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Sparkling Ginger Mint Juleps

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Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

This has been the week of Gatsby!

Last Saturday, my delightful book club spent an entire evening talking all things Gatsby and Fitzgerald (which led to a 90’s hits dance party…of course). Then on Monday night, three of us Gimme Some writers had the chance to attend an early screening of Baz Luhrmann’s new film at our favorite movie theater downtown. But people, this wasn’t just any screening. Full-on 20’s costumes were required, vintage cars were parked up and down Main Street, old movie posters lined the theater, and everyone came ready to have a roaring good time. Our friend Malina, a remarkably talented and gracious costume designer, was to thank for most of our group’s amazing costumes (including some great hats!). Our own Sarah from Gimme Some Film gave a rockin’ interview after the screening. And the movie — well, you must experience it for yourself. It’s epic Luhrmann, and a given must-see.

Although before or after you check it out, I highly recommend reading Sarah’s Great Gatsby review on Gimme Some Film. And checking out our Great Gatsby giveaway, F. Scott Fitzgerald giveaway, a reading by Carey Mulligan, thoughts on Gatsby hope and tragedy and epigraphs, and some Fitzgerald poetry on Gimme Some Reads. If you’re into art, definitely look into this Gatsby art project on Gimme Some Style. And if you haven’t already, pick up the book!!! It’s only 120 pages, and makes for a great Saturday afternoon read.

Of course, I couldn’t let the week go by without posting a recipe for mint juleps. Although for a different “sparkling” twist, I decided to try making some with my favorite ginger beer. Crazy good! All you need are 3 ingredients, and you get all of the goodness of a classic mint julep, but also a perfectly sweet and fizzy spin.

(If you, like Gatsby, think that “it’s a great advantage not to be drinking around drinking people”, these are also yummy without the bourbon.)

Cheers to an amazing American novel. Hope you enjoy, Old Sport!

Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

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Sparkling Ginger Mint Juleps

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  • Prep Time: 1 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 minutes
  • Yield: 1 drink 1x


A sparkling ginger twist on the classic mint julep


  • 6 ounces ginger beer
  • 2 ounces bourbon**
  • about 8 mint leaves
  • ice


  1. Muddle the ginger beer, 3 mint sprigs and bourbon together in a glass until the mint has released its flavor.
  2. Fill the glass with crushed ice, then garnish with remaining mint sprig.
  3. (Optional: If you do not like the remaining muddled mint leaves, you can strain the julep before addint the ice and garnish mint sprig.)
  4. **To make a non-alcoholic version, simply omit the bourbon.

Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

Gimme Some Gatsby!

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Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep Recipe |

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Our roaring group (although missing our amazing costume designer, Malina).

This post contains affiliate links.

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38 comments on “Sparkling Ginger Mint Juleps”

  1. I love that last photo of everyone! What a wonderful drink.

  2. Ginger beer is my favorite cocktail ingredient of all time!!!

  3. Delicious and gorgeous! Love these!

  4. You guys look amazing! What a fun way to celebrate the release of the film : )

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  6. Spectacular! I wonder if my entire head would fit in that glass.

  7. LOVE mint juleps. This version has me hankerin’ for one and it’s not even 9 a.m.! :)

  8. Look at you! Stunning!! and these drinks? I’m suddenly feeling mighty thirsty :)

  9. A nice twist on the Horsefeather (ginger ale/beer + bourbon + lemon), Ali. I shall make one soon.

  10. OMG!! Ali, these drinks are beautiful!! And I am so stoked to see the movie!!

  11. I like these both ways – Gatsby’d and non-Gatsby’d! Sounds delish :)

  12. Beautiful! And what a fun picture of you guys!

  13. I saw your instagrams! Looked like so much fun. I once went to a Gatsby party in these wine caves in Napa for New Years, and it was even more fun because every single person dressed up. But you guys look SO great, you totally smoked those napa people!

  14. How fun! I have to make this drink!

  15. Love ginger in my drinks! This looks so refreshing!

  16. Wow Ali, I find it so hard to take pictures of drinks for some reason. Yours are awesomely stunning!

  17. I’m a huge Gatsby fan! These juleps look so refreshing!

  18. This photos are GORGEOUS ali! Seriously. These are stunning.

  19. Love the costumes Ali, that sounds like so much fun! I want to see Gatsby too, soon I hope :) Love these mint juleps, and the photos are wonderful!

  20. That screening party sounds awesome! I would love to go to a 20’s theme party. :) looking forward to seeing the movie. The drinks look great. I will have to try them!

  21. We recently read The Great Gatsby for our book club, too. We’re going to see the film together on Friday, and I can’t wait! I love Baz. This cocktail is perfect for celebrating all things Gatsby. Love it!

  22. A ginger mint julep sounds perfect right now :) this looks lovely!

  23. Delicious spring cocktail recipe. Will try this at home!