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Easy Cherry Tart

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This Easy Cherry Tart recipe is sponsored by Imperial Sugar.

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

As much as I love spending the day on a beautiful pie, or carefully baking a creamy cheesecake, I have to admit that the majority of the desserts I make on a weekly basis tend to fall into the “quick and easy” category. Or maybe more accurately, the oh-my-gosh-I-totally-forgot-about-that-gathering-and-need-to-be-there-in-an-hour-STAT category.

Still, I’ve learned having less time to cook doesn’t mean that dessert needs to be any less fabulous! So over the years I have pinpointed a few key ingredients to always have on hand in case of a dessert emergency opportunity.

One of my favorites?

Puff pastry.

Brilliant, buttery, flaky, crowd-pleasing, light, versatile, foolproof, heavenly puff pastry. It is, in my humble and overly-enthusiastic opinion, one of the absolute best investments you can make at the grocery store. I use it for literally every category of recipes — appetizers, entrees, snacks, sides, even soups! But without a doubt, I most often use it to make puff pastry desserts. And this Easy Cherry Tart is now one of them.

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

This easy cherry tart recipe literally couldn’t be simpler. Just bake up a sheet of puff pastry (and save the other sheet in the box for something delicious later!). And while it’s in the oven, whip up a batch of cream cheese frosting. Or if you’re really short on time, you could just use some sweet whipped cream cheese spread. Then once the pastry does its delicious puffing-up magic, simply spread the cream cheese frosting on top and sprinkle with fresh fruit. In this instance, I went with some fresh bing cherries, but anything from pineapple to blueberries to kiwi or anything else in between would sound good. If you want an extra hint of sweetness and shine, try drizzling a little honey on there too.

Beautiful. Simple. Fresh.

And meant to be shared.

I can tell you right now that your friends and family will love it.

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

I am sharing this Easy Cherry Tart recipe today over at Imperial Sugar, where they have all sorts of other great quick and easy recipes you should check out too.

Cheers to puff pastry!

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert


Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

Easy Cherry Tart Recipe | #dessert

Disclaimer: This recipe was sponsored by Imperial Sugar. All opinions are 100% my own, as always.

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35 comments on “Easy Cherry Tart”

  1. Those cherries are beautiful! This looks so tasty and easy! I love cream cheese frosting. :)

  2. Gorgeous little tart, a perfect summer dessert!

  3. You just reminded me that I have a lone sheet of puff pastry in the freezer right now – I have to go get it out and make this cute tart!

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    And I love that this looks like an open-faced Pop-tart.

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  9. What a gorgeous tart! Love the simplicity of it!

  10. This tart is beautiful, Ali! I love the crisp pastry and the sweet cherries together. Perfect for summer parties!

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  20. I love how simple this is. Absolutely gorgeous!

  21. Gorgeous dessert, Ali! Love that it’s quick and easy, too! :)

  22. I don’t think you’re over enthusiastic at all. Puff pastry is awesome! Time saving and crazy delicious. It makes anything feel fancy. Also, these photos are gor-ge-ous!

  23. So pretty! Love simple desserts.

  24. Fresh cherries are the best, it’s one of the best things about living in Michigan! Love this tart Ali!

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