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We’re MARRIED!!!

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And our hearts are absolutely bursting. 

I can’t wait to come back and share with you all about our wedding weekend soon. But for now, I’m signing off for awhile as we settle in and head out on our (delayed, thanks to a lost passport, whoops!) honeymoon next weekend. Feel free to follow along on my personal Instagram (@gimmesomeali) for more wedding and Mexico trip pics (plus lots of Insta stories!) if you’d like while we’re away. But otherwise, I look forward to being back in a few weeks with new recipes to share.

Thanks again for all of your amazing support, and for making us feel so celebrated and so, so loved during this sweet season. I love you all…and love this amazing new husband of mine SO MUCH!

Ali (Martin!)

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83 comments on “We’re MARRIED!!!”

  1. So happy for you both! Congratulations…and enjoy your honeymoon!

  2. Best wishes and joyous times for you both on this precious journey together!??

  3. Sending a big Mabrouk to you both all the way from Dubai!!

  4. Congratulations!!!!

  5. Wishing you many happy years together, god bless you both ?

  6. Congratulations. May your marriage last a lifetime, a long, long lifetime.

  7. Congratulations to you both.

  8. Congrats Ali! You look absolutely stunning and genuinely happy. Enjoy your honeymoon. Cheers to a happy, healthy, long-lasting marriage together!

  9. How fun! I saw your wedding from the Instagram accounts of SO MANY other bloggers that I follow. I basically feel like I was there. :D

    I’m so glad you could find the silverlining in your honeymoon delay. My husband and I went to Wichita, KS (approx 45 minutes from where we live) for our Honeymoon and it was probably the best wedding decision we could have made. We were able to RELAX and sleep and sleep and sleep. I didn’t know a person could be as tired as we were after our wedding. There was no pressure to go go go because we were in a town that we knew. If we didn’t get around to doing something, that’s okay because we can just drive up and see it another time.


  10. Sooo HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS and cheers for blissful and happy years ahead=)

  11. Congratulations ~ you both look beautiful. Much happiness for many, many years ♥

  12. You two are darling! I found your blog about two years ago when I Googled “best chicken enchiladas” and your recipe popped up. I have been making that recipe ever since (and that SAUCE!!!), and it was to my surprise when I realized you are in KC (where I live too [well, the metro area]). Love your tips (especially enjoyed reading about your river cruise and always love the Aldi shopping favorites)! I wish you and your lucky new husband the very best–and keep the good stuff coming! :)

  13. Congratulations, you look so happy together, have a wonderful honeymoon. Mexico is one of my favorite places to vacation I’ve been several times. Looking forward to your pictures and to see where you stayed, we plan on going next year.

  14. SO beautiful!!! Congrats!!

  15. Congratulations!!!

  16. Ah congrats! I don’t follow many blogs but yours is my go to! If I’m looking for a recipe for something and you’ve got one, I’m going to try yours over someone elses; you haven’t disappointed me yet! I still remember seeing your post from when he proposed, so sweet! You look absolutely stunning, congrats on your special day!

  17. Congratulations! So exciting.

  18. Absolutely lovely, Congratulations and Best wishes !

  19. Congratulations!

  20. Congrats Ali!

    Wish you both all the best in the coming days and years!

    Blessings, Bob

  21. I am so very Happy for you guys!! Congratulations to Both of You!!! I look forward to your recipes when you guys return from your Honeymoon!!!

  22. congratulations!! I am loving your insta stories in Mexico, DF. The food, oh the food, buenisimo!!!

  23. HAPPY “I DO” DAY!
    Wishing you happiness forever and forever. Love is a such a wonderful and treasured thing, please keep it close to your hearts.

  24. Congratulations!!! Such a beautiful pic. :)

  25. Congratulations!!! I know you are so excited to begin your life together! I wish you all the happiness in the world!
    Robyn xo

  26. Ali, I found your blog a few years ago and have been a devoted fan since. My daughters ask me specifically to make that “Skinny Orange Chicken” from Gimme Some Oven!

    Congratulations on your union. You both look over-the-moon happy (not to mention gorgeous)! You have inspired me with your down to earth approach, enthusiasm and humor. : )

    • Thanks for your sweet words, Leigh. We’re so happy you enjoy the blog, and we’re so glad you and your girls enjoy the Skinny Orange Chicken! :)

  27. Congratulations!

  28. Congratulations! ! You look so happy together!

  29. Allison! I was looking for a recipe for rainbow salsa and started with your blog and wow- I am so excited and happy for you!

    God does immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine and it looks like He is doing some amazing things in your life. Congratulations on your marriage and press on!

  30. Congrats!!!