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How To Cut Broccoli

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Learn how to cut broccoli with this quick and easy video tutorial!
How To Cut Broccoli -- a quick and easy video tutorial! |

I feel like Dana Carvey would be extra proud of today’s How-To Tuesday video tutorial.

We’re choppin’ broccoliii!

In my experience developing recipes on this site for years, people tend to love broccoli or hate it. ? I used to be strongly in the latter camp, but over the past decade or so, I somehow crossed the bridge and now can’t get enough of this vibrant, versatile, nutrient-packed cruciferous veggie. I love eating it roasted, raw, stir-fried, in a slaw, totally plain…you name it, I’ll eat it.

That said, I know that an entire head of broccoli can seem a little intimidating to cut into if you’ve never been taught. So today, I thought it’d be fun to share a quick step-by-step video for how to cut broccoli and separate out those cute little baby trees — I mean, florets — for your recipes. And of course, don’t forget those stems too! Broccoli stems are totally edible and full of fiber and can add some great texture to your recipes, so we’ve included tips for how to slice and dice them four different ways. Plus, as always, tips on how to select fresh broccoli at the store, and what to make with it.

Let’s get to choppin’!

How To Cut Broccoli | 1-Minute Video

See the video above for my favorite method for how to cut into a full head of broccoli, how to separate out the florets, and 4 different options for how to cut the stem.

How To Select Fresh Broccoli:

In general, you want to look for broccoli at the market that:

  • with bright green florets that are tightly-packed (avoid florets that are yellowed)
  • with firm, strong stalks (avoid older stocks that seem stringy or woody)
  • are in season (peak season is from October through April)

How To Roast Broccoli:

I actually have a full tutorial on the blog for my favorite roasted broccoli recipe here. So simple and so delicious!

Favorite Broccoli Recipes:

Looking for some tasty broccoli recipe inspiration? Here are a few of my faves!

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How To Cut Broccoli

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  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: 2 -4 servings 1x


Learn how to cut broccoli with this quick and easy tutorial!


  • 1 head of broccoli

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20 comments on “How To Cut Broccoli”

  1. I actually never knew a systematic way to cut broccoli. I just butchered it however, haha!

    Charmaine Ng

  2. Oh wow, I had no idea there were so many things you could do with the stems! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Great tutorial! I totally pinned and am going to make that broccoli and beef recipe…looks soooo good! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I have never eaten the stem portion – that part usually goes in my mulch pile. I am looking forward to trying it – thanks!

  5. I love that video. So cute!

  6. Loved the how to chop broccoli video. Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables but I never thought about using the stem too. What is the device that you used to shred the stem?

  7. As a kid I decided I didn’t like broccoli. Now as an adult I’m starting to like it!
    Thanks for the tips and recipes!

  8. Your broccoli vid is beautiful and one hundred percent demystifying. THANK YOU. Go team Broccoli!


  9. There never has been a recipe of yours that I’ve made that has not been anything but DELICIOUS! I intend on making every posted recipe on this page when veggies come into season. Dave

  10. The “How to Cut Broccoli” was great except that you discarded the leaves. They are good, too!

  11. Amazing timing! I just bought a big, beautiful head of broccoli at the local Whole Foods.. I was feeling blue about throwing away the stalk until I saw this post. Yum!

  12. Love the stem tips in the video and the words displayed because I don’t like the volume on when I’m at work. :-)

  13. I am so loving “how-to Tuesdays!” I still have a kinda hate relationship with broccoli. I use it occasionally in the stir fry and that’s it. I once steamed it with carrots as side veggies and it was ok. Hopefully, I get to love it more. Look at all what can be done with the stalk! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, we’re so glad to hear that! And have you ever tried roasted broccoli? That’s one of our favorite ways to eat it — so yummy! :)