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December 3, 2012 by Ali

December has arrived! And with it — holiday giveaway season on the Gimme Some blogs!

That’s right! All 5 Gimme Some blogs (Film, Life, Oven, Reads, Style) are going to be hosting some rockin’ giveaways each Monday this month. So be sure to visit all of the other blogs today to enter, and check back each week for more great holiday gift ideas and giveaways.

Here at OVEN, we will be focusing on one different kind of foodie each week. Today, we begin with “The Cook”, and our amazing sponsors are going to be giving away over $850 in prizes to 5 lucky winners!

We are featuring everything from gourmet cookware, to a state-of-the-art chef knife, to a little homemade kitchen decor, to a choose-your-own-state cutting board holiday gift set, to some of my favorite olive oils. You definitely don’t want to miss this one. So read below to learn more about these great products, and enter for a chance to win!

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Items Included In “The Cook” Gift Set Giveaway:

Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot & Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven ($400 value)

I am completely excited about a new program that Calphalon is now offering called Your Set, where you get the option to mix and match your favorite cookware to create a custom set! Whether you like to cook with nonstick or stainless steel, this program gives you the option to customize your perfect set. You simply choose the base set that is right for you, and then add the additional pieces you would like from Calphalon’s AccuCore and Unison lines.

You will love both of these options. AccuCore is a beautiful new stainless steel cookware line with five layers, including a copper core for controlled, even heating. And then Unison is a fantastic nonstick cookware line that releases food easily and seal in juices and flavor. Both lines are dishwasher safe, and made with the high-quality Calphalon care that I so respect and enjoy as a cook!

So I am thrilled that one reader from Gimme Some Oven will be winning two of my favorites — a Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and a Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven. You will adore both! Be sure to read more about the Your Set option here on the website, watch some of their VYou videos (recently with Chef Michael Symon!), and then connect with Calphalon on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

New West Knifeworks Chef Fusionwood 2.0 8-inch Chef Knife ($269 value)

This gorgeous New West Knifeworks Fusionwood 2.0 8-inch chef knife is going to be going home with one very lucky reader. It was “deliberately designed for folks who find a traditional 8 inch chef cumbersome or intimidating. The graceful blade shape, tapered tang and super thin blade grind makes this nimble knife come alive in your hand.” And in addition to being made with the high quality and beautiful design that has made New West a favorite with chefs and home cooks (and food bloggers!), I love that New West is known for making the greenest knives you can buy, since they are made in the USA in their factory that is completely run on hydro power generated on-site. Pretty sweet!

Be sure to also check out your chance to win a 4-piece knife set on New West Knifeworks’ Facebook Holiday Giveaway. And then also be sure to connect with them on their website, Facebook and Twitter! And also enter the Calphalon giveaway this week from my friend Julie at Table For Two!

A.Heirloom Holiday Snackers Gift Set ($100 value)

Calling all foodies who would love to show a little state pride! One reader is going to be winning a Holiday Snackers Gift Set of their own from A.Heirloom - the brilliant homemade company behind these state-shaped cutting boards! It doesn’t matter whether you live in the Colorado or Hawaii – there is literally a state-shaped cutting board for all 50 states! And A.Heirloom will inlay 1 limited edition brass heart or house in the location of your favorite town. So cool! And even better, the 3/4-inch butcher block is made from 100% rapidly renewable beautiful bamboo, so you can feel good about chopping your favorite veggies on this “green” board.

The winner will also receive some of the extra goodies that come in the holiday gift set (which is a perfect idea for a foodie gift this holiday season). The set includes: 1/4 lb. of clothbound cabot cheddar, 1 bag of Whitney’s Castetlon crackers, 1 (8 oz )jar Of Sweet Deliverance NYC’s Apple Chili Raisin Chutney, 1 (2 oz) Saucisson Sec from Madison Wisconsin’s Underground Meats, and 1 letterpress giftcard. So be sure to check out A.Heirloom on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

OldNewAgain Wooden Kitchen COOK Sign ($58 value)

I keep seeing this adorable “COOK” wooden original-sized kitchen sign pop up on Etsy from OldNewAgain, and absolutely adore it every time. So I am stoked that now one lucky reader will soon have an adorable sign of their own! And you even get to choose which color you would like!! I love this vintage-looking light turquoise, but they have 26 (!!) super-cute colors that you can choose from to perfectly match your home. And there is a hanger on the back, so you can hang it, set it, prop it…whatever sounds good. But mostly, I know that you will just love it!

So be sure to check out OldNewAgain’s Etsy shop, where they also sell many other similar wooden word signs and letters, as well as wall vases, wall hooks, wedding decor, wood jewelry, and more. Also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Nudo “The Three Tenors” Olive Oil Set ($29 value)

I have long been a fan of Nudo and their amazing olive oils “straight from the grove”. From giving people like you and me the option to adopt an olive tree, to offering a beautiful array of gourmet olive oils, condiments, antipasti and pasta on their website, Nudo’s love for simple and natural foods has always earned my respect and praise. And their olive oil is my absolute favorite, so I am excited that one winner will soon be receiving one of their top gift sets — “The Three Tenors“.

As Nudo says, “this trio of Nudo olive oils takes you on a miniature tour of Italy. From our fiery southern chilli-infused oil to the seaside breeze of our stone ground lemon oil, to the mountains and the calm of Nudo’s prized extra virgin olive oil. It’s a whole trip to Italy, minus the carbon emissions.” You will love it! So be sure to check out the many gift options this holiday season on Nudo’s website, and connect with them on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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Disclaimer: All giveaways have been provided by each of the brands listed. I was in no way compensated to host these giveaways, and all opinions are my own as always.

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328 thoughts on ““the cook” gift set giveaway

  1. I’m just curious when the winners will be announced?

    - Julie @ ROJ Running

  2. Fingers crossed!

    - Rachel

  3. WOW!! I need that cookware badly!!

    - Jennifer S.

  4. Any of them! But my mom has wanted a dutch oven since forever.

    - Caroline

  5. Nudo Italia would be a great gift for my in laws!

    - Blessie Nelson

  6. The olive oil gift set would go to my son the cook.

    - Rust

  7. I’d love to give the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot & Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven ($400 value)to my mother in law.

    - Jamie Brigham

  8. I would give my sister the “COOK” sign for her new apartment!

    - Caroline

  9. I would like to give the knife as a gift

    - robyn paris

  10. I would love to be able to give my parents the Nudo olive oil this year since I adopted an olive tree for them last year. Since they have plenty of cookware, I would definitely keep the Calphalon set for myself :)

    - Kristin

  11. It’s the last day! I hope I win the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven! I would be grateful to win any of these lovely prizes though! Good luck everyone!

    - Rachel

  12. I think it would be great to give someone a dutch oven because it’s not something you normally buy yourself. I don’t have one and always find recipes that recommend using them.

    - Lisa @ Lisa Living Well

  13. Of all those lovely items I’d be torn between the stock pot and dutch oven. I make A LOT of soup so the stock pit would be very helpful. However I’ve always wanted to learn how to use a dutch oven

    - Julie @ ROJ Running

  14. I’d love to win the chef’s knife.

    - Beth C.

  15. I love the Knifeworks Fusion wood Knife!

    - Mary Beth Elderton

  16. I would give the knife to my husband. He is the chopper of the household since I am not allowed to handle sharp objects haha!

    - Rachael

  17. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance! :)

    - Deanna

  18. I would love to gift the Snackers set for someone.

    - Rebecca

  19. This is an AWESOME contest, Thanks for making the holiday’s brighter for someone!

    - Annette Anderson

  20. Fan-flippin’-tastic giveaway!

    - Christine

  21. The Caphalon set would rock my world.

    - Stephanie

  22. Ahhh I would love to win anything!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  23. My husband would LOVE the chef’s knife or the snacker’s set.

    - Lynne M Meyer

  24. I would give the Heirloom Holiday snack set to a special friend that is always there for me no matter what.

    - Cheryl W.

  25. The New West knife!

    - Rust

  26. The calphalon would be a great gift for my mom!

    - Blessie Nelson

  27. the New West Knifeworks Chef Fusionwood 2.0 8-inch Chef Knife

    - Erica Best

  28. I’d love to try the Nudo Italia set.

    - Marie

  29. I would reeeally love that dutch oven!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  30. I would love to give Calphalon…to ME!! Okay, it’s Christmas, so I’d give it to my mom. She’d LOVE it!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

    - Heather!

  31. I’d love to give the Calphalon stock pot for a gift.

    - Rust

  32. Only 2 more days! Fingers crossed! I would love to win the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven!

    - Rachel

  33. I think the calphalon kit is the best choice for myself and gifts!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  34. I would love to gift the New West Knifeworks knives to my husband. His are so dull.

    - Cheryl W.

  35. I would like to give the New West Knife.

    - Rust

  36. Great giveaway!

    - Corey

  37. I would love to have the Calphalon set

    - Theresa J

  38. any would be lovingly used in my kitchen!!! sigh!!

    - Linda Bolz

  39. I love the idea of a state cutting board. As someone who moved to a completely different state, I’d love to have another little piece of “home” with me!

    - Ashley D

  40. The kitchen sign.

    - Donna O'Neil

  41. I would love to give the Caphalon set to my father for the holidays! He loves to cook and entertain and his pots are getting a little old and worn out – I’d love to gift him with this amazing set!

    - Cassandra

  42. I would love the cookware. It looks beautiful.

    - Emily K

  43. The olive set would be great for my cousins Lindsay and Megan-they love olives!!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  44. I would be so blessed to win any of these fabulous prizes!

    - Rachel

  45. The COOK sign!!! That would be such a cute gift to give someone!

    - Shaina

  46. Any of these items would be awesome to give as a gift!

    - Tracie Allen

  47. Me, me, me! I want to win the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven! It would be the perfect christmas gift for my family.

    - Rachel

  48. Heirloom Holiday Snackers Gift Set would be a great gift to give.

    - Donna O'Neil

  49. I ADORE the state-shaped cutting boards. What a great gift!

    - Julie

  50. Calphalon please!!

    - Alice

  51. New West Knifeworks

    - Athena R

  52. ahhh everything would be so amazing!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  53. Lovin the cook sign… sigh…

    - Tndipsydoodle

  54. My sister would like the Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt. Dutch Oven (and so would I)!

    - Audra Weathers

  55. My daughter would love the stock pot.

    - Rust

  56. The knife looks great. My boyfriend would love it (although I bought him a good set of knives for his birthday once and he thought it was a strange gift…)

    - Jess H

  57. I love the cook sign.

    - delia

  58. I’ve never seen a create-your-own set. What a great idea! Last year I asked my MIL for new knives, and they have made me enjoy cooking so much more! I would give a great knife set as a gift, now that i know that. But I would keep the celphalon for me!

    - Running Betty

  59. I would love the set from West Knifeworks

    - Theresa J

  60. The New Works Knifeworks knife would be a gift I would want to give myself, honestly!

    - Corey

  61. probably the “cook” sign to my friend who loves to cook and now lives in a new apt! too cute!

    - Veronica

  62. Definitely the Nudo “The Three Tenors” Olive Oil Set.

    - Cheryl W.

  63. The Calphalon cookware!

    - Genell P

  64. I’d love to gift the cutting boards. Those are so much fun!

    - nicole @ I am a Honey Bee

  65. The heirloom holiday snackers set would be great for my husband. He’d love to have a cutting board of his home state since we’ve been stationed far from there for years.

    - Monica

  66. I would love the stock pot

    - Maressa

  67. I’d love to give that sharp knife, I recently found out that an unnamed person was using steak knives to cut things. GASP lol

    - Megan

  68. I would love to give the knives as a gift!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

    - Heather!

  69. The Calphalon dutch oven!

    - Lynn BB

  70. My mom entertains a lot (AKA her friends come over)-so I know they’d adore those crackers!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  71. Only 5 more days! I want the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven! Fingers crossed!

    - Rachel

  72. This look great! Would love to win!

    - Niki Baker

  73. My sister would love the cook sign!

    - Rust

  74. So many fabulous things! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    - K.

  75. I love the Heirloom Holiday Snackers Gift Set!

    - Avery K.

  76. The cutting board is a great gift for my friend :)

    - Blessie Nelson

  77. The knives are gorgeous

    - Kathy

  78. I would like to give the 8 qt stock pot

    - Corie

  79. My brother would enjoy getting that knife.

    - Sara

  80. Love that cook sign!

    - Melissa

  81. That knife is gorgeous and I desperately need a good stockpot.. the whole giveaway is awesome!

    - Helene

  82. That knife! What a beauty.

    - Jessika

  83. I would love to give the pot set to my sister. :)

    - Mary Smith

  84. Awesome giveaway! My mom would love a new stock pot!

    - Melinda T

  85. They all look amazing! So fun.

    - Lachelle

  86. I would love to give the Cook Sign to my bestie who is just now beginning to roll up her sleeves in the kitchen and try her hand at cooking.

    - Carmen

  87. The Heirloom Holiday Snackers Set is so cool. I would probably give that to myself. But I would still share and give my Mom the dutch oven, she needs one!

    - Jess W.Y.

  88. I want to win the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh please, oh please! :)

    - Rachel

  89. That knife is stunning!

    - malerie c

  90. Hat an awesome giveaway! It would be hard to choose a state since my husband and I are from different states and all 4 of our girls were born in a different state… We need 6! Lol!

    - Jennie

  91. Some of that cephalon would end up going to my MIL I’m sure :) She loves to cook too!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  92. I would gift the state cutting board and knife to my dad probably, since he’s the one who taught me to cook. :)

    - Alice Wu

  93. I’d love the stock pot and dutch oven!

    - Jenny L.

  94. Would love to give the knives to my new BIL who loves to cook!

    - Melissa B in IL

  95. Would definitely gift the “cook” sign to my mama!

    - Courtney Mac

  96. The olive oil would make a really nice gift!

    - Corey

  97. I especially like the knives as a gift. But I want Calphalon for Christmas!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

    - Heather!

  98. I would LOVE the dutch oven!

    - Monica

  99. My friend Rhonda would love that knife!

    - Rust

  100. I would love to receive the caphalon set, but the the state cutting bots would be a great gift…especially for friend/family in Texas! (As they’re so proud of being a “Texan”)

    - Anna Mathew

  101. That cook, thing, would look so cute in my kitchen!!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  102. I would love to receive the dutch oven.

    - Justin

  103. I would be grateful to win any gift above, but if I could choose, I would want the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven! :) Fingers crossed!

    - Rachel

  104. The knife set is a great gift for my cousin!

    - Blessie Nelson

  105. My won would love the stock pot.

    - Rust

  106. What a marvelous giveaway!

    - Anna (sixtyfourcolorbox)

  107. My husband would love a state shaped cutting board!

    - Megan

  108. I know my mom could use that knife–her old ones aren’t so good lol

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  109. Wow! This is a great giveaway!

    - Kim

  110. oh man, that custom cutting board and “cook” sign would look perfect in my new apartment.

    - HP

  111. The Calphalon would make a great gift for my daughter.

    - Rust

  112. Dutch oven would b great for my sister

    - stephanie mitchell

  113. Those New West Knives look amazing! My husband and I would love to cook with those!

    - Cait R

  114. My mom would LOVE (and needs!) that stock pot!

    - Megan

  115. the knife set is such an amazing gift!

    - Alaina

  116. I would love to give away the sweet “cook” sign to a friend who has the best little vintage kitchen!

    - alexandra @ sweet betweens [blog]

  117. Thank you for holding this giveaway! All of the prizes are wonderful, but i’d love to win the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven! New kitchware for the house would be an amazing Christmas gift! :)

    - Rachel

  118. I would give myself the gift of all of these :P

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  119. I’d like to win the Calphalon stock pot. I know I would use it often for soups, spaghetti sauce, and more.

    - Amy L

  120. I would love to give (or recieve) any of them, but I especially would love to give my husband some nice knives!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

    - Heather!

  121. I definitely want the stock pot! Great to make some winter soups! (like that carnitas soup i just saw on GSO)

    - Brittany S.

  122. I’d be most excited to give the knife as a gift — I see way too many people without a decent kitchen knife!

    - Bobbie {the vegan crew}

  123. The Calphalon AccuCore 8 qt stockpot and the Unison nonstick 5 qt Dutch oven are awesome! I would love to use it to make the Carnitas soup you posted.

    - Cathy McC

  124. I think the “COOK” sign wood make a great xmas gift for my daughter. she just turned 27 & is really enjoying all things to do with cooking & baking.. : )

    - Pamela Messina

  125. I wouldn’t hesitate to give any of these as gifts. They are all practical yet thoughtful gifts.

    - Kristen M.

  126. The Dutch Oven to my mom

    - Jessica G

  127. The snackers gift is so cute! That would make a great gift. For myself, the stockpot and dutch oven!

    - Allison

  128. I would love to give the pots away as I have my own set! But I would definitely be keeping the fantastic cutting boards, knives, and other gifts! So great for my upcoming wine and cheese party!

    - Jenny

  129. I still would love to win the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and the Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven! I would use them everyday! <3

    - Rachel

  130. I would love to give the AHeirloom set to my grandmother!

    - Victoria S

  131. The “Cook” design would be perfect for my mom and her kitchen!

    - Megan

  132. Cool giveaways!

    - Melody Harris

  133. My boyfriend would love to have a new knife.

    - Shannon C

  134. I think those snack trays are just adorable. What a great idea for gifts!

    - Michelle Davenport

  135. I would love to give the knives!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

    - Heather!

  136. I would love to give the New West Chef’s Knife to my son for his kitchen.

    - Rust

  137. The dutch oven would be a great gift for my sister!

    - Blessie Nelson

  138. I would love to give the nonstick Dutch Oven as a gift!

    - Natalie S

  139. my mom would LOVE new pots and pans! esp calaphalon!!

    - natalie@thesweetslife

  140. my mother would love the sign!

    - Calli

  141. What an awesome giveaway! I’d love to give the olive oil set to my big sister!

    - Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

  142. The olive oil set would be great for my mom

    - stephanie mitchell

  143. My dad would love the olive oil set.

    - Lauren

  144. I would give away the beautiful state cutting board and goodies to my foodie parents who are fabulous cooks!

    - Macey W

  145. I would love to gift the Dutch Oven.

    - Sonya Morris

  146. I’d love to give the olive oil set!

    - Megan

  147. This is an awesome giveaway! I would be thrilled to win this prize, especially the knives!

    - Emily J

  148. Awesome give-away! the knife and the calphalon stock pot would rock my socks off!

    - Natalie

  149. Definitely the stockpot and dutch oven.

    - Rachel H

  150. Even if I didn’t win the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot and Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven, I would be grateful to win the New West Chef Knife! This beautiful utensil would make cutting cheese, vegetables, fruits, meats, and practically any food substance easy! It is big and beautiful! :) I hope I win! Fingers crossed!

    - Rachel

  151. Love the Calphalon set! I need some new pans :)

    - Lynda M.

  152. Nudo gift set!

    - Heather

  153. I would LOVE the Calphalon set

    - Laura Bradley

  154. Again I would love to have everthing in this giveaway! But the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot & Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven and the chef knife are awesome!!

    - Dee

  155. Gosh I want everything in this giveaway! That Cook sign and that chef knife are killer though!

    - Brittany

  156. I love all of it especially the dutch oven pot. That would be amazing to have.

    - Jamie Brigham

  157. The olive oil set is a great gift!

    - Alaina

  158. I would love to give my husband some new knives for Christmas! He loves good knives…. :)

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

    - Heather!

  159. looks super cool!

    - Ellen

  160. I would love that knife!!! I already have all all-clad pots and pans and some le crueset so I am good there, but I would love a new chef’s knife!

    - Shanna@ pineapple and coconut

  161. I would love to give the knife to my sister! Everyone needs a good go-to knife in their kitchen.

    - Kimiko

  162. What an awesome giveaway. Thank you

    - sandy

  163. I’d love to give away the COOK sign!! I love it!!! So pretty and chic!

    - Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

  164. Oh boy… to choose just one… the cutting boards are just fabulous, and would be great for a homesick friend. So cute!

    - Jackie Cleveland

  165. My neighbor is getting into “homemade” lol the cutting board would be perfect for her

    - stephanie mitchell

  166. Dream giveaway!!!

    - stephanie mitchell

  167. I would love to give the cutting board to my sweet neighbor! She always brings over goodies and is just so sweet!

    - Brittany Wolters

  168. The 5 qt dutch oven!

    - Carolyn S

  169. It would be hard to decide what to keep or what to give as a gift. I love them all! Maybe the cook sign?

    - Bree Courtney

  170. I have to admit, I would love any of those for myself (especially the cook sign and the Calphalon cookware, but I would also love to give away the bamboo cutting board to my mom with the cheeses :)

    - Carla @ Carlas Confections

  171. Oh my goodness, I love everything you are giving away. That “cook” sign is too too cute!

    - Kristen M.

  172. I love the “cook” sign!

    - Corey

  173. Crossing my fingers for that chef’s knife! It would be wonderful to have a nice tool for kitchen prep.

    - Cait R

  174. These bags are amazing, and I’m in desparate need of a camera bag! I love in Allison & Gracie bags!

    - Kelli @ The Corner Kitchen

  175. I would love to give the cook sign as a gift to my sis-in-law who is also a food blogger.

    - Heather

  176. I would love to give the knife to my mom! She definitely needs some kitchen updating!

    - Cara

  177. Cooking soups, stews, chili, rice dishes, pasta, and so much more would be easy with a new Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven. My mom would highly appreciate this as a present, and it would allow us more bonding time in the kitchen, working together to prepare holiday, or even just everyday, recipes!

    - Rachel

  178. Gosh, any of these things would be wonderful. My husband is a huge pasta eater! Those pots would be wonderful!

    - Ayssa Cothran

  179. Would love the Calphalon pieces!

    - Nattyville

  180. Selfishly I want to keep it all but the snack set looks like gift material.

    - Katie h

  181. I love the knife but it is too pretty to give away, I want it as a gift for myself!

    - Liz Bourne

  182. This whole thing would be an amazing gift. Period :)

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  183. awesome!

    - mbb

  184. I would love the stockpot and Dutch oven. My kitchen supply has been severely lacking since I have moved

    - Karen

  185. The knives and the state cutting boards are so gorgeous! Would love to win these for gifts!

    - Macey W

  186. A.Heirloom Holiday Snackers Gift Set would be a great gift!

    - Blessie Nelson

  187. It makes me feel greedy to say it but- I’d like to give them all to myself. Especially those beautiful knives.

    - Leah

  188. I love the Holiday Snackers set, and would give that to my brother, who lives on the other side of the world.

    - Tracy

  189. I love the idea of the state-shaped cutting board, especially with the heart marking a beloved home town! I would love to give this to an old friend or maybe even my mom!

    - Corey

  190. I would love to give my mom one of the cutting boards!

    - Kristin T

  191. I’d give the Olive Oils!

    - Amy | Amy's Cooking Adventures

  192. LOVE this giveaway!

    - Amanda

  193. I would love to give or receive the A. Heirloom set in the shape of Alabama! It would be a perfect addition to any Alabamian’s kitchen!

    - Kelly

  194. I want the New West knife

    - Carolyn G

  195. the knives for my husband!

    - Marisa

  196. That “Cook” sign?! I DIE!!! omg

    - Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

  197. Love the A.Heirloon set. The custom cutting board is a special touch for someone’s gift!

    - Priscilla P

  198. I love the Calphalon gift set… perfect for my sister! But the A.Heirloom Snackers gift set would be perfect for my mom!

    - Meghan C.

  199. I would love to give the dutch oven to my mom for Christmas! She would flip out about it! Thanks!

    - Brittany Wolters

  200. My bf just got a new apartment and has been cooking a lot more. I’d love to give him that dutch oven as a gift! :)

    - Kate

  201. I would LOVE to win this!! Love it all!!

    - Becca

  202. It would be fun to give a Wisconsin cutting board and holiday gift set as a gift.

    - Dawn

  203. The cook sign would be a great gift

    - Kimi

  204. Loving the “Cook” decorations!

    - Carolyn

  205. The calphalon gift set!

    - Jenny

  206. I love holiday giveaway season! And I would love to win either the state cheese board or the chef’s knife. Thanks!

    - Christy@SweetandSavoring

  207. I’d love to give the Olive Oil Set and the Wooden Cook Sign.

    - Stacy

  208. I love the sign- so cute!

    - Jessica

  209. I love the little cheeseboard set from A.Heirloom. I’ve been eying those sets up for years.

    - Amber @ Amber's Confections

  210. Oh my! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to give (or keep) any of these!

    - Tammy


    - Christine

  212. I would love the dutch oven! I have been wanting one for so long!

    - Kristen

  213. The wood “cook” sign would go so cute in my sister’s kitchen!

    - Lisa

  214. I think the Heirloom Holiday Snackers Gift Set with Custom Cutting Board would be a really fun gift to give or receive. Thanks for the chance to win!

    - Marilyn

  215. What an awesome giveaway! I would love a New York cutting board!

    - Melissa

  216. I’ve always wanted a dutch oven! I hope I win!

    - Audrey

  217. That stock pot looks fabulous! I could really use one for when I move. ^^

    - Taylor

  218. I would really love the knife! mine are all from TJMaxx and not quite the best quality!

    - Julie

  219. I really would love to have that fabulous knife.

    - Ruth

  220. They’re all awesome, but I know my sis-in-law would love the “cook” sign for her kitchen!

    - Bree Courtney

  221. The wooden kitchen sign is AWESOME!!! I would love to give that away as a gift!

    - Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

  222. Would love to give the wooden “cook” sign as a gift – it’s adorable!

    - Tamra H

  223. The oldnewagain FB link didn’t appear, so I found them on FB and liked from there.

    - Untypically Jia

  224. I’m swooning over the Stock Pot and the Chef’s Knife and I can’t choose between them! Everything looks amazing. And those oils? Yum!

    - Untypically Jia

  225. The Calphalon Dutch oven is something that I could see my mom loving!

    - Stephanie H

  226. Awesome giveaway! I would love the new knife for my husband. (LOL that sounds funny) or the dutch oven for myself.

    - Julie F

  227. I’d love to give my parents or sister a new set of pans or a nice new knife.

    - Melisa

  228. I would love to give my mom the Calphalon Dutch oven as she doesn’t have one.

    - Maressa

  229. I’d love to GIVE the state-shaped cutting board as a gift to my Nebraska friends, but I’d really love to RECEIVE the caphalon pans! I’ve finally had to retire my old hand-me-down dutch oven and sauce pans because of terrible hot spots!

    But those knives are also some of the most beautiful pieces ever!

    - Maura T.

  230. I would love to have and give away every one of these awesome products but I would love to give away the Calphalon AccuCore 8-Qt Stockpot & Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven! :)

    - Dee

  231. I would LOVE any of these products, but would love to give away the cute cutting board set. :)

    - Jennica Bridgman

  232. I would love a good chef knife!!

    - Avery K.

  233. I really need a stock pot. My 5.5qt dutch oven just isn’t cutting it anymore!

    - Heidi @ Food Doodles

  234. ooooh i need a dutch oven !!
    although the ‘cook’ sign is tempting

    - audrey

  235. The knife for sure. Who wouldn’t want a good knife!

    - Jeanne ODonnell

  236. Calphalon Unison is my favorite brand for cookware. Since we have to put anything and everything through the dishwasher, it is the only brand that stays strong through so much “abuse”. Those cutting boards are darling as well. :)

    - Megan W.

  237. I need all of these things #greedy

    - Liz

  238. I would LOVE the cook sign! (Although the “bigger” prizes are also awesome!)

    - Melissa Shipman

  239. Marvelous gifts.

    - Linda Hopper

  240. I LOVE the choose-your-own-state cutting board!!

    - Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet

  241. What a great giveaway!

    - Laura S

  242. The calphalon of course, it’s wonderful!

    - Natalie G.

  243. I would love to try the new to me olive oil !

    - Cindy Carver

  244. These products look wonderful! Especially the Calphalon.

    - Hannah

  245. What a killer giveaway! This is awesome!

    - Stephanie

  246. How fun! We definitely need some new cookware in our house.

    - McKenzie

  247. I would like to get the Calphalon set

    - Audrey

  248. Found you via pinterest. I think either the knife or the calphalon.

    - Rs Mom

  249. My mother in law would love the calphalon set! She got knives last year, so pans would be the perfect follow-up.

    - Kalyn

  250. I would love to win the Heirloom Holiday Snackers Gift set to my dear sister-in-law. She loves cheese and is a great hostess!

    - Micky

  251. I would love to give the heirloom holidays snackers gift set.

    - Jennifer

  252. Another fabulous giveaway!! You make shopping easy! LOVING that cookware set, but the knives would be a sharp addition to my kitchen. I gave one of those cutting boards to a girlfriend who left California, she is SO homesick, but I didn’t get one for me!

    - Kim - Liv Life

  253. I would love to win the knife. That is probably the one major thing I lack in my kitchen – a good chef’s knife. Thanks!!

    - Kathy

  254. All are wonderful I love the cutting board so cute and who would not want new pots & pans!

    - Barbara

  255. I’d love to give my mom the OldNewAgain Wooden Kitchen COOK Sign as a gift this Christmas! I know it would add some spice to her kitchen!

    - Katherine R.

  256. the cook sign looks great

    - Leah

  257. I would love to give the “cook” sign to my aunt, it would look wonderful in her kitchen.

    - Audrey B.

  258. Great giveaways! I would love the knife. So beautiful and would make my time in the kitchen so much easier!

    - Miriam Maya

  259. Wow-awesome giveaway! Hard to pick but maybe the Dutch oven or the knife.

    - MaryB

  260. Wow, this is difficult because I would love to give away each and every one as a gift. But if I must, the knife. Everyone needs on of those knives!
    Amazing and generous giveaway by the way!

    - fabiola@notjustbaked

  261. I would love to gift the knife to my mom! She needs some new knives!

    - sara

  262. I would love to give the Calphalon set. I like how it’s customizable!

    - Chelsea

  263. I’d gotta go with the dutch oven for my dad, but the knife is a close second.

    - SaraC

  264. Oh my … that’s a tough choice! But I think I have to go with the A.Heirloom Holiday Snackers Gift Set … a cutting board shaped like my home state of Missouri … yes, please!

    - Kimberly

  265. I have a Calphalon pot which is quite probably the best thing ever – I would LOVE another one to give to my mother.

    - Emma

  266. I’d love to give a friend the stock pot!

    - Rachel

  267. Prettiest knives I’ve ever seen!

    - Meredith

  268. Amazing giveaway! So incredible. Those knives are gorgeous! I totally want them.

    - Jackie @ Domestic Fits

  269. I love the wooden sign!

    - June g.

  270. I would love to give the knife set to my mom. Her knives are all old and very dull! (though, really, they all look great.)

    - Andrea

  271. I think I would go with the Calphalon dutch oven. Thanks for the chance to win!

    - Rory W

  272. The Nudo Olive Oil Set

    - Heather

  273. The pans, my friend loves to cook!

    - Caitlin

  274. I would love to win the Calphalon Unison Nonstick 5-Qt Dutch Oven! This gourmet cookware is not only gorgeous and brand new, but my family would get use of it nearly every night! My mom has been using the same beaten up pots and pans for the past 10 years at least… It would be nice to give her something new that she can’t afford. Love my mama chica<3

    - Rachel

  275. I know wo many people who love olive oil so that would be the perfect gift for me to give.

    - Maureen

  276. A.Heirloom Holiday Snackers Gift Set would be a fun gift to give! Cause most everyone loves cheese and what better way to share it then with a cute set!

    - stefanie phelps

  277. Who couldn’t love this giveaway! What cute items and I am just loving all these great recipes and what better way to enjoy them by using new cooking utensils!

    - stefanie phelps

  278. I would love any of the prizes, especially the chef knife!

    - Jackie

  279. um . this giveaway is downright fantastic .

    - amy

  280. I would love to give my mom some new knives. I think she’s been using the same one since 1967.

    - Carrie @CarrieAndJonathan.com

  281. The holiday snacks would be a great gift to give

    - Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

  282. a great knife would bring my kitchen to another level!

    - Jaci

  283. I would love to add a dutch oven to my kitchen collection!

    - Sarah

  284. This would be so nice to win as my husband trashed all my pans by washing them in the dishwasher.

    - Dawn S Peck

  285. I’d be torn. I need both new pots and a sharper knife!

    - Teresa

  286. What I would do for that that beautiful knife. Also, the A.Heirloom California shaped cutting board? To die for.

    - Jessica

  287. A good knife is a great tool for the kitchen!

    - Erin

  288. I love, love that “cook” sign! But no one would ever turn down a good knife!!!

    - little kitchie

  289. THAT incredible knife is what I would love to give someone! I do love the COOK sign too :)

    - Becca @ Crumbs and Chaos

  290. What a wonderful giveaway!!! I think it would be fun to put the olive oils in different jars and give as a hostess gift with some crusty bread and vinegar!

    - MeLisa

  291. I would love the chef’s knife. My husband and I cook all the time and make just about everything from scratch. And we do it with crappy knives! It would be so wonderful to have a nice tool like that knife to make our home cooking more quick and efficient.

    - Cait R

  292. The stock pot would be perfect for my aunt who always hosts big groups for dinner!

    - Kara D

  293. What an amazing giveaway! All of these gifts are so fantastic that it would be hard to choose, but I think I’d give my mom the dutch oven. I know she would love it!

    - Sarah Beth

  294. I would love to give the dutch oven to my mom.

    - Kel

  295. What a great giveaway..so many wonderful products! I love the ‘cook’ sign! I think the snackers is a great gift to give!

    - Alaina @ Fabtastic Eats

  296. I would give the Calphalon Dutch oven to my parents.

    - Kelly D

  297. This is awesome! I’d be happy to win any of the prizes!

    - Sarah (The Social Eater)

  298. I would love to gift the stockpot! My mom could really use a new one! What a neat giveaway! :D THANK YOU!!!!

    - Treva

  299. I would love to giveaway the state-shaped cutting board!

    - Mireya

  300. I would love to give (or get) the cook sign as a gift!

    - Amanda Jaynes

  301. I would love the Dutch Oven!
    Awesome Giveaway!

    - Hillary S.

  302. I need a new chef knife badly But if I had to give it as a gift I know my mom could really use a new calphalon dutch oven!!! They are all such good gift option though!

    - Kim S.

  303. What an awesome giveaway! I’m not sure I could even pick a favorite item.

    - Kimberly @ Healthy Strides

  304. Oh my goodness, so hard to choose! I would probably go with the knife set, but would love to win any of these!

    - Jessica

  305. LOVE the state cutting boards! What a fun gift idea!

    - Kelly

  306. the dutch oven

    - Tabitha P.

  307. I have been wanting to get a Dutch oven! What a fantastic giveaway.

    - Becky B

  308. That dutch oven would be awesome!

    - Jenna

  309. I would love to give the Knife to my mom for Christmas because I have been using her knives to cook and they are mediocre at best!

    - Jacob Coon

  310. that A.Heirloom Holiday Snackers Gift Set is just adorable!!

    - Laura R

  311. Ooh, I love that chef knife. They’re all great gifts, but that’s my favorite!

    - amy @ fearless homemaker

  312. I would love the state cutting board set to give as a gift. I have lots of relatives who have moved away who still love their home state!

    - Liz Bourne

  313. Love it all but that “cook” sign is so adorable!

    - Rachel Cooks

  314. I would love the dutch oven… my sister just got married and this would make a great gift!

    - Melissa B in IL

  315. Those are some great gifts! I would especially love a knife set…good knives make chopping so much easier!

    Happy holidays!

    - Hallie

  316. Oh my! Those state cutting boards are too much… I’d love to give one of those away… love it!

    - Christine

  317. I would love to give a state shaped cutting board

    - ladywild

  318. I would love to give the holiday snackers gift set as a gift!!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  319. The olive oil would make a great hostess gift!

    - Laura @FoodSnobSTL

  320. The dutch oven would be great for a recent grad!

    - Katie

  321. the snackers set would make an awesome gift–love the custom cutting board idea!

    - grace