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Paella Class! | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

AirBnB Experiences – we made Paella!

What It Is: 

For those with a more hands-on approach to traveling, AirBnB has expanded their offerings all over the world. This one was our first paella class ever. And it was really fun!

Where It’s Located:

Sara’s place is just below Park Güell. You can do both in a day :)

Why We Love It: 

Our first AirBnB Experience was to make paella with with Sara, a local from Barcelona who changed careers from interior design to “hostess with the most” at the time when the economic crisis hit Europe in 2008. She’s been making her family’s paella recipe in this gorgeous little backyard space ever since. As many of you already know, we tend to let our stomachs lead us around new places, and getting to learn a family recipe from a local has helped to make us feel even more a part of this place. Plus, you’re often grouped in with some other lovely people, so an impromptu lunch party is the result.


  • There are countless things you can do through AirBnB Experiences, so have a look through their offerings. You might just find it to be the highlight of your time here.



Paella Class! | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

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