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The One Thing You Must Do To Every Image Uploaded To Your Blog

The One Thing You Must To Do Every Image Uploaded To Your Blog -- a step-by-step tutorial |

This one may seem like a no-brainer for those of you bloggers who use Pinterest every single day. But occasionally I still see new bloggers forgetting to take this crucial step with uploading photos that will literally make all the difference in optimizing your photos on Pinterest. Plus, as a bonus, it also helps with SEO.

The thing??

Titling your photos. Here’s how to do it:

The One Thing You Must To Do Every Image Uploaded To Your Blog -- a step-by-step tutorial |

1. Begin by opening up your post and finding the image you want to title.

The One Thing You Must To Do Every Image Uploaded To Your Blog -- a step-by-step tutorial |

2. Click on it, and then click on the “Edit Image” button (the little icon with the mountains) that pops up.

The One Thing You Must To Do Every Image Uploaded To Your Blog -- a step-by-step tutorial |

3. Whatever name you gave the image when saving it on your computer will now pop up.

(Another big tip — save your images with the names of the post! Not IMG_3928, or however your camera wants to name it. This will majorly help with SEO.)

Still, whatever image name you have here is what you want to change, because this is the text that will show up when people go to pin your image.

The One Thing You Must To Do Every Image Uploaded To Your Blog -- a step-by-step tutorial |

4. Ideally, the experts say that your title (and alt text) should have around 200 characters to be best optimized for Pinterest. I recommend including:

  • The title of your image/post (even if you use Rich Pins, those titles usually don’t show up on all mobile devices)
  • Some kind of description
  • Your URL or Pinterest handle (I love the URLs because they are live links that people can click on within Pinterest)
  • Hashtags (optional, and I recommend only using 1-3)

Then copy whatever text you included, and hit “update”. Then go and paste the text on all other photos that you have on that page. (Or change them each to include whatever text you want.)

You can also do this step when uploading photos to WordPress in the first place.

The One Thing You Must To Do Every Image Uploaded To Your Blog -- a step-by-step tutorial |

5. So now, whenever someone goes to pin your image on Pinterest…

The One Thing You Must To Do Every Image Uploaded To Your Blog -- a step-by-step tutorial |

6. …your sweet new title text will show up in the description. So much better than “Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti”, yes??

The One Thing You Must To Do Every Image Uploaded To Your Blog -- a step-by-step tutorial |

7. Of course, any pinner has the option of typing in whatever text they want to replace yours. But as someone who uses Pinterest day in and day out, I can confidently say that the vast majority of pinners never bother to take the time to rename your image.

So decide what you want to say, and title that text baby!

(And by the way, this Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti will knock your socks off. Give it a try!)

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    • You’re very welcome Janelle — we’re glad to hear this was helpful to you! :)

  4. Great post! Awesome idea. I am just getting started and I appreciate the newbie advice. 

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  8. Thank you so much!  I am a new blogger, and while this may seem like a simple thing for most people, I did not realize how important this one step is.  Love your blog!!

    • Thanks for your sweet words — we’re happy you found this helpful! And welcome to the world of blogging! :)

  9. I am guilty of not paying much attention to the image title. I hust end up writing a 5-6 words titale for the image, and that’s what is shown as the description when it is pinned. I need to take care of that from now on. 

    Thank you for this tip. 

  10. Good tip. Should be done on websites also. If you don’t use content management, because it sucks, all can be done in HTML.

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    Thank you very much for this information.  

    My website is not yet ready for launch but i have been active on Pinterest a few weeks and am thankful to learn this now and not in a few more months.

    Happy New Year,

    Lora Smith

    • You’re very welcome, Lora — we’re glad this was helpful! Happy New Year to you as well, and good luck with your site! :)

  19. I’ve always thought shorter was the way to go, but now I know the opposite to be true thanks to this! Thank you for the great example, now I can step up my photo game!

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    • We’re glad this was helpful to you, Susan, and we wish you luck with your new blog!

  21. Great tip! I didn’t realize it would become a clickable link within the Pinterest description. Going to need to go back and add some URLs! Thank you.

  22. I loved your article. Something I struggle with.
    I like to copy articles that are relevant so I can read them later when I am actually working on that whatever. Your site doesn’t seem to allow the copy and paste option.
    If this is related to site security and people stealing your work, I get it.
    But since I can still do it with print screen or something, that isn’t 100%. My feedback. Your call. Just sharing.

    • Hi Susie — we’re not sure what you mean. You can highlight the recipe you’re trying to copy and copy and paste. We don’t have any features on the site that prohibit that.

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  31. When I upload photos on WordPress they are so blurry on my blog, why?
    They aren’t blurry on the camera screen and they aren’t blurry when I edit them. They just look blurry when I put them on my blog. I don’t understand why and it is so frustrating. So, if anyone knows the solution please let me know.

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