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Perfect Barcelona-Inspired Picnic

The Perfect Picnic

Where To Get the Goods:

The Boquería is famous in Barcelona and a must-visit, but for a lovely array of options in a less-touristy, Gaudí-inspired building, head for Santa Caterina.

Note: The Boquería draws tourists year-round, so you’ll find plenty of English speakers working the stands. | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

Santa Caterina is a fine food market, with fresh and diverse offerings. It’s less touristy than La Boquería, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can chat with the people at each of the stands. Many are family businesses and know what they’re doing. There are some good places inside the market itself to get a drink or a few bites if you’re in need of inspiration before you fill your shopping basket.

Our Recommendations:

  • Cheese – there are simply too many cheeses to list, so try a few at the market and pick up a couple baguettes while you’re there!
  • Olives – Spain is one of the world’s leading producers, and there are a huge amount of options. If you’re intending to buy some, most sellers at the market are happy to let you taste a few. Some of the more tapas-style olives come skewered with sun-dried tomatoes, or cheeses, etc. stuffed inside.
  • Jamón Ibérico – one of Spanish cuisine’s most dearly loved ingredients, the famous ham coming from the Iberian Peninsula is everywhere.
  • Empanadillas – savory pastries come with a variety of fillings, and are delightfully portable.
  • A bottle of water – because the next tapas bar is just around the corner.

Where To Take All This Deliciousness:

  • Parc de la Ciutatella – If you’re spending most of your time in Ciutat Vella, grab a blanket and head for Parc de la Ciutatella. It’s a charming place at any time of the year, and bustles with life on the weekends. From Santa Caterina Market, it’s a 10 minute walk.
  • Montjuïc – with great views, lovely green spaces and not a lot of food options, bringing your own party is a great way to go. Consider heading down a few flights of stairs from the Miró Foundation building to the Greek Gardens.
  • Barceloneta – in addition to the restaurants and chiringuitos, you might want to eat your picnic set to the sound of the ocean.

Other Tips:

  • Like most things around here, get to Santa Caterina Market or La Boquería early for the best selection.
  • Note: these markets are closed on Sundays!
  • Check out our downloadable travel guide map for other recommendations nearby!


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