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apples for “apple” giveaway!

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***This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for your participation! And congrats to McKenzie who is the winner!***

Ok, it’s been a crazy fall with little time for posting. But life is slowing down again, and I have lots of yummy fall recipes saved up that I’m ready to post — especially apple recipes!!!

So I thought it would be fun to kick off a week of apple recipes with a giveaway of a different “Apple” kind. :)  Many of you know that I’m a musician for a living, and spend my days listening to and playing endless music. So to bring some new tunes into your life, Gimme Some Oven is giving away a brand new candy-apple-green 2G iPod shuffle this week!

I still can’t get over how cute and tiny these have become. Perfect for shuffling some fun tunes while you’re spending time in the kitchen during the holiday season — or working out afterwards to stay fit during the chilly winter months. :)

So read below for quick entry requirements, and check back at Gimme Some Oven this week for an “apple recipe a day” and more opportunities to enter! Best of luck, and look forward to sharing a week of great recipes with you!

***This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for your participation and wonderful comments!***

“Apples for Apple” Entry Requirements:

How to Enter: Leave a comment on this page mentioning your favorite way to enjoy apples (a specific recipe, fresh, applesauce, apple pie, etc…).

Required: You must include your email address in the comment form. I will need it to contact you should you win.

Deadline: October 31, 2010 at 11:59pm Central Time

Extra Entries:

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The Fine Print: No purchase necessary to enter. Winner will be selected at random by Gimme Some Oven using All entries received after the giveaway closing day and time will not be considered. Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to confirm receipt of the email. If the winners do not reply within 48 hours, another winner(s) will be selected. Giveaways will be mailed to the winners’ address.

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202 comments on “apples for “apple” giveaway!”

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  1. My favorite way to enjoy apples is baked in the oven with a little cinnamon, sugar, and butter on them. My grandmother always made that as a quick snack for me.
    I’m a twitter follower now too!

  2. i love a good apple tart and i love ipod shuffles!!

  3. My favorite way to enjoy apples is fresh – right off the tree!

  4. i am a fan on facebook!

  5. Hooray Ali! (I Still think you and I need to do a fantastic AndyMoore cartoon-style Ali!)

  6. My favorite way to enjoy apples is a caramel apple!

  7. definitely apple crisp…mom and I usually just throw a bunch of ‘crisp-y’ ingredients together…it rarely turns out the same twice, but delicious every time! I also just love the apples straight from the orchard!

  8. i’m a twitter follower!

  9. My grandmother’s recipe for apple crisp is my favorite way to enjoy apples! But, a simple mug of hot spiced cider is a VERY close second!!

  10. I love apples in any form – fresh, apple pies, apple crumbles, etc. but the way I would most like to enjoy them is in the apple butter that my Mother used to make. She left me her recipe, but I can’t get it to taste like hers (maybe memories are like that).

  11. CARAMEL APPLE CUPCAKES, for sure! Mmmm! Okay, and anything that deals with caramel apples really. lol

  12. I am also a facebook and twitter fan!! Love it~!

  13. My mother-in-law passed on a great recipe for apple pie that doesn’t have any sugar in it, just a bit of honey. When I decided to make it a few weeks ago, my husband decided to pitch in and make the dough for the crust — now I like it even more! :-)

  14. I love apple crisp with ice cream! Thanks for the fun giveaway :)

  15. I am already a follower on twitter :)

  16. tweet!!/marnie1124/status/28710104481

  17. I’m already a follower on facebook!

  18. I’m already a subscriber through RSS feed!

  19. My favorite way to enjoy apples is fresh! I especially like Granny Smith green apples or Gala. But really, you can’t go wrong with apple pie or apple sauce or apple juice, or really anything apple!

  20. I LOVE making this sauteed apple dish. It’s chopped and sliced apples with sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon and a bit o’ salt with a bunch off butter, all sauteed until the apples are browned and very very tender, and the sugar creates a sauce. It’s amazing over french vanilla ice cream!

  21. i looove apple cider!

  22. i’m a fan on facebook!

  23. Wonderful giveaway!

    Favorite way to enjoy an apple- raw honey crisp with sharp cheddar cheese slice on top!

    And, I’m a fan on Facebook.

  24. And, my email address is

  25. Hey! The shuffles are SO cute arent they :) My favorite apple dish is dutch apple pie, can’t go wrong! Also I just became a follower on twitter and I’ve been on your fan page for months.

  26. My favorite way might be fresh! I love a good crisp Fuji apple, although an warm apple crumble with vanilla ice cream is very tempting as well.

  27. My favorite way might be fresh! I love a good crisp Fuji apple, although a warm apple crumble with vanilla ice cream is very tempting as well.

  28. I love candied (red) apples with a stick in them!!!

  29. Apples…i love a good apple fritter or apple coffee cake in the morning.

  30. I am so boring, but my favorite way to enjoy apples is fresh. I was so excited to see the Michigan honey crisp apples in the grocery store the other day, its my favorite time of year!

  31. While I love the quick and easy baked apple with cinnamon, butter and suger, my favorite thing to do is peel them and cook them on the stovetop with the same ingredients. Homemade apple pie filling is the best!

    I am a facebook follower

  32. My favorite way to enjoy apples is in homemade cinnamon applesauce. A bit of cinnamon, ground cloves, brown sugar and lemon juice!

  33. I subscribe to your RSS feed through Google Reader!

  34. I am a new follower on Twitter!

  35. I “like” you on Facebook :)

  36. I looooove apple crisp. My fav, hands down!

  37. I love just eating plain apples. Honeycrisp are my favorite and they’re so delicious!

  38. Hands down apple kuchen.

  39. Already an RSS feed subscriber. :)

  40. Favorite way to enjoy apples?
    Ugh… maybe in a crumble, but I struggle to find something that tastes good and isn’t loaded with fat and sugar. Something that tastes as fresh as an apple out of hand, but easier and preferably warm. I’m counting on you to hook me up this week!!!!

  41. Nothing compares to a good warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Yummm! Oh, and apple shuffles are pretty great too! :)

  42. Already an RSS feed subscriber! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I love homemade applesauce. I usually wait to make that until we have some questionable looking apples that my family is avoiding. Applesauce is the perfect solution! When we have better looking apple, I like to make Apple Galette and Apple Bread.

  44. Apple goodie crunch

  45. My family loves to dip pealed apple slices in dry jello and dehydrate them. It sure makes a yummy and colorful treat.

  46. I love caramel apple pie with oat crust!

  47. I`m a facebook fan too!

  48. I love applesauce. I often joke that when I get old and don’t have any teeth it’ll be ok because of how much I like to eat things like applesauce, yogurt, and smoothies.