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December Update!

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Happy New Year’s Eve Eve, everyone!

We’re back today with our December update and, per ushe, there’s lots happening around here to report! (Which — this video has taught me — I do with All The Hand Motions. Apparently I’m the ??? emoji in real life.)

As always, thank you so much for following along with our adventure here. And stay tuned, because we have some pretty fun new video ideas in store for 2018! In the meantime, we’re sending you warm wishes for a new year ahead. And we’re off to go buy some grapes!



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13 comments on “December Update!”

  1. Happy New Year! Im so glad Henry is ok! Loving you tow and your videos! Can’t wait for More More!!Thanks to you Ali. Im now watching Ukulele videos! I might like to try playing one also! Fun! Thank you guys for your time and efforts! Hugs from KCK!!!

  2. Congratulations! Barcelona is one of mu very favorite spots! Love the food, the people, the architecture, the scenery; everything is special. NOW; how about recipes for that special cuisine! Best wishes for a great life together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jim Rodgers

  3. Putting in a request for a tour of Barcelona food markets! Shopping for groceries is different in Europe and I’d love to see how it’s done :)

  4. I will be in Barcelona and Madrid in March. Perhaps you could make some suggestions while I am there

  5. Thanks for keeping it real! I know it must have been tough to be away from friends and family for Christmas. Also, I know how tough it is to have a sick pup. I’m so glad he is better. I’ll be praying for no lows next month (and that your Chex mix shows up).

  6. Hey friends! I had a lot of fun at my tea with Jennifer yesterday. I’m excited to come visit you! I’m also very worried about Barc’s eye. I want to look at Barcelona on the map now.


    PS – This isn’t a verbatim account of Linc’s thoughts, but it’s pretty close. -W

  7. Oh, my goodness! I just love your updates! I have been to Madrid and I can see the differences between where you are in Barcelona and the city of Madrid. I can’t wait to visit Barcelona, and I am looking forward to your tour info!

    I am a big believer in prayer, and I am adding Barclay’s eyes to my list. Praying for healing in the midst of waiting.

    Thank for always sharing your highs and lows–and whoas!

  8. Be really careful w/grapes—poison for dogs!!!!!!!! Just one can kill a small dog!

  9. A fun video, as usual. And as usual I enjoyed watching it. So glad to hear that Henry has rebounded. I’m very much looking forward to the Spanish recipes. We’ve spent a little time in Barcelona (like a few days), but we’ve found a couple of good places to eat. One is A Taste of Istanbul on La Rambla. The other is Schilling Cafe. If you haven’t tried them, they are very nice, but don’t try the paella at the Turkish restaurant – it’s not great. Hope you continue to enjoy Barcelona, and I wish you a wonderful new year.

  10. I am really enjoying your videos and your blog in general. Happy New Year to you both!!

  11. Fantastic videos made by an amazing couple! We watch your videos with my children and they’re (too) enjoying it so much! They’re having fun while learning about a new culture – well done guys! Wishing you a phenomenal 2018 and great health to all of you! Your faithful followers from Alberta, Canada

  12. Happy New Year to you guys also. I love me some A&B so keep the vids coming. I love to see you guys look at each other with so much love. It is refreshing! Hugs to Henry!

  13. Enjoy every moment in Spain. Barcelona is an amazing city and the surrounding area must be explored. While in el Born, visit la vinya del senyor, an amazing wine bar where you can take in the cathedral Santa Maria del Mar while enjoying a glass of wine. Heading north from Barcelona along the coast, hop off the train at El Masnou and visit Alella where you will find the amazing Companyia d’Alella, Celler i Taverna. A fantastic wine cellar and tapas bar. Also worth visiting is Sant Pol, a beautiful little town on the coast. Great day trip and perfect spot for a picnic on the beach! One day I will get back there again! Hope you add learning Catalan to your list of things to do, definitely with it if you plan on staying, which you probably will!