My Favorite Things + iPad Giveaway

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My Favorite Things & iPad GIVEAWAY | #giveaway

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…bright red nail polish and chalkboard wine glasses…a Target giftcard and a brand new iPad…these are a few of my favorite things…

And guess what?

This holiday season, I am giving them all away to one of you!!!

That’s right.  I am excited to be teaming up with 7 amazing bloggers for an epic “My Favorite Things” giveaway, in which all 7 of us are doing giveaway packages of our favorite things.  And then we are also going to be giving away a brand new 16GB iPad Air!  It’s ho-ho-hopefully going to make for a very merry holiday for some lucky readers.

So read more to learn about my favorite things package, and enter for a chance to win them and an iPad air!

My Favorite Things & iPad GIVEAWAY | #giveaway

8 My Favorite Things Giveaways

Ok, first of all, did you catch that I am teaming up with 7 (seven!!) other bloggers on this mega giveaway?  That’s right!  8 of us food bloggers have created gift packages of their favorite things to share with you for giveaways, including:

1. Love & Olive Oil | 2. Skinnytaste | 3. Reluctant Entertainer | 4. RecipeGirl | 5. A Southern Fairytale | 6. Gimme Some Oven | 7. Mountain Mama Cooks | 8. FoodieCrush

Be sure to visit each of their sites to enter their specific giveaways and join in the fun.  And each time you enter one of these food bloggers’ giveaways (including mine!), you will automatically also be entered in a large group giveaway for a chance to win an iPad Air.  (More about the iPad to come!)

My Favorite Things & iPad GIVEAWAY | #giveaway

MY Favorite Things Giveaway

Starting from the top left and going clockwise to the center, here are a few of my favorite things that I’m giving away this Christmas.  Hope you love them as much as I do!

1. DELISH Dark & Twisted Lemon & Black Pepper Dark Chocolate Bar: I know.  The ingredient combination sounds suspicious, but trust me.  This dark chocolate bar is going to rock your world.  The bright citrus and spicy black pepper flavors are subtle, but present just enough to raise your eyebrows, and then have you instantly diving in for a second bite.  I’m not even a huge chocolate lover, but I will ask for second and third bites of this bar in a heartbeat!

2. Chalk Note Wine GlassesThese chalkboard wine glasses from Pier 1 are a favorite in my house, and have also become my go-to wedding gift present.  Everyone I know absolutely adores them.  And they also are awesome to use with entertaining — either for writing names or cute notes on the wine glasses, or even to use them for serving utensils or straws and such.  (I almost always put some out labeled “forks” and “spoons” when I have a happy hour at my place.)  Love them!

3. Lightweight Gold Leaf EarringsI found these adorable earrings months ago on the $5 jewelry rack at World Market (my total weakness), and I now wear them literally multiple times a week.  These adorable (and truly lightweight) earrings seem to go with everything and always get so many compliments!  And for such a reasonable price tag, there’s no reason not to pick up a pair or two for some friends this holiday season.

4. Yellow Chevron Paper StrawsOk, I know that the paper straw fad may be overhyped, but you’ve gotta admit — they always seem to make drinks a little extra delightful.  :)  My current favorite design is this yellow chevron pattern, which seems to go with everything.  Cute, classy, and so fun!

5. J.R. Watkins Lotion Devotion KitIs anyone else in love with these yummy lotions?  Well, if you have tried them, or if you’re new to the line, I am giving away an entire sampler kit of lotions.  They are the perfect way to keep your skin soft and hydrated this winter.  And the delicious scents will make your day a little lovelier to boot.  The kit includes:

  • Aloe & Green Tea Hand & Body Lotion
  • Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
  • Lemon Cream Hand & Body Lotion
  • Mango Hand & Body Lotion
  • Rejuvenating Foot Cream
  • Signature J.R. Watkins Pouch

6. Essie Forever Yummy Nail PolishEvery girl needs a good red, and this one is my favorite right now.  It goes with everything, and will definitely add a festive touch for all of those holiday parties.

7. $20 Target GiftcardFor all of those times when you walk in with 5 things on your list and walk out with 10, this card will at least help with some of the difference.  ;)  Enjoy!!!

My Favorite Things & iPad GIVEAWAY | #giveaway

iPad Air Givaway

As if all of these cool “My Favorite Things” giveaways weren’t enough, all 8 of us bloggers are teaming together to also give one of our lucky readers a brand new iPad Air!!!  This brand new version of the iPad is super lightweight, and comes with 16GB of storage to watch videos, listen to music, and pin yummy recipes to your heart’s content.  Read below for instructions on how to enter.

HOW TO ENTER The Giveaways

Alright, this may sound complicated, but it’s actually really simple.  Here are the steps to enter the giveaways:

  • Enter to win my “My Favorite Things” giveaway using the giveaway Rafflecopter widget below, and by doing so, you will ALSO be automatically entered in an iPad Air giveaway.
  • Visit the other 7 bloggers’ websites and enter their “My Favorite Things” giveaways, and earn an additional iPad Air giveaway entry per giveaway that you enter. (So if you entered just my giveaway, you have one entry for the iPad giveaway.  If you enter all 8, you will have 8 entries for the iPad giveaway.)

Best of luck, and I wish you all a very merry holiday season!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by myself, and the other bloggers who are part of the “My Favorite Things” giveaways.  It is my holiday gift to show my thanks to all of you for following the blog.  I’m really grateful for you!

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  1. My favorite thing right now is a warm winter blanket to curl up in while watching the snow fall.

  2. Brunch with friends I haven’t seen in a while!

  3. My favorite thing is creating new holiday traditions with my 3 year old daughter!

  4. Comfy blankets are my current favorite things

  5. My favorite things are good fiction and binge-watching Buffy!

  6. Favorites are my old dog and my new friends!

  7. Some of my favorite things is Malleys chocolates and Mason Jars

  8. One of my favorite things right now is Bigelow Earl Grey tea. I enjoy several cups of hot tea everyday!

  9. Loving this giveaway!! My favorite thing this holiday season is my le cruset pot. It’s perfect for making warm winter meals :)

  10. Loving this giveaway!! My favorite thing this holiday season is my le cruset pot. It’s perfect for making warm winter meals :)

  11. TAzo Vanilla Rooibus tea

  12. My favorite thing right now is an iPad.

  13. I really like the Nike Fuel Band. That is my favorite thing right now :)

  14. My favorite thing right now is my new IKEA apron!

  15. Being with family from far away places!

  16. I love all of the things that are listed in this giveaway! It sounds like a wonderful gift!

  17. I love mangoes and ginger any way you can prepare them! They are even better together. My favorite thing is probably my ginger grater. I got it in an asian store and never saw another one like it. It’s a beauty.

  18. My favorite thing right now is the CLEAN perfume I just picked up (a birthday present to myself!). I actually have a set of three mini bottles, so I could try different scents. My favorite is the White Woods scent, which is so perfect for winter. I love it!

  19. My favorite thing right now is fabric….I make quilts with it .

  20. I love multiple sized cookie scoops!

  21. My favorite things are a glass of sweet tea and a grilled cheese sandwich.

  22. My favorite thing right now is my family’s wonderful Christmas tree! Makes me smile every time I look at it!

  23. I am obsessed with Hershey’s Nuggets with Almonds!

  24. My favorite thing this year was making quilts for my twin nephews!

  25. My favorite thing right now is a big cup of hot, strong coffee in this cold winter weather!

  26. I love my cats :), my parents, Christmas, games, And my Iphone :). Not to mention Jesus Christ our Lord.

  27. Ohhh… your favorite things are pretty nice. Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Holidays.

  28. I love any and all chocolate my family lets me get my hands on!

  29. riding boots!

  30. Hot coffee in the morning and a chilled glass of wine at night!

  31. My Keurig! We’ve got several inches of snow on the ground so I’ve been making coffee like crazy!

  32. My favorite thing is my cookbook collection!

  33. paint. just bought a new house, and paint covers a multitude of sins.

  34. I love yoga (as always) and Quest bars lately. I can’t get enough.

  35. Gingerbread cookies and flannel sheets!

  36. My favorite thing is anything warm!! ;)

  37. Betsey Johnson shoes!

  38. So many favorite things!!! One of mine is snow! Just love it!!!

  39. With all this cold weather, my favorite thing right now is hot chocolate in my favorite mug!

  40. My current favorite thing is my new computer. I have a place to bookmark things again!!

  41. My favorite thing right now is the brown bag that my husband gave to me as a birthday present.

  42. My favorite thing is my EOS lip balm. I have one in every color/flavor.

  43. I have so many things that I love, yet the biggest thing I love is vegan Korean Cuisine. Plenty of things Korean. Cheesecake, hot drinks, christmas movies (movies period). Helping others.

  44. Some of my favorite things are: a good moisturizing chap stick, Smart Water, and Lindt chocolate.

  45. My favorite thing is my green KitchenAid!  Since gifted by hubby, I can’t stop using it :)

  46. Cozy socks and scarves!

  47. Starbucks caramel brulee lattes!

  48. mini chocolate chips!!!

  49. This is holiday season, so i love to baking cookies <3 Oven is my best fav things now <3

  50. Spiked apple cider!