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3 comments on “Blogging Resources”

  1. I’m so impressed with the name of your site! Love the coconut whipping cream recipe. I understand it may vary. Good luck to you! I will be following! 

  2. Can anyone tell me if cornstarch can be used in place of flour . Forgive me , I’m older and just got back into cooking at home since retiring les than a year ago . I’m just trying to stay away from recipes that require using flour . Old guy here trying to watch out for the waistline in older age .
    I sure did get tired of eating out all the time during my long days in my working career . Thanks for any help out there folks and have a great day .

    • Hi Dennis! It depends on the recipe and the amount. If the flour is needed as a thickener and isn’t a significant ingredient, then cornstarch should do just fine.