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January Dare: Move In The Mornings

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Move In The Mornings | #gimmesomedares

Let’s do this!!

For those of you who missed my post yesterday, I shared that I have chosen “dare” as my one little word for 2015. I want to dare myself to get out of my comfort zone, push the boundaries, try new things, you name it. I want to be more daring!

But hey, dares are always way more fun in a group, right?! So for anyone else who might be interested in shaking things up a bit this year, I would love to invite you to join me for a few monthly challenges. I’m calling them #gimmesomedares. (Perfect for hashtaging, hint hint!)  None of them should be anything hugely difficult or time consuming. I’m just interesting in some fun dares that might make your day a little bit better, a bit more meaningful, and maybe a bit more daring.

Are you in? Well, here’s our first dare for the month of January:


Move In The Mornings

Yep, it’s that simple, and you can interpret it however you’d like. The goal is simply to start your day with movement.

I have mentioned on here many times before that I’m not a natural morning person. As such, I’m often guilty of hitting the snooze button way too many times, racing into my workday, and procrastinating any sort of workout until after late afternoon or evening after work (when the chances of it actually happening are easily reduced to 50%). While I would love to get back into doing my full workouts consistently in the mornings, I know that life happens and that will probably never happen every day.

BUT. I’m a huge believer in the power of getting your heart rate up first thing in the morning, and the energizing effect that it has on both my mind and my body. And I really love the idea just in general of starting your day out prioritizing your health and your body.

So even if it’s just for 1 minute, 10 minutes, or doing a full 30- or 60-minute workout, the dare for January is simply to start your day out with SOME sort of movement.

Ideas For How To Get Movin’

If this is already how you begin your days, then power to ya! If you need a few ideas on how to get started, though, here is a little list that I made for myself.

1-Minute Workout:

  • Push-Ups
  • Crunches
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Jump Rope
  • Run stairs
  • Plank

5-Minute Workout:

10-Minute Workout:

Of course, you can also do a longer full workout and/or go to the gym. But these are a few ideas to get you movin’ if you’re feeling rushed.

Whatever you choose to do, the whole point is just to get your heart rate up and move in the mornings. I’m convinced that it’s the best way to begin your day, and usually has a way of making the rest of your day all the better too.

So January, let’s get movin’! (And if you do, be sure to hashtag #gimmesomedares #moveinthemornings so that I can cheer you on! And thanks to my friend Sarah for coming up with the name of this month’s dare!)

What are some of your favorite ways to get moving in the morning?

Any favorite short or long workouts?

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22 comments on “January Dare: Move In The Mornings”

  1. I can’t usually do it because of our work schedules, but I love starting my morning with Pure Barre. I feel so free the rest of the day and barely need my cup of coffee. Plus, there’s something really invigorating about getting the day started before most people. Good luck!

  2. Okay, I’m taking your dare! I used to do 12 sun salutations every morning to wake up and feel energized (and it is really effective), but I’ve gotten lax about it and have stopped doing it. I work out in the evenings, but you’re right, moving in the morning makes a huge difference. So, starting tomorrow, I’ll commit to my 12 sun salutations again. Thanks for sharing!! 

  3. This is so motivating!!  I’m in.  #gimmesomedares

  4. One gentle way we use to move in the morning is a simple Tai Chi routine.  Think I need to get dressed and do that now!

  5. This is a great list because they are actually ATTAINABLE!  I have the hardest time going to the gym for a 60 minute workout.  But even I can do a 1 or 5 minute workout.  Great list!

  6. What I have recently found is a good morning stretch are sun salutations from yoga. It’s 4 minutes of stretching, planks, strengthening, but is not too crazy for 1st thing in the morning. Now I need to do it more. 

  7. I used to run every morning, but my new schedule makes it hard to get in a run. I think I will have to resolve to do yoga or short interval workout before starting my day. It makes a big difference!

  8. For my word – STRONG – I’m doing a sun salutation every morning. It only takes a few minutes, but feels so great! I love those 10 minute videos, thanks!

  9. Love these quick workout ideas!

  10. I am all about the 10-minute workout. barre3 is my absolute go-to, especially when I’m working from home and just need to jump up quickly and do something. Amazing what an energy burst just 10 minutes provides. Love this dare. Cheers to moving!

  11. Love this idea – will try it out Ali! I love the word of the year! :)

  12. I love this idea! I started running in the mornings during the month of December, and to be honest I thought I would HATE it. After a few days I realized how invigorating it can be (snow and ice covered sidewalks permitting!)

  13. I love this. I find it so hard to get up in the morning. But I find that I’m way more energized throughout the day (even better than drinking coffee) if I’m able to get up and do just a quick 20-30 minute jog with the sunrise. Good luck! 

  14. thanks! I think it’s an excellent idea to have small exercises so you can create your own routines :)

  15. Such a cool post!
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  16. Stretching! I am too weak/asleep to ever do any kind of cardio or strength work first thing in the morning, but it always feels good to roll out of bed onto the floor and just do some stretches. 

    Funny — my word for 2015 IS movement. So. I guess you got me on this one.

  17. I’m so excited to try this recipe. So inspirational!

    Happy new year!

  18. I work on the 6th floor of an office building and I move in the morning by taking the stairs up everyday!

  19. I love this dare!!! I would work out in the morning every day if possible! Today I decided to wait until the evening so I could go to the gym with Rich and let Jacob take a morning nap and I’m not gonna lie – I hate having it over my head! Can’t wait to #MoveInTheMornings with you!

  20. I love this! I’m actually trying this myself, ideally for the whole year. For the past two weeks I’ve been trying to follow along with the general weekly workout plan from Tone It Up, and they really encourage people to work out first thing in the morning. I’m not a morning person either (and a terrible snoozer), so this is a struggle for me, too. Hopefully we can both make this happen!

  21. This is inspirational. I will do this in the morning. Ooops, I mean, I will try to the best of my ability. :-)

  22. I try to do a Barre3 10 minute every morning.  Today I tried the Jillian Michaels one and it felt great! Doing both would be great, on mornings when I have the time! Thanks for the recommendation!