thing right now is Hammond’s cocoa stirrers – in hot cinnamon and vanilla bean!

    - Anna Kirbyson

  368. like Swiffer dusters

    - bn100

  369. some of my favorite things…Pier 1 candles, salted caramel cupcakes, and my cat coffee mug that my mom gave me…

    - Catherine Armour

  370. my fave things right now include personalized stationary from etsy, orbit gum, scarves of all sorts, funny socks and aprons

    - joni mitchell

  371. Right now my favorite thing would be anything to help me get my business going. It’s been hard searching for a job post college, so I’m taking the jump and going for what I really want to do! Right now an iPad or a new computer would really get me on my feet!

    - Katrina

  372. I’m loving silicon cookie sheets right now – no more parchment paper! :)

    - Patty B

  373. Loving all these gifts! Such fun, unique gift ideas for this holiday season! XO

    - Heather S.

  374. Mine would be the wine glasses my sister bought me for my birthday!

    - Nikki

  375. My favorite thing right now is the warm weather in the middle of December!

    - Shaina

  376. Love the favorite things post! I have loved following you this year.

    - Hallie G

  377. OMG!! one of the best giveaways I’ve seen in a while!! Entering now…

    - Catherine Armour

  378. I enjoy my mom’s handmade scarves :)

    - Kate

  379. I have been dying to have an ipad just so I can more easily read blogs like yours since Im always on the go!


  380. Under desk heater in my office.

    - Diana

  381. Fuzzy warm blanket. Good book that you get sucked into and loose track of time.

    - Diana

  382. starbucks giftcards are my favorite thing right now.

    - D

  383. My All-Clad pans which have instantly made me a better cook.

    - Jessica Schindewolf

  384. I’ve recently fallen in love with L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Creme. I’m constantly washing my hands, and with the dry winter weather, my skin gets really chapped and sore. This cream is the first one I’ve ever used that really improves the condition of my skin!

    - Emily

  385. My favourite thing right now is my Lemon cream body lotion from Philosophy. I’m also snacking on some Lemon Shortbread cookies, I guess lemon is my thing right now!

    - Caroline

  386. I love that I can make homemade items for my family and friends from all these blogs. I also love my Peppermint Zumbo Kiss lip balm. My husband took one from me and now my mother-n-law wants one.

    - Cheryl

  387. Kona Chocolate Raspberry Coffee!

    - Lindy

  388. My favorite thing right now is my snuggly minky blanket.

    - Cindi Decker

  389. Thanks for all the great posts, ideas and recipes this year! Looking forward to what 2014 brings :)

    - Jodee

  390. my fav thing now ipad mini and LG 2G

    - ghassan alsaleh

  391. Christmas music, baking and fun!

    - Emily

  392. Some of my favorite things are lip balm (Chapstick or Burt’s Bees), a soft blanket, and my scriptures.

    - kylee

  393. candy crush! LOL I need a cure!

    - Gail Rosenstrom

  394. A few favorites are Burt’s Bees chapstick, Target Method winter soaps, and Essie nail polish!

    - Simone

  395. My KitchenAid mixer is definitely my favorite right now!

    - Alyssa

  396. Right now…peppermint mochas,and my running shoes!

    - Emily

  397. My favorite thing right now is my Kindle Fire.

    - Kathleen Downes

  398. Great suggestions for new items to check out! Some of my favorite things are my Contigo Autoseal travel mug, my Kindle, and Yogi teas.

    - Becky P

  399. I love coffee, toe socks and Christmas carols.

    - Angie

  400. My favorite thing is having family together. This year it is more about family and tradition. Oh the giggles making gingerbread men, great times.

    - Laura

  401. Right now my favourite thing is a big cup of tea.

    - ikkinlala

  402. Body Shop body butters! I love the scents and how they leave such a soft (and hydrated!) feel on my skin!

    - Corinne

  403. Cheese, Wine, and Jazz

    - Sonja

  404. My favorite things right now are cookbooks. I read them all the time!

    - Alex S.

  405. I love honest company products!

    - Lindsay

  406. My favorite things are my crafting supplies, my 35mm camera & empty notebooks!

    - Rachael

  407. My favorite thing right now is my blender, I love being to make smoothies and sauces and puree soups for my husband and toddler so they quit picking everything out. hahaha

    - Diana Cote

  408. My favorite things are food and sleep!!

    - Nicole Williams

  409. My favorite thing in the winter is soup made in my dutch oven.

    - Angela

  410. My kindle, iced coffee and my dogs

    - Melissa

  411. My new coffee mug that wears a “sweater” – perfect for hot cocoa on a cold day!

    - Tarah

  412. My kindle

    - Caitlyn

  413. For the holidays – Chocolate and wine. Yum!

    - Melanie Geroche

  414. My favorite thing is my crockpot

    - Katie

  415. My favorite thing is a clean house! We’re getting ready for company next weekend and it’s so nice to have a spotless house in the meantime!

    - Katie

  416. my kitchenaid mixer

    - julie murphy

  417. Green & Blacks Organic Butterscotch Chocolate and painting

    - Nabeela Ismail

  418. I love my Keurig and my Fiestaware!

    - Sara L

  419. I love coffee and all things related.

    - Emily T.

  420. My favorite thing right now is the bed we just ordered for our bedroom- that is supposed to arrive today! I am Finally going to have (I hope) a really lovely bedroom!!!

    - ELISSE

  421. My favorite thing is my KitchenAid mixer.

    - Nichole C.

  422. My favorite thing right now is the little baby growing inside me. Due early may. I can’t wait!

    - Joanna

  423. I’m on a total chocolate covered candied orange kick

    - Teresa

  424. My favorite thing right now is Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara and eucalyptus oil for cleaning the house.

    - Amy Kirchhoff

  425. I love my new Swatch watch!

    Elena Rudaya
    queen-of-pain @

    - Endless Summer

  426. One of my favorite things is my Staub pan (especially in this time of the year, almost winter in Holland) and my kenwood kitchen machine.

    Watching our little girls play and laugh together always brings a smil on my face!

    Merry Christmas from Holland!!

    - Tamara

  427. One of my favorite things are good books to read. After I finish I share them with my mom!!

    - Jeanne

  428. My Tupperware Chop & Prep Chef–perfect for chopping a handful of nuts to go on our oatmeal on chilly winter mornings…

    - Jena

  429. Love homemade beeswax candles and lotion bars (also great gifts!), our stainless steel french press that keeps our delicious coffee hot!, dark chocolate & sea salt covered almonds (another great gift!) and amazing blogs like this to keep me inspired in the kitchen!! Thank you!

    - Ilea Angaza

  430. My fav things right now are my DVR, Cinnamon Caramel Swirl candles from BBW, Hallmark channel christmas movies, my dogs and cats, my eos lip balm and xmas lights. My wish list for this year and the past few years is an Ipad, any Ipad! Big or mini! TY for the opportunity and good luck all.

    - Kami

  431. My current favorite thing is my new set of Lagostina Cookware that I won from Safeway a few weeks ago! :)

    - Nena Sinclair

  432. Thanks for doing this giveaway! My favorite thing is my food processor, and my favorite recipe to make with it is kale pesto :)

    - Katherine

  433. my favorite thing is my french press – love my coffee!

    - karen

  434. My favorite thing right now is being on winter break and not having to do grad school research papers (and being able to actually read for pleasure).

    - Jamie Rose

  435. Hot tea in a cold day

    - Elian

  436. My favorite thing right now is my new iphone 5S…I just upgraded from my ancient 3G, so I am thrilled. Lol

    - Kimiko

  437. Love my Lenox “Winter Song” china…use it all winter!

    - Janice

  438. My lipgloss!

    - Darlene Carbajal

  439. I am currently obsessed with my sparkly white sweater Ugg boots…. I’ve worn them nearly everyday since the temps dropped below 70 degrees!

    - Emily K

  440. My favorite thing…just found out I’m pregnant!

    - Jocelyn

  441. I’m obsessed with infused salts right now!

    - Julie

  442. Our Viking range! It’s amazing how much of a difference 6″ of additional range space can make.

    - Jennifer W

  443. My strawberry sorbet EOS lip balm, keeping my lips from getting chapped this winter!

    - Cassandra Eastman

  444. My favorite thing right now is playing with my grandsons!

    - Natalie J Vandenberghe

  445. my fresh sugar lip treatment!

    - Calli

  446. My favorite thing right now is a really good chewy chocolate chip cookie.

    - Rose

  447. I love my zojirushi rice cooker (especially the fact that I can make birthday cakes for friends in it)! :D

    - Farrah

  448. My favorite thing right now… my ninja blender- been obsessed with green machine smoothies lately (weird pregnany craving I know)

    - Jessica

  449. love earrings:) thanks

    - sara rai

  450. love your great blog!…and the delicious things that you post!…this giveaway looks fantastic:)

    - phoebe

  451. I love my new cell phone – LG F6 from T-Mobile

    - Mello

  452. those earrings are awesome!

    - Erin

  453. my Vitamix blender.

    - Sarah

  454. My favorite thing right now are my Minnetonka Cally Slippers!

    - Sara MacKay

  455. my suave dry shampoo

    - Jessica w

  456. My mom would love the wine glasses.

    - Gina

  457. Some of those things on your list look pretty interesting! Thanks for the chance to win.

    - Michelle Allred

  458. My niece and nephews are my favorite things in the WORLD!!

    - Katrina Buening

  459. My favorite thing right this very moment are the big fluffy snowflakes that are falling.

    - Krista

  460. Favorite thing: EOS mint lip balm.

    - Pam Ellis

  461. What an interesting and delic chocolate bar! Where do you find such a thing? Love the earrings…an amazing deal on versatile pair of earrings is comfort to the soul! Happy holidays :-))

    - Sam Craw

  462. my favorite things right now are statement necklaces, christmas lights and hott coffee!

    - ariana grlj

  463. urban decay moondust – adds a little sparkle to your life!

    - amber

  464. I would love the earrings! So cute!

    - Julia

  465. My favorite thing right now is my electric blanket! Helping me survive my first Boston winter!

    - Malissa W

  466. I’m soooo hoping to win, great blog!

    - Valerie

  467. I love those chalkboard glasses and that chocolate sounds amazing. Merry Christmas Ali!

    - Emily

  468. my new polar bottle water bottle

    - Rachel

  469. Good quality dark chocolate, really thick foot lotion, Iced Tea. Right now my favorite thing is this heater that’s on my legs!

    - Kirsten H.

  470. My favorite thing is my Mac Book Pro.

    - Candice

  471. my dvr!

    - abby

  472. My Cannon Rebel Camera

    - Carrie

  473. My vitamix!

    - Carolyn

  474. Christmas lights :)

    - Erin D.

  475. My favorite thing right now is gingerbread tea! I can’t get enough!

    - Kristen

  476. My flanel pajamas from Macy’s. Very soft, comfortable and warm. I love wearing them on especially cold nights.

    - Elena Vo

  477. Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe Joes!

    - sara

  478. curious about that chocolate but I realllyyyy hope for an iPad!!!!;)

    - Paige

  479. Pumpkin anything is my favorite right now! I can’t seem to tire of it!

    - Julie

  480. My favorite thing right now is emu oil.

    - CJ Pillow

  481. My fav thing right now is my bed hahha

    - Melanie

  482. peppermint bark! delish :)

    - sonya

  483. my warm sweaters!

    - Rachel McC

  484. My new Sorel slippers!

    - Jenny

  485. The mandoline i just got at a yard sale for $1.00 I’m slicing dicing everything in sight. easier than my knife!

    - ellen

  486. I love Nivea lip balm – so soft and not sticky at all. Can’t live without it!

    - Janet

  487. My favorite thing lately is the new wok I got as a gift from my boyfriend’s parents. It’s amazing what a difference high quality cookware can make!

    - Lauren S.

  488. One of my favorite things right now is my Burts Bees lip balm – petrolatum free and smells like honey!

    - Megan O

  489. Christmas sugar cookies… yummm!

    - Carla

  490. Right now my favorite thing is the placek that has just come out of the oven. It’s my grandmother’s recipe, and even though it was my first try, it tastes just like hers!

    - Emma W-B

  491. My iPhone

    - Emily

  492. My favourite thing this year was my awesome omelet…personal recipe…

    - Zbanca Mihai

  493. My favorite thing right now is a skinny Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks and they won’t be around long!

    - Michelle

  494. My favorite thing is my kindle fire hd!

    - Priscilla S.

  495. It simply does not get more wonderful than freshly baking yeast bread!

    - Anne @

  496. My favorite thing is my kindle fire. I am hoping for the new kindle fire HD at tax time.

    - Olivia D Hamilton

  497. I’m loving Backyard Bee’s honey skin balm.

    - Shari B.

  498. My favorite thing right now is Burt’s Bees lip balm since my lips are so chapped!

    - Sara Strauss

  499. My Christmas faves are White Chocolate Peppermint Back, L’occitane Hand Creams, and OPI Pirouette My Whistle.

    - Katelyn M

  500. My Christmas faves are White Chocolate Peppermint Back, L’occitane Hand Creams, and OPI Pirouette My Whistle. :)

    - Katelyn M

  501. I love a good kitchen knife, my kitchen aid mixer, fuzzy socks, bare mineral make up, and fuzzy socks!

    - Jolie

  502. Favourite thing right this very second? That would be this hoodie. It’s lovely and warm…albeit covered in cat hair >.<

    - Alexandra B

  503. I currently love infinity scarves, tall riding boots, stovetop popcorn, and pumpkin cheesecake!

    - Becky

  504. ipad air is my favorite thing

    - Birdiebee

  505. I’m in love with cookie decorating. Any cookie cutter makes me happy.

    - Mackenzie

  506. Love your blog, the chocolate does sound interesting.

    - Barbara Furry

  507. I just got the Instagram app on my phone, and I am addicted.

    - Amanda D

  508. I’m loving gingerbread right now!

    - Theresa

  509. I love any foodie gadgets

    - Janice

  510. my favorite things is chocolate, peanut butter cookies and coffee

    - illy junus

  511. Dr. Bronner’s Naked Lip Balm is currently my favorite thing.

    - Jade

  512. Right now, I’m lovin’ candy cane joe joes from trader joes!! So delicious. Thanks for the giveaway :)

    - Grace

  513. My favorite thing right now is Christmas, I love the lights, the holiday Cheer and baking. I love it all!

    - Kristi P

  514. I’m loving my new serrated bread knife.

    - Carol

  515. My favorite thing right now is enjoying our two Christmas trees and listening to Christmas music.

    - Cindy

  516. A snowy day with the power out; a fire in the woodstove; my Kindle; and, no need for a blanket as I’m snuggling with my five labs.

    - Lisa

  517. I’m loving Suja juices right now – they help me keep a bit healthy as my diet gets crazy during the holidays.

    - AmandaK

  518. Some of my favorite things are The Body Shop products!

    - Chio T

  519. I love this blog I have learned so much!

    - Lauryn Romans

  520. Right now I’m loving the Trader Joe’s Pita Crisps with Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds…seriously. My hand is in the bag right now!

    - Maggie

  521. my favorite thing right now is dr. hauschka face products!

    - ali

  522. My favorite things are being able to knit & crochet & a good cup of Tea!

    - Christine

  523. My favorite thing right now is the movie Frozen!

    - Kelly Kimmell

  524. The kitten that showed up on my door step and adoptd me.

    - marsha

  525. My Starbucks travel mug! I have it filled no matter where I am!

    - christine

  526. Some of my favorite things: peppermint hot cocoa, reeses trees, and christmas inspired nail polish! :)

    - Heather @ From Here to There

  527. Smashbox’s O-gloss, it turns to your own personal shade and is awesome!

    - Allison W

  528. I love Philosophy Shower Gels and Starbucks Iced Coffee!

    - Amy C.

  529. my favourite thing right now is seeing all the lights in our christmas tree and reading my e-book comfortably with a cup of tee

    - Xanthi

  530. My favorite thing right now turning on the Christmas lights and sipping coffee while under my warm Christmas blankets early in the mornings.

    - glenna

  531. my kindle!

    - katrina

  532. 3 wick candles from Bath and Body Works! Marshmallow Fireside is my favorite right now…

    - Tricia

  533. Skinny taste

    - sridharan kumaravelu

  534. Citrus zester

    - sridharan kumaravelu

  535. a good sharp chef’s knife!

    - amanda

  536. Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in Fig!

    - Barbara

  537. Blood oranges and Meyer lemons!

    - Julia

  538. My favorite thing is mario.

    - Meg Negrey

  539. Some of my favorite things: a fresh cup of coffee with a visit from a friend, things that speed up any process in the kitchen, family gatherings at holidays and special occasions, etc.

    - Theresa Shore

  540. trader joes pepermint joe joes

    - anjii hanson

  541. My boots!!! The snow in Buffalo right now is insane but my toes have stayed toasty.

    - cait

  542. My big ZARA scarf!

    - Koko @ Koko Likes

  543. Baked sweet potato fries with ketchup! :)

    - Kerstin

  544. Super prize pack, I love your favorite things!

    - Tracy

  545. My favorite things right now are good books, tea, and kitties!!

    - Melinda @ cooking ala mel

  546. My favorite things are mocha coffee and cooking blogs/cookbooks.

    - Ann Robertson

  547. My favorite thing is my Vitamix. Thank you for the giveaway. Merry Christmas!

    - Dawn

  548. My microplane grater, cast iron pan and clementines!

    - Maressa

  549. Apple butter, Y Fenni cheese, & Fox mustard

    - Margaret

  550. My favourite thing in the whole world, & I wish I could share with everyone, is my son’s laughter & jokes! It’s the best … no matter where we are or what we’re doing.My favourite tangible object that I wish all new Mummy’s knew about, & is indispensable for us, is a video baby monitor, even though my son is no longer a baby it comes in really handy. Especially when your little one is sick (as mine is now) or when you’ve sent them to their room ( you can keep a eye on them).
    Or simply to watch them peacefully sleep! Aahhh

    - Sèmôn

  551. One of my favorite things right now are the almond milk candy cane lattes from Second Cup

    - Cassie Budd

  552. I love my son and cookies, puppies too.

    - Billie Stacy

  553. Some of my favorite things are football, my Nook HD, my new holiday plaid bamboo scarf from Naturally Knotty and Peter O’Toole (R.I.P.).

    - Lisa Williford

  554. Hiking in the snow. I love winter and snow is one of my favorite things!

    - Naomi

  555. My fav things right now are my Christmas decorations. I just love looking at them. Thanks.

    - Susan H.

  556. Some of my favorite things are my dog, Kitchen Aid mixer, and dark chocolate.

    - Margaret

  557. I love alpaca socks.

    - Erin

  558. All of these things look amazing. thank you

    - Elyse

  559. I am hooked on Sunbelt granola bars. My fave flavor is Golden Almond.

    - Sara

  560. Lately I’ve been going over old photos to organize in a book and they are priceless and not replaceable. I lost some childhood things in a flood at my parents, but love that I have my old photos to cherish.

    - Deb E

  561. warm cozy blankets!

    - Shelby

  562. I love that you do things like this! Chocolate bar all the way to an IPAD. We’re all grateful for you too, Ali!

    - Sarah

  563. banana cake!

    - ms.

  564. The Passage by Justin Cronin. I can’t stop thinking about it.

    - lisabella

  565. chai!

    - kelsey

  566. My pizza stone! It makes all the difference with homemade pizza.

    - Jenny Smith

  567. I am currently in love with eos lip balm

    - Cindy Clogston

  568. My iPhone, shearling slippers, chocolate and Biscoff

    - Diane

  569. My homemade banana bread

    - Kimi

  570. Iced Coffee

    - crystal

  571. One of my favorite things right now is a new black wool pea coat. I have needed a coat for a year now and when i save enough money i plan on buying one.

    - June Minard

  572. My favorite thing right now would have to be my iPhone

    - Jessi S

  573. Right now I’m loving So Nice Noel Nog, comfy La Senza PJs, my heating pad and lindt chocolate chili excellence chocolate bar

    - anna key

  574. iPhone

    - Jessi S

  575. My favorite thing right now is my Kobo ereader – so great for taking lots of books with me when I travel!

    - LisaB

  576. My Keurig! I use it everyday and I love trying all the different coffee and tea flavors!

    - Nicki M.

  577. that chocolate sounds heavenly
    essie nail polish is my fav too
    great choices

    - Amy Herman Schroeder

  578. Love my electric wine opener!

    - Adrienne

  579. Taking time to relax with my family.

    - Melissa Bronson

  580. My favorite thing is my mini food chopper. I use it all the time!

    - Holly H

  581. i love sharpies

    - beth

  582. favorite things? food and wine. simple. i’m so easy to please.

    - auntie beak

  583. A pot where the lid is the strainer. This makes pasta, or anything that needs strained after boiling so easy!

    - Erin

  584. One of my favorite things is the JR Watkins lemon cream shea butter hand cream! It works like a charm and smells amazing, too.

    - Kaitlin

  585. My favorite thing right now is my kitchenaid!

    - Maggie Wallace

  586. I love chocolate

    - Clara

  587. My current favorite thing is coffee…

    - Alis

  588. Some of my favorite things:
    Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
    NFL Sunday Ticket
    Galeo’s Salad Dressings
    Manchego cheese

    - Brad G

  589. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway! My favorite thing right now is most definitely Sunspire chocolate baking bars. They are pricier than most, but the unsweetened 100% cacao is the freshest, richest chocolate I’ve ever eaten, and one of my favorite things to pick up at Whole Foods when I’m there. I’m also loving organic coconut oil to use as a great combat against dry winter skin and as an eye cream. Oh, and of course, I can’t forget raw cacao in my smoothies. Thank you so much again! Just love your blog<3

    - Heather @TheSoulfulSpoon

  590. Anything chocolate!

    - Thia

  591. Silpats, my citrus reamer, and gummy cola bottle candy!

    - Stacey M

  592. Staying warm and cozy inside during the frigid weather we’ve had lately.

    - Anne P,

  593. my favorite things are coffee, ice cream, cookbooks and of course Target!

    - Devorah Horovicz

  594. I can’t get enough of new cowl neck sweater from Antro!

    - Meg @ The Housewife In Training Files

  595. Dunkin Donuts coffee is my favorite thing.

    - tammy

  596. Christmas candy!!! I have to stare it all day at work and I hardly ever say no… haha

    - Jessica D

  597. My favorite thing is my boyfriend – soon to be fiance – soon to be husband! I was lucky enough to find him this year, and I can’t imagine anything I’ve been thrilled by more. (I’m sorry, I’m still in the sappy phase!)

    - Bethany

  598. I love shopping for really nice candles. Everyone loves candles!

    - mindy

  599. i love my lavender shortbread cookies!

    - alexandra sorgi

  600. My kids and wife and my dvr

    - Scott

  601. My favorite thing right now is my Christmas tree!

    - Nikole K

  602. my favorite thing right now… is actually living out loud.. something most people never do in there life..

    remember to live in the moment.. life is about living it rather then just living to go to work.

    - Fernie

  603. Some of my favorite things would have to be my Artisan mixer, my Kindle, my water bottle, and this Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream–it doesn’t matter how dry it is or what it is (including lips), put it on before bed and it’s better the next day. The stuff is magic, I swear.

    - Ashlee

  604. I love my new iPhone. :)

    - Shanna

  605. My favorite thing at the moment is wine :)

    - Lauren

  606. my kindle and kuerig.

    - Marisa

  607. My favorite thing right now is my Cuisinart immersion blender and mini processor. I use that mini processor for everything.

    - Whitney L.

  608. My favorite thing right now is mason jar drinking glass that has a handle! They photograph nicely and are perfectly vintage :) I also am loving my new Betsy Johnson suede black pumps. I got them for a huge discount price and they look fabulous for all my holiday parties!

    - Sara @ Not So Doughie

  609. Its such a weird thing, Eggnog tea. I saw it in the store and had to try it! Its so good!

    - Laura R

  610. Those straws are so adorable!

    - Ali

  611. I love giveaways!

    - Natalie D.

  612. I love my Blendtec, nail polish, Target, and smoothies!

    - Jill R

  613. I love that my dog is always willing to taste test new puppy treat recipes!

    - Jade Stagg

  614. My favorite thing right now is getting to spend more time with my kids and grandkids during the holiday.

    - Debbie G

  615. Am currently obsessed with oranges!

    - Kara

  616. my kitties, my kitchenaid and ipsy!

    - Lisa

  617. maps, perfectly sharpened pencils, pens, fun straws!

    - Lori H

  618. My favorite thing right now is a good book and a cup of English Breakfast tea

    - Kris

  619. Balsam and cedar Yankee candle!

    - Bridget Salvia

  620. My favorite thing right now is peanut butter and chocolate

    - Kesha

  621. Very fun giveaway! Love that it covers so many categories.

    - Kristen

  622. I just discovered a new nail polish from Sephora and it is amazing! I’ve been wearing it all week and it hasn’t chipped at all and considering how much I use my hands this is indeed very impressive!

    - Pam R

  623. The snow on the ground. Finally finished decorating the house

    - Paulette

  624. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! I became a fan when I discovered your “No Bake Energy Bites.” They are AMAZING and my kids and husband LOVE them. I’m not a huge fan of cooking, but your blog makes cooking more fun because of your simple healthy recipes.

    Your dishes are so well photographed and it makes each dish so appetizing!

    I will continue to follow you and wish you luck in the coming year!

    - Shanna

    • Oh and one of my favorite things this year are crossbody bags. I have two kids, but no longer have the need for a stroller to hold my stuff while out and about, so lugging around a large handbag isn’t fun while shuttling two kids. My new favorite bag is the Marc Jacobs ‘Preppy Nylon Natasha’ bag.

      - Shanna

  625. i love this contest, i keep seeing a bunch of stuff i love. but right now all i can think about is fuzzy socks, because someone else said that’s their favorite thing. FUZZY SOCKS are my favorite thing too!!!! haha xoxoxo

    - Crista

  626. Love a warm fire this time of year.

    - Annette Hughes

  627. I just got a new pair of shoes from DSW – the J-41 Tahoe Sport Slip-On — love them! So comfortable!

    - Lauren J.

  628. Sipping a pumpkin spice latte in front of a fire – one of my favorite things

    - Cathy Andrews

  629. My favorite things are my vitamix blender and honest company products.

    - Sandra Treto

  630. Right now my favorite thing is Luzianne tea.

    - Andrina G

  631. My favorite things right now are a glass tea kettle i just got and my crockpot. Oh, and Christmas shopping online!

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway! Happy Holidays!

    - Dani H

  632. Right now it’s Christmas Movies, and Christmas music.

    - Kathryn Church

  633. My favorite things right now are Christmas lights.

    - Amy C.

  634. So thankful have family to spend the holidays with! That’s one of my favorite things!

    - Kirsten

  635. These days I love everything canned, everything in ball jars and Weck jars.

    - Margot C

  636. My favorite thing right now are gingerbread lattes!!

    - Kim C

  637. I love the new fun chocolate bars! My fav is orange peel and dark chocolate.

    - Heidi Story

  638. My current favorite things are working tree lights, but cranberry orange scones are a close second. :P

    - SaraC

  639. Love looking through your Pinterest — I will have to look more tomorrow though! It’s getting late here & church is tomorrow morning so I better get myself to bed!

    - Donna

  640. My favorite thing right now is my new mixer. So excited to start baking!

    - chrisanthy

  641. A good book with either a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

    - Rhonda N

  642. My favorite things are citrus zester, my slow cooker, and my digital scale in the kitchen

    - Amy Tong

  643. i love estee lauder modern muse perfume, and tiffany atlas jewellery.

    - Mandy

  644. I love the cosmocube make up organizer, the naked 3 palette. any fun christmas smelling candles.

    - amy pugmire

  645. Every year at Christmas, I find one new reindeer for my collection. I now have 20+ reindeer :)
    I love a cozy pair of fuzzy lounge pants – I have to tell myself I’m NOT allowed to wear them out of the house! LOL
    And it’s the season to love a really good, non-greasy handcream too!

    - Lynne Clark

  646. My favorite thing right now is flavored teas!

    - Tasha Phillips

  647. I love pine and fir scented candles and all the colored lights

    - Barbara

  648. I am loving my cuddleduds right now- they help keep me nice and warm!

    - Karen - Cinnamon Freud

  649. I love my aprons!

    - Karen

  650. One of my very favorite things is my The Joy Journal, a journal for your Special thoughts created by the geranium Lady Barbara Johnson. I began it in 1999 only joyfully are written in this journal while reading through it yearly it is a reminder of how with Gods help of all the positive joys in our lives family and friends!

    - Linda Rankin

  651. I love my dog Tucker, lattes and making anything in my kitchen.

    - Barbara

  652. Amazing giveaway!

    - Pamela Baker

  653. sound of a crackling fire!

    - Corisa

  654. My Kitchen Aid mixer

    - Mary G

  655. My favorite thing right NOW? Easy. Old friends. :-)

    - Christine


    - Louise Hinton

  657. I Love that your website has come to my attention through this giveaway.

    - Louise Hinton

  658. I love new recipes to try, and they actually come out good.

    - Louise Hinton

  659. I Love any new kitchen gadget.

    - Louise Hinton

  660. My favorite thing is getting new kitchen gadets.

    - Louise Hinton

  661. I love chocolate twizzlers

    - Jennifer

  662. My favorite thing is my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I don’t know how I did without one for so many years!

    - Yvette N.

  663. Hobby Lobby

    - Karen T.

  664. My spankin new OXO spatulas!

    - Mimi

  665. Adventure is one of my favorite things but new recipes is too. Was just looking to your blog for a recipe when I saw this give away. Next to that, well maybe above that, is chocolate, dark chocolate. Love your blog!

    - Linda

  666. My favorite thing right now is spending the holidays with my family and fiance baking, gift-wrapping, and listening to classic Christmas carols!

    - Amelia Conrad

  667. Great giveaway!!!

    - Sonni Jackson

  668. My french rolling pin

    - Christi B

  669. I love Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

    - Melissa

  670. Right now, I love a nice cup of hot cocoa, listening to my Christian tunes, and reading Kindle books online.

    - Cathy

  671. My favorite is chocolate

    - Jan

  672. I’m loving Korres lip butter in guava. I even use it on my cuticles!

    - Laura B

  673. I love all things related to food/cooking, makeup and shoes!

    - Connie W

  674. Favorite thing: Dark chocolate

    - Meta

  675. Infinity scarves…love them!

    - Angie T.

  676. Sales on clothing!

    - Erin

  677. My favorite thing right now is looking at Christmas lights and getting ready for our Christmas project!!

    - Dawn Morse

  678. I love anything that keeps me warm…hot cocoa, warm stocks, and fuzzy hats and scarves!

    - Dana

  679. I am loving my fresh chapstick right now!

    - Heather

  680. Pinterest is my favorite thing! I love trying out new recipes I find.

    - Amy

  681. My new sewing machine!

    - Stephanie

  682. My favorite thing RIGHT NOW is the warm cat asleep on my lap.

    - Katie

  683. I love the GIR Ultimate Spatula.

    - betsy

  684. A LONG shower, uncommon with two little ones ; )

    - Sylvia

  685. My new 6qt KitchenAid Stand Mixer that my hubby bought my for my birthday this year!

    - Amy

  686. I love lip gloss and herbal tea.

    - Angela Y

  687. I love holiday editions of celestial seasonings tea!

    - Christina Akin

  688. my favorite thing right now is time with my kids and traveling

    - Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

  689. My favorite thing right now is my food processor! Using it all the time right now for clean eating :-)

    - Christina

  690. My favorite thing right now is Stella Rosa wine and really dark chocolate together.

    - liz piccione-volger

  691. What a wonderful give away!

    - Polly LaRosa

  692. I love you site. You always have the neatest stuff. thank you

    - Barbara Corcoran

  693. my favorite thing right now is my k-cup for my keurig…

    - Meg

  694. I love my Tom’s

    - Greis

  695. My kuerig is a favorite

    - Anne k

  696. Love my slow cooker. Perfect to come home from work to a wonderful and warm dinner on a cold night!

    - Kim

  697. Sweet potatoes and nut butter! (Together or separately)

    - Abby

  698. My favorite thing is my new KitchenAid mixer; let the baking begin!

    - Diane

  699. In this weather, I’m loving my electric tea kettle

    - Meghan Finley

  700. Right now my favorite thing is discovering new music artists and playing with our new kitten. I am in love with his cute little paws!

    - Danielle

  701. My kuerig

    - Anne Kluge

  702. Immersion blender

    - Leanne

  703. A couple of my favorite things right now are some journals, paper and drawing supplies I’ve purchased along with some inspiration I’ve stumbled upon on Pinterest. I’d like to get drawing again .. I just have to find the time to do so, is all … plus I’ve discovered some really great music on Pandora … some artists I’ve never heard of before … so i’m pretty happy about that.

    - Kathy

  704. My fuzzy slippers and a hot cup of tea are favorites right now.

    - Kimberly

  705. My favorite thing is my Sony Reader but it’s getting really old so I want my new favorite thing to be a brand new iPad!!

    - Linda

  706. A good book :)

    - Kelli

  707. christmas cookies!

    - Kelly

  708. My favorite thing right now is free time! (And a good book.)

    - Stacy

  709. I love Christmas Blend coffee from Starbucks.

    - Julie D.

  710. I just posted a bunch of my favorite things that make great gifts and support great charities:

    I especially love the FashionABLE scarves!

    - Becky @ A Calculated Whisk

  711. Oh good list, I am so gonna try that chocolate bar! Merry Christmas, thanks for the chance to enter.

    - Tracy

  712. My Smartwool socks and crock pot!

    - Tatiana

  713. Some of my favorite things are a good cup of coffee and a book, my kitchen aid mixer.

    - Kristen Mattix

  714. My favorite thing right now is my Kitchen Aid mixer! We are baking like crazy!

    - Jenifer

  715. Honest diapers are my favorite and look adorable on my infant son.

    - Cori

  716. Loving my pine scented soap right now – really gets me in the mood for Christmas

    - Amie

  717. The iPad air would be a wonderful Christmas gift along with all the favorite things!

    - Martha

  718. My favorite thing is my cuisinart food processor…

    - Martha

  719. Love your favorite things!

    - Martha

  720. Right this minute my favorite thing is hydrocodine. My husband had shoulder replacement surgery yesterday and it is doing a good job of keeping him pain free. :)

    - Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

  721. Currently my favorite thing is the library! I had a reading goal this year and the library is coming in very handy while trying to meet my goal this last month!

    - Emily R

  722. My favorite thing is my gap fit sweatshirt. I love in it everyday after work!!

    - Amanda

  723. My pashima scarf, my new winter boots, my microplane zester and grater, and my yellow le creuset dutch oven!

    - Rust

  724. My favourite thing right now is my Bodum french press. Mmmm coffee!

    - Emily

  725. my glass of wine! :)

    - cindi

  726. I love hot chocolate and cinnamon marshmallows!

    - Alyson

  727. I LOVE Essie nail polish and Miss Jessie’s Curl Cream!

    - Leanne

  728. Seriously, my Kindle is my all time favorite thing– I love reading and I have books on everything!

    - Brenda Hyde

  729. My favorite thing right now is Savannah Bee’s Royal Jelly Body Butter!

    - Carol L.

  730. My favorite thing right now is curling up to watch Netflix with a hot toddy! Great for these cold midwestern nights!

    - Ashley

  731. My pets are my favourites, but if I had to choose something else, dark chocolate would win. I would love to try the lemon and pepper chocolate bar!

    - Jean M

  732. Awesome giveaway.

    - Y

  733. Josie Maran Argan Oil

    - Dee Parker

  734. My new airbrush system is my new favorite thing it’s awesome!

    - Cheri

  735. Some of my favorite things are soy free chocolates by Raaka, particularly the Sea Salt and Vanilla Roiboos flavors!

    - Sheri B.

  736. My favorite things are spending quiet time with my husband and our 2 doggies; and when our children stop by just to say hi.

    - Stef

  737. Right now, it’s wine. :)

    - Sarah

  738. I love Smith’s Rosebud Salve and Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper.

    - Cindy A.

  739. My favourite thing right now is my cozy grey thermal hoody. I put in one every day as soon as I get home from work.

    - Julie

  740. My favorite thing right now is Van Houtte caramel apple pie coffee

    - Jen S.

  741. My favorite thing right now is that it’s Christmas season! I love everything about Christmas, for me it’s really a time to let the people in my life know how special they are to me.

    - Jamie

  742. Knitting is my favorite thing. Thanks for the chance to win!

    - Marilyn

  743. My daughter and I love a warm cuppa this time of year–so we love our electric water kettle. Best purchase ever.

    - J

  744. My favorite thing is a cozy night in under a warm blanket, with a hot cup of tea, snuggled up against my boyfriend while watching a great movie.

    - Mindy Kinnaman

  745. My convection oven is saving me this holiday season.

    - Cindy Bowers

  746. Stash Tea- White Christmas and Lemon Ginger teas

    - Ashley Fancher

  747. My favorite thing is my convection oven.

    - Cindy Bowers

  748. Quite obsessed with Trader Joe’s gingerbread coffee at the moment!

    - Christine B

  749. My new Alexis Bittar necklace

    - Molly

  750. My MacBook Air

    - robin

  751. My favorite thing right now is my convection oven. My regular range pooped out and my convection oven is getting me through the holidays.

    - Cindy Bowers

  752. My favorite thing right now is my sunbeam panini press! :)

    - Dee

  753. Thank you for the lovely holiday giveaway. It’s been a tough year for so many, myself included, and it’s exciting to know one lucky winner will be showered with well deserved Christmas gifts. It’s beautiful, the teamwork. Thank you!

    - Cindy Bowers

  754. I love my electric pressure cooker!

    - Emily Wells

  755. Burt’s Bees Chapstick and Eveno hand lotion

    - Rachell

  756. A few of my favorite things right now are family, cozy pjs, and hot chocolate!

    - J Williams

  757. I just love my le creuset!

    - Salome

  758. My favorite thing right now is stationary. I’m obsessed with pretty paper, notepads and pens.

    - Wanda

  759. Lavender Candles! They make me happy :)

    - kfloveinme

  760. broth that I make using my slow cooker.

    - Trezlen

  761. Right now I’m loving my candy themed Christmas tree and cookie making

    - Andrea

  762. Kitchen gadgets! I love to try new things!

    - Natasha

  763. sea salt dark chocolate!

    - Tami

  764. I have followed Gimme Some Oven for a long time on Pinterest, Great recipes!

    - Brenda Mills

  765. Anything with cinnamon!! Candles, food, etc.

    - Emily B

  766. Experiencing Christmas with my two year old!

    - Monica F

  767. My favorite thing right now is strawberry body butter from the Body Shop!

    - Aimee M

  768. Favorite Holidays things = Christmas lights, baking cookies, Christmas music

    - Virignia

  769. My favorite thing right now is hot tea with lots of honey since I have a cold – very soothing to my dry scratchy throat :(

    - Daria Hezel

  770. I love mulled wine, fuzzy slippers, my French press, and vanilla Softlips lip balm!

    - Jen

  771. Kitchenaid mixer!

    - Amy C.

  772. My favorite thing is a drink from Starbucks — the perfect thing on a cold day!

    - Melissa R

  773. I love Netflix!

    - Tricia

  774. Anything chocolate!

    - Vic

  775. I love a good book and cup of coffee!

    - Beth B

  776. Amazing giveaway! Love the wine glasses

    - Lauren S

  777. I love gingerbread

    - libby

  778. My kindle is my favorite thing right now.

    - Amanda A.

  779. hot cocoa and harry potter!

    - em

  780. Anything Pampered Chef – I just had a party & can’t wait for all my great stuff!

    - Amy | Amy's Cooking Adventures

  781. Reading and baking :)

    - Magdalena V

  782. My kitchen aid mixer and anything warm to drink

    - Amber

  783. Favorite thing right now? My two dogs sleeping quietly on the couch.

    - Stephanie Arwen Lynch

  784. Right now I’m loving my new Canon 70D camera!!!

    - mellissa @ ibreatheimhungry

  785. I love target! That would be one of my favorite things :)

    - Brittany Reader

  786. Well yesterday I made Christmas cake truffles and they are now my favourite things this season:D

    - Sariah

  787. right this second? peppermint brownies that I made from scratch!

    - Ashley Boone

  788. I am currently loving my knit infinity scarf and Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter, I cant stop putting it on everything!

    - Katie S.

  789. Our Christmas tree at nighttime when it’s lit up! :)

    - Cindy Leonard

  790. One of my favorite things right now is having the fireplace working. It is so cold outside and sitting by a fire is so comforting!

    - Kathy E.

  791. Family, friends, kitty, Pepsi and my iPad mini

    - TK

  792. I’m loving butcher’s twine in various colors to wrap presents, decorate, and just make everything a bit prettier!

    - Melinda

  793. my favorite things are the simple pleasures in life! A smile, a hug, and warm fresh from the oven homemade cookie :)

    - Amy Cole

  794. Dark Chocolate!

    - Jessica

  795. My favorite thing right now is Candy Cane hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s :)

    - Stacey Burke

  796. My Vitamix and the green smoothies that come out of it!

    - Kristen M

  797. butter nail polish!

    - Gina Guthrie

  798. I am loving Nivea’s Lemon and Olive Oil Lip balm and Body Shop’s Hand Cream.

    - Karen Lynch

  799. I love cookbooks.

    - Kim

  800. My favorite thing right now my new blanket from Victoria’s Secret

    - BMG

  801. I love cheesecake

    - margaret Reider

  802. My favorite thing right now is my potato/french fry cutter! Nothing beats homemade fries!

    - Amy J

  803. My favorite thing right now for the holiday season is the amount of time I’m spending with family and friends.

    - Alex Chum

  804. my new soia & kyo winter coat. cute AND warm.

    - mc

  805. my bread machine has been one of my favorite things this year. I haven´t bought bread in months!

    - Valeria

  806. My favourite thing is chocolate!

    - Phoebe

  807. I am obsessed with my new crockpot!

    - Gillian

  808. Right now I just can’t seem to stop baking Christmas cookies. Love making them!

    - Erin R.

  809. Fun, new baking supplies! I love trying out new kitchen gadgets! :)

    - Jen C.

  810. My favorite thing is my KitchenAid stand mixer.

    - Linda R.

  811. eos lip balm

    - itzia

  812. One of my favorite things right now is Stash’s Holiday Chai Tea. :)

    - Cayla

  813. A few favs are soft lips lip gloss , my dogs, diet Pepsi , a house filled with loved ones and good food !

    - Kellie scully

  814. My favorite thing right now is holiday music!

    - Kerry Mees

  815. One of my favorite things is collecting cookbooks and trying new recipes.

    - Linda

  816. Chocolate, anything chocolate.

    - Beth hammergren

  817. Right now my favorite things are peanut powder, half up hairdo with braids, dark skinny jeans, and shimmery gold eye shadow.

    - Jacquelyn

  818. Love this promotion!

    - Brianna

  819. My favorite thing right now is holiday break to spend with family and friends.

    - deanna Sheehan

  820. My favorite think is peppermint bark!

    - Karen

  821. my favourite thing has been my KitchenAid mixer! let’s just say that there will be A LOT of baked goods this Christmas dinner!

    - jenny nicole

  822. Right now, my favourite things are my nice warm pink socks :)

    - Zsofi

  823. My favorite thing are my Nakiuk fur boots.

    - Sarah

  824. Currently I’m surviving winters with a Hot Toddy in hand and ‘cuff’ gloves on. I’m enjoying it by using an old school popcorn maker and wearing L.L. bean ‘wildcat’ boots :)

    - Angela Link

  825. My favorite thing right now is a cozy sweater. Perfect for this chilly weather!

    - Martha

  826. Warm bed on a cold winter’s night, snow boots and a Mrs. Meyers pine candle

    - Ellen

  827. I love paper straws too! One of my favorite things right now is Govino wine glasses!

    - Suzanne

  828. Xocomchocolate

    - Jenny

  829. One of my favorite things – anything with skulls ;)

    - Karen Daniels

  830. Some of my favorite things are my kitchen gadgets and tools of all kinds.

    - Susan P.

  831. My Kitchen Aid mixer and the cookies it helps make! :)

    - Alley @ Alley's Recipe Book

  832. Pepper mill, slow cooker.

    - Jeeun

  833. relaxing with a glass of red wine!!!

    - karen

  834. My favorite thing is my DSLR camera

    - Elena

  835. My favorite thing is making delicious food for the people I love.

    - Polly

  836. My Bosch mixer!

    - Marcia S.

  837. My favorite thing right now is parchment paper
    I would be back in last week without it
    And only partly done with my cookies!

    - Sharon

  838. My favorite things are coffee and dark chocolate.

    - Porsha

  839. My favorite thing right now is my new laptop!

    - Laura Crowther

  840. My favorite thing has to be my camera(s) since I’m a photographer. Coming in a close second is my iPhone because that has turned into my everyday camera. My Frye boots keep me stylish and comfy. Although they were expensive, they have certainly paid for themselves as we move into our third season together!


    - Marisa Bettencourt

  841. My favorite things include Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, cheese logs, making out, & my daughter’s laugh. Thanks for the opportunity! Merry Christmas!

    - Robin Plemmons

  842. Right now, my favorite things are scarves. I swear I have at least 50 of them. Summer, fall, winter… one for every occassion!

    - Amy K.

  843. My favorite things are probably coffee, my super fuzzy and warm Texas Rangers blanket, and the new prescription gels that are clearing up this cruddy acne!

    - Lydia

  844. Normally not a cookie baker, one of my favorite things right now is making cookies with my 8 year old daughter!

    - Denise

  845. Right now, my favorite things are chocolate and nice smelling lotion.

    - Jessica To

  846. Awesome giveaway!!

    - Emily S

  847. My favorite things right now are all of our Christmas decorations! It makes the house look so cozy and festive :)

    - Molly G.

  848. My favorite thing: peppermint white chocolate squares from Ghirardelli!

    - Anna@CrunchyCreamySweet

  849. What a great giveaway! Hope I win.

    - Susan Snow

  850. my dog :)

    - Rebecca

  851. Heated blankets are my favorite right now!

    - Anie U

  852. I just “Followed” your Pinterest site. Wow! Gotta go back tomorrow and really cruise around when I’ll be back home. You have some great stuff there. :)

    - Mary S

  853. Current favorite things are Kyocera ceramic knives, fake fur throws, and all white dinnerware…Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

    - Dorothea

  854. I love Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine scented products.

    - Karen Gill

  855. A cup of hot chocolate, a warm fuzzy blanket and a good book

    - DianeA

  856. My new Emily Ley planner! Can’t wait for the new year to start using it!

    - lisa

  857. Starbuck’s Peppermint Mocha!!!

    - Judi Welke

  858. I love kitchen gadgets. All of your giveaways look great. Thanks for the chance to win.

    - Sue

  859. Christmas is our favorite holiday. Spending time with friends and family is the best part.

    - Nora Scott

  860. Spending time with my daughter and grandchildren and hearing their laughter. My first cup of coffee. A warm house. A roast cooking in the oven or fresh baking bread. Hot chocolate spiked with Bailey’s. The joy of the Season.

    - Mary S

  861. My favourite thing right now is Lush Karma cream, shortbread cookies, and chicken & rice porridge. :)

    - Natasha

  862. Crockpot

    - Bob Flanagan

  863. At this very moment, my favorite thing is the laptop that is keeping me warm. :o)

    - Rebecca

  864. I love some nice white wine and some good blue cheese.

    - Gwen

  865. Starbucks!

    - Stacie Johnson

  866. My favorite thing right now is crisp cotton sheets under a warm blanket!

    - Kimberly

  867. I love anything chocolate, spending time with my kids and hubby, and a good book!

    - Kimberly

  868. My favorite thing is my new recipe of ravioli!

    - Nancy

  869. One of my new favorite things is a big silicone mat shaped like a banana leaf that fits over a 9×13 casserole dish. It creates a seal along the edges and keeps dishes hot, then doubles as a cover for storage!

    - Allison Krzastek

  870. Salted chocolate!

    - Megan H.

  871. I would have to say my iPhone and/or Macbook — since I’m overseas right now I love having the technology to keep me feeling close to friends and family!

    - Megan B.

  872. Favorite things are a great book and a cup of flavored coffee.

    - Judy

  873. My favorite things right now are my Silpat mats… Xmas treat lifesavers