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Favorite Workout Gear | #gimmesomefavoritesWe’re starting a new little series site-wide here called “Gimme Some Favorites”. And after posting this mason jar inspired roundup today on Oven, I thought it would be fun to do a little fitness version here at Gimme Some Life.

So without further ado, here is a roundup of some of my favorite workout gear!

I have to admit that I’ve never been a big spender when it comes to workout gear, so most of these items can be found at Target or Amazon. But whenever I’m taking a class at the gym or working out with friends, I always love hearing what new gadgets or apparel my friends have discovered and love. So if you have any recommendations or favorites to share, I would love to hear!

(This post contains a few Amazon affiliate links.)

Favorite Workout Gear |

1. Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor | Amazon

I just ordered this watch after being inspired by my friend Monique. And it pretty much instantly became my new favorite workout accessory. This watch is amazing!!! It measures your heart rate, and converts that into calories burned based on your weight, height, age, gender, individual maximum heart rate (HRmax), and how hard you’re training. I looked into some of the higher end models, but honestly, I thought this was by far the best value for the price and had the features I wanted.

Favorite Workout Gear |

2. C9 Women’s Fit & Flare Tank | Target

I am admittedly obsessed with Target’s activewear — especially this tank! They currently have it in a variety of colors, of which I may have purchased three. :)  This tank is seriously so comfortable, flattering, and provides good support up top. And for $18.99, the price is pretty unbeatable.

Favorite Workout Gear |

3. C9 Women’s Capri Tights | Target

I am equally obsessed with these capri pants from Target. They are well made, well priced, and really comfortable. I especially love them in all of this in-between weather — perfect with a tank when it’s warmer, or  with a hoodie when it’s cooler.

Favorite Workout Gear |

4. YogaAccessories 1/4-Inch Extra Thick High Density Yoga Mat | Amazon

I’m partial to extra thick yoga mats, since I think the little bit of extra cushioning really helps my back in any sort of impact workouts. Some people love them because they’re just a little more comfy. But for anyone with back problems, that extra 1/8-inch really helps make a big difference even when doing something as simple as jumping jacks. Plus, I love all the pretty colors!

Favorite Workout Gear | gimmesomelife.com5. CamelBak Water Bottles | CamelBak, Amazon, Target, Etc.!

It’s all about the spout on these. Great water bottles, BPA free, easy to use, cute, and perfect for drinking in the middle of a tough workout!

Favorite Workout Gear |

6. C9 3 lb. Hand Weights | Target

I admittedly do not have tremendous arm strength, so I use these little guys for most of my workouts at home. But whatever weight you’d like, these C9 weights from Target are my favorite because they are low-priced, easy to grip, and are kind of cute. ;)

Favorite Workout Gear |

7. The 30-Day Shred by Jillian Michaels | Amazon

Ok, I snuck a few workouts into this “gear” post. This is still my all-time favorite workout DVD. I am on my third copy of the DVD now, but I have it memorized by heart. I love her 3-2-1 system, the fact that it’s fast (25 minute workouts), and that it’s actually do-able. You can read more here about my method for multitasking this workout.

Favorite Workout Gear |

8. The Bar Method Dancer’s Body DVD | Amazon

You all know that I love ballet, and The Bar Method DVDs have been some of my favorites for awhile now. I’m still gearing up my courage to try some of the studio classes sometime in Kansas City. But honestly, I still love the convenience of doing this workout at home. And the Dancer’s Body DVD is my favorite!

Favorite Workout Gear |

9. Barre3 |

Honestly, though, most of my workout DVD time the past few months has been spent with Barre3. This website has become one of my absolute favorites! It is very similar to The Bar Method in that the workouts are ballet-inspired, but are really just about doing a zillion reps with ballet-inspired moves. You pay a monthly fee to subscribe to the website, where there are oodles of workouts available in 10-, 30-, 40-, and 60-minute lengths. My favorites are the Ski Conditioning (10 min), Ballet Boot Camp (30 min), and Studio Burn (60 min).

They also have a 28 To Great program that whips you into shape in 28 days with workouts, meal planning, and some other great resources.

Favorite Workout Gear |

10. JFit Stability Exercise Ball | Amazon

Finally, everyone needs a trusty exercise ball. You can buy them anywhere, but this one is my fav because (admittedly) I like the pretty white pearl color. Perfect for all sorts of workouts!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Also, as always, any workout opinions mentioned are totally my own. I’m not a doctor, and if you have questions about workout advice or equipment, you should run them by a professional.

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  1. I love that jillian michaels dvd (well, and ALL her dvds!) haha. It’s amazing how good of a workout you can get in your living room!