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How To Move From Google Reader to Bloglovin’

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How To Move From Google Reader to Bloglovin' |

Gah! Did anyone else have a minor panic attack yesterday when that little message popped up on Google Reader saying that the service is officially closing down on July 1? I have been using Google Reader to follow way too many blogs for years and years. So this came as a total surprise and a bit of a bummer, as I have overall really loved using Reader.

But coincidentally, I had just recently begun exploring Bloglovin’, and had really begun to fall in love with many of their features and layout. Granted, there are many differences between Bloglovin’ and Google Reader, and some of the features I most love on Reader have yet to appear on Bloglovin’. But overall, it’s a great reader, and it is an especially great resource for finding new blogs that are similar to those you already love. So I’m curious to give it a real try at least for awhile!

The good news is that Bloglovin’ offers a really simple feature for importing the list of blogs you currently follow on Reader into your profile with Bloglovin’. So thought I would post a really quick how-to. I might make a more detailed tutorial this weekend with actual visuals (would that be helpful?). But for now, here is the basic idea.

Also, for those of you who do decide to make the switch to Bloglovin’, would love for you to find me and come say hi! My profile is at /gimmesomeoven, where you can click “follow” for my blogs Gimme Some Oven and Gimme Some Life. Happy blog loving at Bloglovin’!

**I also posted a tutorial for those interested in switching to Feedly. You can view that here!***

How To Move from Google Reader to Bloglovin] |

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70 comments on “How To Move From Google Reader to Bloglovin’”

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! I did have a minor freak out when I got that message. This seems pretty easy to do!

  2. I just saw that notice on google reader today! What is that about?!! So glad you have this tutorial though. I need to make the transfer soon!

  3. You’re a genius! Thank you SO much for this! :D

  4. THANK YOU for posting that.
    I wasn’t sure where to go, or what to do.

    I did the Google Reader download thing, but I cannot for the life of me find the zip file. WHERE on earth do you find it?

    Thanks!!!! =+)

  5. Oh man! I wish I had known this two weeks ago when I sat and re-subscribed to all the blogs I read! I do really like the layout of bloglovin’ now that I’m using it though and I noticed that if a blog you like doesn’t have an RSS feed set up you can still subscribe which is a plus. Great time-saving tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks for posting. I live for my blogs and being able to get the recent posting in one place is very convenient. Thanks so much.

  7. Thank you, thank you! I did panic a little when I saw this, and I really didn’t know what else I’d use. I’m definitely going to give bloglovin a try now. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Good to know… I love google reader so much though. Merci for the tip Ali !

    xx Le Grumeau

  9. woohoo! thank you for this!! i have been trying though & it keeps saying my subscriptions.xml file looks empty but it’s not :( so it won’t upload for me. boo!

  10. just kidding :) it worked. the error message is just faulty! haha xoxoxo

  11. Definitely with you on the minor panic attack… Thank you for posting this!

  12. I had a panic attack when I read that notice. RIP, Google Reader! Thanks for such a timely and helpful post!

  13. This is so helpful! Thanks you!

  14. Gahhh I wish I saw this post before I panicked last night and just re-subscribed to all my blogs on blog lovin’ and then unsubscribed in Google Reader. >_< Now I feel silly lol. But great post! I'll be sure to pass this don to my subscribers as well :)

  15. Thank you so much for this helpful post! I could not believe my eyes this morning when I got the pop-up comment saying it would be gone. At first I thought it was just because I hadn’t had coffee yet, and maybe I was seeing things. But I made the switch from Reader to Bloglovin in about 2 minutes, thanks to your quick tutorial.

  16. I’m devastated at the news, buuuuuuuut so happy you posted this! Remind me about this June, cool? ;)

  17. Thanks so much for putting this together. It was so nice to find a solution to the google reader problem within ten minutes of logging in this morning.

  18. Ah! Thank you SO, SO, SO much for posting this! I was feeling overwhelmed about how to make the switch but you totally simplified it for me. This is VERY MUCH appreciated :)

  19. Have you tried I like that one better then google reader and bloglovin. It’s really organized, clean and magazine like. It looks great on an ipad too!

  20. This is so helpful! Thank you!

  21. Oh yay! Thank you for posting this! I was pouting last night and wondering how I was going to read my blogs now!

  22. Sooo sad about this! Thanks for the tips, I will check out Bloglovin. In the mean time there is a petition on for Google to keep it…its a long shot I’m sure, but worth a shot!

  23. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m running into an issue with Bloglovin – it’s only showing the 3 most recent posts, even if there are more than that that are new. Anyone else experiencing this?

  24. You rock! I’m so not on top of this tech-y stuff so love your tutorials :)

  25. I haven’t started trying out Blog Lovin’ yet but I am loving Feedly so far!

  26. Yes! I nearly had a heart attack when that message came up on screen yesterday. I will definitely need to check out bloglovin’. I’ve heard about it but never tried it before. I’ll use your tips! Thanks!

  27. This is great….thanks so much!! Trying this and Feedly, but can’t decide which one I like better yet.

  28. Thanks so much for the instructions. I wish they worked for me. I make it all the way to subscriptions, but nothing downloads. Bummer..

  29. Yes thank you so much! I freaked out when I heard that GFC will be gone! How will I read my blogs?! But then I realized that most people use Bloglovin and a sighed in relief and this tutorial totally saved the day!! Thanks!

  30. Thank you so much for this. I was already on blog lovin, but never used it cause everything I followed was on blogger/google reader. I switched over and will begin using this in prep for the drop of google reader!

  31. THANK YOU!! I have finally moved all my blogs over to bloglovin. I’ll be sure to add Gimme Some Oven while I’m in there! I also linked this post for my readers!

  32. When I try it says my Google Reader is empty! Anyone know how to fix that? I follow a ton of blogs!

  33. you’re seriously on the ball! I want to check out both bloglovin and feedly sometime to see which I like better. super annoyed I have to even bother but thanks for the info :)

  34. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this. When I learned that Google Reader was going away, I nearly cried! I am so glad that there’s an easy, hassle-free replacement.

  35. When i set up an account w/ Bloglovin, I got a prompt to import from Google Reader and didn’t have to find the download i made last nite in preparation of this change. Was planning on spending some time this weekend searching for a replacement, so thank you so much for saving me time. Actually setup up Bloglovin and Feedly to see which one I like better.

  36. Thank you for your post! But I have 0 files in ‘Reader’! Maybe there is another way to import readers?
    I hope I will find the solution..

  37. That graphic is really handy. I loved it so much that I featured it on my blog (crediting you/linking back to your blog, of course). Thank you for taking the time to explain it in a way that is easy to understand!

  38. Thanks for this tutorial, Ali! Off to give it a shot~

  39. Thank you very much for taking the time to share how to import our blogs to Bloglovin’. It worked!!

    Debi @ One Heart

  40. Apparently it’s even easier than that now. Guess Bloglovin’ has gotten an influx of Reeder users to convert. Now when you go to There’s a button to import the blogs from your reeder. Worked like a charm. Click the button and allow Bloglovin access to your reeder.

  41. Thanks for sharing this info. While I am tech savvy on most things, this one is new for me and I appreciate the tutorial!!

  42. Thanks for the info,it was very helpful.

  43. Thanks! This was really useful! I wish there were some way to migrate my readers as well. Google has been shutting down a lot of projects lately. Hope they don’t shut down blogger!

  44. Thank you for posting this! I was attempting to import via Google Reader but it kept recircling me back to the same screen. This totally worked!

  45. Hey, so I did everything you said (great help by the way :)) except I didn’t find a file called “Subscriptions”. Any suggestions?