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15 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes

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15 Vegan Dinner Recipes |

Happy Sunday to you!

This week’s recipe round-up is dedicated to all of you vegan friends who are looking for some simple and creative new dinner ideas. And hey — to all of you out there who aren’t vegan — don’t change the channel because I’m pretty positive you’re going to love all of these recipes too. Most of you know that I eat vegan and vegetarian food at least half of the time, and then (yes) happily indulge in all things cheese and bacon-y on the other days. But on my vegan days, I love experimenting and learning from other bloggers who have translated some of my favorite comfort foods to their vegan (and dairy-free) alternatives.

So today I’m happy to be featuring some favorites from some of my fellow talented food bloggers! We have everything from vegan bourguignon to mac and cheese to black bean soup and even to my favorite…vegan nachos. So whether you’re cooking for yourself, or bookmarking some recipes for when you entertain and cook for vegan friends, or just any ol’ time you feel like going meat and dairy free, I’m pretty sure you are going to clean your plate with these tasty dishes.

Check em’ out!

Mushroom Bourguignon |

Mushroom Bourguignon | The Simple Veganista

Soba Noodles with Bok Choy and Garlicky Miso-Tahini Sauce |

 Soba Noodles with Bok Choy and Garlicky Miso-Tahini Sauce | Foolproof Living

Vegan Mac & Cheese |

Vegan Mac & Cheese | Love & Lemons

BBQ Cauliflower Salad |

BBQ Cauliflower Salad | Fork and Beans

Italian Tempeh & Sweet Pepper Pasta |

Italian Tempeh & Sweet Pepper Pasta | Coconut and Berries

Smoky Black Bean Chili |

Smoky Black Bean Chili | Gimme Some Oven

Rich Root Vegetable Casserole |

Rich Root Vegetable Casserole | The Humble Plate

Creamy Vegan Garlic Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes |

Creamy Vegan Garlic Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes | Minimalist Baker

BBQ Chickpea Flatbread Pizzas with Jalapeño Plum BBQ Sauce |

BBQ Chickpea Flatbread Pizzas with Jalapeño Plum BBQ Sauce  | Keepin’ It Kind

Vegan Nachos I

Vegan Nachos | The Lunchbox Bunch

Red Lentil Cauliflower Burgers with Chipotle Habanero Mayo, Onion Rings, and Roasted Peppers |

Red Lentil Cauliflower Burger with Chipotle Habanero Mayo, Onion Rings, and Roasted Peppers | Vegan Richa

Jumbo Stuffed Shells |

Jumbo Stuffed Shells | Oh She Glows

Crunchy Asian Ramen Noodle Salad I

Crunchy Asian Ramen Noodle Salad | Gimme Some Oven

Spicy Quinoa Taco Bowl |

Spicy Quinoa Taco Bowl | One Ingredient Chef

Butternut Squash, Kale and Pepitas Crunchy Tacos |

Butternut Squash, Kale and Pepitas Crunchy Tacos| Cookbooks 365

Big thanks to new contributor Hayley Teater for compiling these delicious recipes. You can connect more with Hayley on her bloginstagram and pinterest.

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17 comments on “15 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes”

  1. This is such a great round up! I’ve already pinned it and I’m sure I’ll be referencing it often. Thanks. :)

  2. Awesome roundup! Totally digging that vegan mac n cheese, so creamy and delicious-looking :)

  3. Love this list. It’s the exact opposite of the rabbit food that many envision when you mention a vegan meal – these are hearty, comforting, satisfying meals. Proof that it’s totally possible! :)

  4. Everything looks fantastic Ali! Love the roundup!

  5. I was in desperate need for vegan recipes! It’s so hard to find a good one I like, but I’m confident in your selection :) Thanks for the recipes Ali!

  6. Thanks for the share, friend!

  7. Looking forward to incorporating some of these into our weekly menu. Thank you!

  8. Mmm wow especially drooling over those pastas and pizza…

  9. Amazing recipes, they sounds delicious! Ive been really into vegan recipes atm even though i am in no means a vegan, but sometimes it is amazing to eat something completely animal free and healthy ;)

  10. This is such an amazing collection! You can’t beat a quick and easy dinner. I’ve bookmarked nearly all of them :D Thanks for putting this together Ali!

  11. LOVE this. I have a friend whose hubby was recently diagnosed with cancer and they have changed their diet to mostly vegetarian/vegan – can’t wait to try some of these out for them (i NEVER know what to make!!!) xox

  12. The chick pea pizza has ranch dressing on top. How is that vegan? There should be a disclaimer to use tahini instead.

  13. Thanks for the recipes! Cant wait to try some! Ps: its funny youve got some steak adds saying be at the top in this page next to your vegan recipes…

  14. I had the creamy garlic tomato pasta before and it’s so good! Creamy and delicious! A must make if you like creamy pastas ❤️