1-Hour Soft and Buttery Dinner Rolls

This 1-Hour Dinner Rolls recipe is the BEST! It's super-easy to make, and those soft and buttery rolls are irresistibly delicious! | gimmesomeoven.com

This past weekend, I did something I never do.

I didn’t leave the house for over 2 full days…and it felt so good.  ?

On Friday night, Barclay and I hosted a big easygoing Christmas party with all of our best friends, complete with a yummy spread of simple appetizers, lots of homemade apple cider and mulled wine to go around, mellow acoustic Christmas jams on in the background, my extroverted pup making the rounds in his handsome Christmas sweater, and — of course — all under the light of my (first real!) Christmas tree and the glowing warmth of my Netflix fireplace.  Mmmm, it was just the best.  Warmed my heart in all of the best ways, and made me so thankful for the thousandth time for this incredible group of dear friends in our lives.

And after that?  I decided to take the rest of the weekend 100% off, and burrow inside for some major holiday R&R.

Actually, I think that’s what most of Kansas City decided to do, thanks to the snowy, icy, bitter, subzero weather that blew into town during my party.  It was so cold and miserable that our streetcar even had to shut down, and all of my favorite take-out restaurants were closed.  So I snuggled in my warm little loft, pulled out the comfy sweats and my favorite foot duvets, lit a bunch of candles, and spent the rest of the slow weekend catching up on some good books, episodes of The West Wing, my mailbox full of Christmas cards, puppy snuggles galore, and a few long winters’ naps.  And of course, no winter weekend in my book is completely without a big pot of soup.  So I made a big batch in the slow cooker to eat all weekend long, plus a batch of my perfectly soft, fluffy, and very-buttery dinner rolls to go along with them.  Because…comfort.

And oh my goodness, I think these may just be the most comforting rolls ever.

This 1-Hour Dinner Rolls recipe is the BEST! It's super-easy to make, and those soft and buttery rolls are irresistibly delicious! | gimmesomeoven.com

I’m sure that a part of that is pure nostalgia for me.

Growing up, I was always the pickiest kid at the table…especially on holidays.  And while my extended family would pile their colorful plates high with turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green beans, glazed carrots, cranberry sauce and more.  Whereas my monochrome little plate would usually just include maybe a little slice of turkey, a bit of mashed potatoes (sans-gravy, of course), a dinner roll, a dinner roll, a dinner roll, and another dinner roll.

I didn’t like much, but I sure loved a good dinner roll.

This 1-Hour Dinner Rolls recipe is the BEST! It's super-easy to make, and those soft and buttery rolls are irresistibly delicious! | gimmesomeoven.com

Fast-forward to today, and it’s shocking how much I now genuinely enjoy trying to make my plate as protein- and veggie-filled as possible.  (Trust me, at least one relative always makes sure to note “how far I’ve come”.?)  But when it comes time to pass the dinner rolls, you’d better believe that a few extra still always make it onto my plate.  Because as much as I love some roasted green beans, I will forever and always love me a good dinner roll.  And there’s no healthy shortcuts for me when it comes to good dinner rolls.  I like them made with good ol’ AP flour, baked to soft and fluffy (not too hard and golden) perfection, and extra extra buttery.

This 1-Hour Dinner Rolls recipe is the BEST! It's super-easy to make, and those soft and buttery rolls are irresistibly delicious! | gimmesomeoven.com


This 1-Hour Dinner Rolls recipe is the BEST! It's super-easy to make, and those soft and buttery rolls are irresistibly delicious! | gimmesomeoven.com

Well, for those of us who always used to leave the dinner roll baking to Grandma and never learned how to make them ourselves, I’m happy to say that it’s actually incredibly easy to make a life-changing batch of dinner rolls.  And with this easy recipe, you can literally have them on the table in just one hour.

Perfect for busy holidays…or weekends “in” when you’d rather be cozied up with a good book than buzzing around the kitchen.  (And in case you need a good soup recipe to go with them, these dinner rolls pair perfectly with my Chicken Pot Pie Soup recipe.)  ?

This 1-Hour Dinner Rolls recipe is the BEST! It's super-easy to make, and those soft and buttery rolls are irresistibly delicious! | gimmesomeoven.com

Just follow the step-by-step instructions below, and you’ll have a big pan of warm, fresh-outta-the-oven, delicious rolls to share and enjoy in no time.  Oh, and in case you’re intimidated by working with yeast in recipes like this one, don’t be.  Just be sure that your yeast is fresh (not expired) and that your milk mixture is the right temperature (110°F) before mixing it with the yeast, and everything beyond that is a piece of cake.  Or, a piece of delicious dinner roll.  You know…

Anyway, since I’ve been blogging for 7+ years and have apparently never shared a dinner roll recipe in that time, I thought I would share my tried-and-true recipe with you today.  Hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.  ?

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1-Hour Soft and Buttery Dinner Rolls

This 1-Hour Soft and Buttery Dinner Rolls recipe is surprisingly easy to make…and irresistibly delicious!


  • 1 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon active-dry yeast*
  • 3.5 to 4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • extra melted butter, for brushing on top


  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.  Grease a 9 x 13-inch pan with cooking spray, and set aside.
  2. In a microwave-safe bowl, whisk together warm water and melted butter until combined.  Stir in the milk and honey.  Then microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds, or until the mixture is very warm to the touch (it should be 110°F).  Test it, whisk and re-heat in 15 second additional intervals if needed until the mixture is warm enough.
  3. Pour the water mixture into the large bowl of a stand mixer, then sprinkle the yeast on top, and give it a quick stir to combine.  Wait for five minutes, or until the yeast is foamy. Add in 3.5 cups of flour, and the salt.  Then using the dough-hook, mix on medium-low speed until combined.  If the dough is sticking to the sides of the bowl, add in 1/4 cup more flour at a time until the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl and is only slightly sticky to the touch.  (Only use up to 4 cups of flour total.)  Continue mixing on low speed for 4-5 minutes.  Then form the dough into a ball with your hands and transfer it to a greased bowl.  Cover with a damp towel or paper towel, and let rise for 15 minutes.
  4. Gently punch the dough down and divide into 15 equal-sized pieces. Form each piece into a ball and place evenly in the prepared pan.  Cover the pan, and let rise for an additional 15-20 minutes.
  5. Bake 15 minutes, or until lightly golden brown on top and cooked through. Remove and brush with butter.  Serve warm.

*I buy my yeast in bulk.  But if you’re buying the packets, note that 1 packet contains 2.25 teaspoons yeast.  So this will call for a little more than 1 packet.

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If you make this recipe, be sure to snap a photo and hashtag it #gimmesomeoven. I'd love to see what you cook!

This 1-Hour Dinner Rolls recipe is the BEST! It's super-easy to make, and those soft and buttery rolls are irresistibly delicious! | gimmesomeoven.com

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60 comments on “1-Hour Soft and Buttery Dinner Rolls”

  1. I was exactly the same as you! I loved dinner rolls so much – and bland, plain food in general. I only ate the bread of Chinese BBQ pork buns and plain mantous without sauce when I was young. (And I still am like that)

    Charmaine Ng

  2. Yum! Those look so soft & fluffy!

  3. Love anything easy and quick. I wish you lived near me, lol. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. What kind of milk do you use? Whole, 1%, 2%, buttermilk, skim? Want to get it right!

    • Hi Leslie — we use 2% or whole milk, but you could use 1% or buttermilk if you wanted (the higher the fat percentage, the more flavor these will have)! We hope you enjoy! :)

  5. Ali – these look SO good. I love how quick and easy these are! Although I’m probably not going to make them for Christmas in my opinion they can be made any time of the year!

  6. Several in my family need/wish gluten free. Have you tried to make gluten free? I find most “all-purpose gluten free flour” to not work the same as regular all purpose flour. Your suggestions and experience would be helpful. Thanks

    • Hi Jim! We have not experimented yet with making these gluten free. You’re welcome to give these a whirl with a gluten-free ap flour blend though. If you do, definitely let us know how they turn out!

  7. Fellow reformed picky eater here, my Thanksgiving plate was just like yours! Although I may not have even taken any turkey ? these rolls look pretty amazing, can’t wait to try them!

  8. Those dinner rolls look absolutely perfect! I can relate to being the pickiest person at the table haha. Nothing has changed and I’m 24 :)


  9. What? Only one hour? Easy, I have to give it a try. I love simple recipes. 

  10. Feathery, perfect carbohydrate bliss. 

  11. Ooooo these sound so yummy and really easy.
    I’m gonna make these for Christmas dinner :)
    Thanks for the recipe!

  12. Do you think these would store well for up to 3 days? I’m thinking of making them in advance and driving with them for Christmas. They look delicious!

  13. Will this work with skim milk? 

    • Hi Monica! We haven’t tried these with skim milk, so it’s hard to say. You could definitely try it (it should work fine), but we think 2% or whole milk works best because there’s more fat and flavor. Either way, we hope you enjoy these!

  14. Your dinner rolls look amazing! Definitely trying making them! Happy Holidays! :)

  15. is it plain old flour or bread flour?

  16. I added some chopped rosemary and roasted garlic…mmmmm. They are divine. Thanks for the recipe!

  17. These are getting baked right now for a family dinner.  Thinking I’ll have to double the recipe from now on.  Can they be frozen before second rise?

    • Awesome, we hope you and your family enjoyed these, Donna! :) And yes, we think you would be fine to do that. Here are some guidelines for how best to do that:

  18. wow! this look yummy. i wanna try to make at home.

  19. Made these on Christmas and that came out flawlessly!  HUGE hit.  Thank you!  I want to make a double batch next time.  

  20. Whoa!!  I wish I found this pre-christmas… If I made them a bit larger, say double the size (for game-day sandwich rolls), is there a certain amount or % that I am looking for them to rise before baking?  

  21. Looks delicious! Does this recipe work without a stand mixer?

    • Hi Jocelyn! Yes, you could definitely still do this without a stand mixer. You can knead by hand, it’ll just take a little more doing. :) We hope you enjoy these!

  22. These rolls are the best! They turned out so light and fluffy at the end! I love that this uses honey as the sugar! I used some GloryBee Raw Montana Honey to make mine. Also, we don’t keep cow’s milk in my household, but we do use Almond Breeze Original Unsweetened Almond Milk; which I substituted for the half cup of milk required in the recipe. I used unsalted butter in the water/milk/honey mixture. I used about a tablespoon of salted butter to run over the tops of the freshly baked buns once out of the oven. You don’t really need to melt the butter first. Just take a room temperature stick of butter, and then run it over the tops. After running them with butter I covered them with a basic cotton kitchen towel while they cooled. We had them tonight fresh from the oven with spaghetti. I can’t wait to make hot ham and Swiss Cheese sandwiches with the leftovers! Thank you for sharing this recipe. <3

    • Thank you for your sweet words, Rebecca — we’re so thrilled you loved these and the you were able to make them work with the almond milk! :)

  23. These look so delicious and easy to make. Can they frozen the re-warmed?

    • Thanks, Sylvia — we hope you enjoy them! And yes, they can definitely be frozen and then re-warmed (we’d recommend re-heating them in the oven).

  24. these look SO good! how would the recipe be altered if you didn’t have a stand mixer?

    • Thanks, Michelle, we hope you can give them a try! And you can most definitely do these without a stand mixer, it’ll just require you to hand-knead the dough and will just take a bit longer.

  25. Made these a few times now and we love them!  I would love to learn how to prepare the dough and then freeze it to take out to bake another time. Could you help me with some guidelines for that? Thanks!!

    • Hi Libby, we’re so glad you guys enjoy these! For freezing, when making your dough, make sure your melted butter is completely cooled, and use cool water instead of warm (so don’t microwave in step 2). Then after you mix your dough, skip the last direction in step 3 (no need to let this rise). Then you can shape your dough into rolls, and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet, cover it with plastic wrap, and freeze. Once the rolls are completely frozen, you can transfer them to a well-sealed freezer-safe bag (they will be good frozen for two weeks, but no longer). When you’re ready to bake, allow around 4-5 hours for them to thaw and then rise at room temperature. Then you can bake! We hope this helps! :)

  26. When i see it, i think its so delicious.. thanks for your sharing, i will be try at my home.

  27. I am going to try them, thanks.

  28. I’ve made these twice in a row and they are to die for delicious! I’ve been testing different recipes for Thanksgiving and this is the winner. My kids inhaled them all yesterday so I made another batch today for dinner tonight. Great easy recipe for those of us who are just starting to dabble in the art of bread making :)

    Rating: 5
  29. I made these for my family today. They were wonderful,
    And so easy. I would not change a thing…

    Rating: 5
  30. I made these for breakfast this morning. They turned out really good. Next time I am going to make a garlic butter to put on top.

    Rating: 5
  31. These are absurd – absurdly easy, and absurdly delicious! We just devoured half the pan. With how quick these are, a rarity in yeast goods usually, I think they’ll become a staple. Thanks for this awesome recipe!

    Rating: 5
  32. I made the them tonight but wasn’t too happy with the outcome. They looked good but had to keep them in the oven for an extra 5 minutes because the inside wasn’t completely cooked and I could actually taste the yeast flavor in them. Next time I will add more salt because the flavor just wasn’t there and I’m a pretty good baker so don’t know what happened.

    Rating: 3
  33. Made these and they were so good! I make my own rolls but they take longer than an hour and this was a great fast alternative and dare i even say I even like it more than my normal roll recipe that i grew up on. 😬

    Rating: 5
  34. These were lovely! I made them tonight for a dinner with some friends. They turned out just as you said — soft and with a lovely texture. And the flavor with nice too.

    I usually just take a bread loaf recipe and make them into rolls and am always disappointed at their dense texture. I was much happier with this recipe. It will be printed and saved in my recipes binder.

    Rating: 5
  35. Question–How far ahead can I make the dough before putting them in the oven?

  36. This is a great foolproof recipe. I made a smaller square pan of 9 rolls and froze the rest of the dough balls. Beautiful.

    Rating: 5
  37. I’ve made this recipe multiple times and my family and I LOVE it as a special addition to a delicious meal. Thanks for an amazing recipe yet again. I also will continue experimenting with adding herbs, cheeses, etc. love it!!!

    Rating: 5
  38. These were great! Only suggestion is that they could use a little more sweetener of some kind.

    Rating: 4