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Middle Of The Map Fest |

Speaking on the #ShowMeKC panel this week at Middle Of The Map Fest Forum in Kansas City (Photo cred: Jay Liebenguth)

Feeling pretty jazzed about Kansas City after attending Middle Of The Map Fest this week. Cool, innovative, inspiring things are happening everywhere you turn in this city lately, thanks of course to all of the cool people who choose to call this place home. It’s an exciting time to be living here.

Watching House Of Cards non-stop. Like literally, can’t stop. I know I’m 3 years late to the party, but I’m making up for lost time while spending every free moment of the day with the Underwoods. Obsessed.

Adding basically every item from this store to my shopping cart. And then making myself try and narrow down my list to a few capsule wardrobe favorites for summer. I love everything about their simple style, their smart and transparent and  business model, and their invitation to #knowyourfactory. Oh, and their gorgeous silk sleeveless shirts.

Reading the new shared memoir from the inspiring mother-daughter-trio behind Three Many Cooks.

Listening to all of the bands who are going to be playing at this festival where I’m going to be road-tripping with some friends in July. Also, have you checked out our new playlist for Spring?

Loving these 20 tips from female entrepreneurs, including some bloggers I really admire.

Sipping Kansas City whiskey. That’s right. Move over, Kentucky, because this brand that used to be a national best-seller before prohibition is back and it’s taking the country (and our fair city) by storm. The story behind it’s pretty cool.

Finishing up the final touches right now on a brand new Gimme Some Oven shop, full of all of my favorite things and more. Can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!

Adoring these small $2 modern wine glasses that I finally purchased this week from West Elm, after having admired them at many a happy hour in Austin at this friend’s amazing modern house. Bonus? They meet the requirement for wine glasses in my house: dishwasher-safe. :)

Starting round 2 of fiddle-leaf fig ownership. My first one bit the dust while I was in Austin, which officially continues my lifetime record of never keeping a plant alive for more than a year. Sorry, earth.

Flying across the country as I type to New York City, where I’m headed to be a part of this cool Earth Day event (come say hi!) and interview this cool gal and visit a few good friends. Can’t wait.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love those wine glasses!

  2. do you get any benefit for getting people to sign up for Everlane? If so, send me an invite — or maybe the link above is just that…

  3. See you at Eaux Claires! Did you get the Chippewa enhanced passes?