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How To Move From Google Reader to Feedly

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How To Move From Google Reader to Feedly |

Ok, while I’m at it, thought I would go ahead and post a quick tutorial as well for how to move from Google Reader to Feedly. (If you want to move to Bloglovin‘, you can find my tutorial here.)

I have been using Feedly on my phone for a long time now, but only learned how to download it on my computer this week. It is a SUPER easy transition! And it probably is a closer fit to Reader than Bloglovin’, and they have tons of cool apps and formatting options so that you can make your reader look just the way you want it. But still, both Feedly and Bloglovin’ have their pros and cons.

I have listed the steps below for transferring your Google Reader blogs over to Feedly. But note that you will need to repeat this process if you use multiple browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Also note that Feedly does not currently work on Explorer.

Cheers to all of these great sites stepping in to replace Reader!

How To Move From Google Reader to Feedly |

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39 comments on “How To Move From Google Reader to Feedly”

  1. I’m very impressed with feedly so far, I wish I’d discovered it a couple of years ago when I first started reading blogs!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Ali! I just heard the news about Google Reader and am so bummed.

  3. Does Feedly work if you use Explorer? I only see Chrome, Firefox and Safari as options. Thanks!

    • Eek – you’re right! Sorry about that, I thought it said Explorer. Looks like that browser is not an option right now. I will change that!

  4. im so bummed about it. thanks Ali for sharing this. will have to look into it :)

  5. Thank you! I was thinking about what to do with Google Reader yesterday and today I woke up and discovered your post.

  6. That was super easy! Thanks Ali! Once Reader goes away, Feedly won’t have access anymore, will the feeds still be there?

  7. Thanks for this tutorial also. I haven’t used Feedly, but looking at it, I think I’ll do this!

  8. Thanks so much Ali for those tutorials! I think Feedly is cozier than
    Bloglovin but I’m gonna try both and explore more before GR is down. :)

  9. Thank you for this post! With Reader shutting down, this could not come at a more perfect time as I’ve been looking for YEARS for a feed/reader that I like as well as Google Reader, which isn’t always perfect but it’s been my Reader for 5 yrs!


  11. Thanks for sharing! I am so lost with all of this stuff! Can’t I just bake cookies:)

  12. I’m using feedly right now. I like it a lot so far! And they say it’ll work seamlessly once reader goes away too!

  13. Aaghh, you sold me on Bloglovin then I saw this..what’s a boy to do?

  14. Thank you! I was stressing about what to do:)

  15. Oh my gosh. That’s easy. I haven’t investigated Feedly yet but plan to. Thank you so much for the info.

  16. I just made the move! And dude, it was so easy! Thanks for the tip :)

  17. I too made the change to Feedly. It’s pretty similar. One thing I loved about Google Reader was the “Google Next” button, so I could go from blog to blog without having to go back to Reader each time. (a lot of times I prefer to read on the actual web page rather than in the reader.) Do you know if Feedly has this feature?

    Thanks so much!

  18. Ok – I must be an idiot because I am having trouble switching. I went to the website and didn’t see anything that said that said connect to google reader. I logged in per the instructions on the site and still nothing. This is SO frustrating! I have a large amount of subscriptions and I really don’t want to lose them! :(

  19. Hi Brandy, I’m like you. I couldn’t find the connect to google button just download google for safar which I have downloaded tens of times already and installed and in vain. I still was not asked to log to google and still can’t migrate my feeds. :(

  20. I went to and didn’t see anywhere to connect to google reader. There was a button to download for safari but after I downloaded, nothing happened. Do I need to sign up for an account first?

  21. Once Google Reader goes away will you still be able to log in through Google Reader?

  22. like the last few readers, i too am having a hard time connecting to my google reader in feedly. i don’t see anywhere to connect, it will not download for safari, and when i logged in using my google account info, nothing happens in the way of transferring my feeds. just curious if you know what’s happening? (i know you are simply giving instructions for how you did it, and do not work for feedly, so no worries if you don’t know, but just thought i’d ask!)

  23. I just started using Feedly. It’s really slick. Matter of fact, I am using now feedly while reading your blog.

  24. I know this is an old post, but question!! I do not normally subscribe to a blog via email. I usually use GFC. But I do have the email option on my blog. So am I to understand that those who are subscribed via email, will no longer receive my updates? Would I still have to get on Feedly or Bloglovin for others to subscribe as they did via email??? Sorry, but I just really don’t understand all of this. My blog reading is done on my dashboard.

  25. That was very helpful. May I share this infographic?

    • We’re glad to hear that! And yes, as long as you attribute credit and link back to this blog post. :)