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Golden Milk Smoothie

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Everything you love about golden milk…in a quick and delicious healthy smoothie!

Golden Milk Smoothie

For all of my fellow golden milk lovers out there — it’s time to try making a golden milk smoothie! ♡

This healthy smoothie recipe is easy to make in just a few minutes with frozen fruit (I love pineapple or mango), fresh banana (bring on the potassium), your favorite kind of milk (dairy or plant-based), a big chunk of fresh ginger (or powdered, if that’s what you have on hand), and those warming golden milk spices we all love (hello turmeric, cinnamon and black pepper).

Just toss everything in the blender and combine, and this bright ray of sunshine will be yours to enjoy in no time. Let’s make some!

Golden Milk Smoothie Ingredients | Mango (or Pineapple), Banana, Ginger, Milk, Turmeric, Black Pepper and Cinnamon

Golden Milk Smoothie Ingredients:

To make this golden milk smoothie recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Frozen mango or pineapple: I go back and forth between using these two types of frozen fruit as the base for this smoothie and love them both. So I say pick whichever one is your favorite!
  • Banana: To add some extra thickness and potassium to our smoothie.
  • Milk: I’ve been using oat milk lately, but any kind of milk (cow’s, soy, almond, rice, hazelnut, etc) would work.
  • Fresh ginger: My favorite thing to add to smoothies. (Or you could also sub in a teaspoon or two of ground ginger instead of fresh.)
  • Golden milk spices: A simple mix of ground turmeric, ground cinnamon and black pepper.

Healthy Smoothie Recipe

How To Make This Smoothie:

To make this golden milk smoothie, simply…

  1. Blend.  Toss all of your ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Adjust, if needed. If the smoothie is too thick, add in an extra pour of milk. If it is too thin, add in a handful of ice.
  3. Serve. Pour into a serving glass and enjoy!

Golden Milk Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Possible Variations:

Want to customize this smoothie recipe? Feel free to…

  • Use fresh turmeric: Substitute 1 inch of fresh turmeric in place of the ground turmeric.
  • Increase the ginger and/or spices: If you’re interested in a spicier smoothie, feel free to double the amount of ginger and/or spices.
  • Add favorite smoothie add-ins: Feel free to add any extra chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, protein powder, or other smoothie add-ins that you love too.

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Golden Milk Smoothie

Golden Milk Smoothie

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 0 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Yield: 1 large serving (or 2 small servings) 1x


Everything you love about golden milk…in a quick and delicious smoothie!




  1. Blend.  Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Adjust, if needed.  If the smoothie is too thick, add in an extra pour of milk.  If it is too thin, add in a handful of ice.
  3. Serve.  Pour into a serving glass and enjoy!

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10 comments on “Golden Milk Smoothie”

  1. It was surprisingly delish!

  2. Is there anything to be used in place of the banana? I’d love to try this smoothie, but raw banana gives me a terrible stomach ache…. :(

    • Whoops posted this to the wrong comment haha but you can use frozen zucchini! That’s what I do!

  3. OMG! It looks delicious and refreshing! Can’t wait to try it for breakfast!

  4. The beauty of this website is that there are always recipes that I would not have sought out normally and become some of my faves! This was one of them – so gooood.

  5. Is this enjoyable or purely medicinal? I’ve tried golden milk twice and it tasted very medicinal, not enjoyable at all. I’m not sure I want to try it again.

  6. Overall, this is a really good recipe. For me, coconut milk is the right one to use for this smoothie to get the balance of flavors right. Also, one teaspoon of turmeric was too much for me. It made the smoothie very gritty and too earthy. A half-teaspoon worked much better. Also, if you are eating this for breakfast (or any meal), I would say this is one small to average serving.

  7. Excellent!

  8. I just made this recipe. It is so very tasty and I love the spice mix, it’s just perfect blend. Thank you for sharing