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Cream Puffs with a Quick Boozy Raspberry Sauce

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Quick Boozy Raspberry Sauce with Cream Puffs |

Snowmaggedon 2013 did not get off to a great start for me. You know that foot of thundersnow and ice that whirled into Kansas City in a few hours and brought the city to a standstill? Yep, I unwillingly got caught out in the middle of it and then ended up stranded twice on the way home when my little Prius couldn’t make it through the drifts, and pulled my back in the process too. And all of this before 10am!

Still, I have to say one thing about major storms — they bring out incredible stories of all the good Samaritans out there. Really.

I had the nicest man show up out of nowhere to help bail me out. And after scraping and kicking and shoveling snow, and shoving my car, and then repeating that about five more times until my little car found its traction, my day was made immeasurably better by the kindness of a stranger. And then after coming home and reading Facebook and listening to the news and hearing my neighbors talk, the stories seemed to go on and on and on.

Lest I ever forget, I deeply believe that we are born to be kind. And I love hearing a day of stories that testify to that truth.

That said, in the midst of a stressful snowday, sometimes a little sweetness is called for. So allow me to present to you these adorable little Cream Puffs with Boozy Raspberry Sauce! This was actually my first time making cream puffs, and if I would have known how super easy they were, I would have tried these ages ago! So delicious and perfectly bite-sized. Check out the recipe here!

And for all of you still buried in snow, please be safe on the roads. And if you have the opportunity, be another snow “angel” out there and add another helping hands story to the world!

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25 comments on “Cream Puffs with a Quick Boozy Raspberry Sauce”

  1. I’m so glad we’ve missed out on the snow here in NYC. When you have to get around on foot- it’s a nightmare! :)

    Love these cream puffs though- I’ve never made them but I’m glad to know how easy they are! The boozy raspberry sauce sounds awesome!

  2. I love cream puffs but have never made them before! Since you said they were easy, and yours look SO adorable, going to have to try now!

    I’m glad you made it through all the snow and had a good Samaritan to help you out, too!

  3. I love your story of kindness, those always touch my heart and make me realize that we are really all human, meant to be kind to one another. Love these creme puffs!

  4. I was watching our local news and it talked about Kansas. I thought about you getting stuck but glad that you made it home in one piece.

  5. I hope today is better than yesterday!!

  6. “I deeply believe that we are born to be kind.” YES. Couldn’t agree more. :)

    Also I couldn’t agree more that these cream puffs need to be in my life, like, yesterday. Yummmm!

  7. i’m so glad you’re okay! going out when it’s storming like that totally freaks me out.

    these little bites look perfect!

  8. Yikes! I so glad you had help!! Hopefully we’ll have an early spring this year.

  9. Cute little puffs, I love the raspberry sauce!

  10. Wow these look fabulous! Boozy raspberry sauce!!

  11. Beautifully written, Ali! I loved this post! I’m so glad you found a snow angel and made it home safely.

  12. Ali, these look fabulous! Hope all is well!

  13. Glad you are okay! These puffs look so good! I especially love that boozy sauce!

  14. So glad you had some help! And these cream puffs look amazing! I want to slather anything and everything in that raspberry sauce!

  15. Hi Ali! Glad to hear you made it home safely. We’ve had a huge snow storm the last couple of days, and now wondering if it’s leftover from yours. What a kind man!:) Thanks for sharing, I’ll stop by for the recipe.

  16. Glad you got home safely – and I agree – there really are kind people out there!! Boozy sauce? sold.

  17. You definitely found the bright spot in that huge storm. I always wish I could track down those good Samaritans and bring them a plate of cookies…or these gorgeous cream puffs!

  18. I love how domed and PUFFY they look. And the sauce…I’d like to use that on everything!

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous photo. And hope you guys are doing OK — I heard KC is supposed to get a bunch more snow? My dad is a mailman in KCK and got stuck in the snow for over an hour last week :(

  20. Get OUT! These are going to rock my world!

  21. You so had me at boozy raspberry sauce! Love it!

  22. Oh wow these look absolutely gorgeous, they sound so yummy too!

  23. Stranded?! Oh no. I’m happy that you’re okay! I swear… the weather over there in the US is crazy this year. It’s miserable over here but doesn’t sound anywhere as serious as it is other there.

    These cream puffs are so cute! And I love anything boozy. :)