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Zwilling 9-Piece Knife Block Set GIVEAWAY ($449.99 Value!)

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Zwilling 9-Piece Professional Knife Block Set GIVEAWAY | gimmesomeoven.comThis giveaway is sponsored by Zwilling.

As promised in yesterday’s post on how to cut butternut squash, I have a fun new giveaway to share with you today that will help with all of your slicing and dicing needs, and help you breeze through them in style. Yes, I’m sure you caught a glimpse of that beautiful photo above. We’re giving away a brand new, gorgeous, well-made, gonna-make-you-want-to-chop-All-The-Things 9-Piece Professional Knife Block Set from Zwilling!

And I’m pretty stoked about it.

Because as you all have heard me say time and again, of all the investments you can make in your kitchen, I’ve a big believer in the value of saving up for a really good set of knives. You know, a set of “big girl knives”. Knives that are incredibly well-made and will last decades (especially when well-taken care of). Knives that are well-balanced in the palm of your hand, and will slice and dice your food with ease. And knives that — yes, also very important — will look smokin’ hot in that kitchen of yours!

As someone who spent far too many years cooking with a $20 knife set from college, I’ll be the first to admit that you don’t need fancy equipment to cook good food. But my goodness — cooking sure is much easier, much more fun, and in some cases (like trying to power through a huge butternut squash) I believe that cooking can be much safer when you’re using a solid set of knives.

So lucky for us, the kind folks at Zwilling — you know, those folks who make some spectacular knives — reached out and offered to give away this gorgeous knife block set to a lucky Gimme Some Oven reader. Which means that could possibly be you! Who knows? You’d better scroll below and take a minute to enter that giveaway to find out… ;)

Zwilling 9-Piece Professional Knife Block Set GIVEAWAY |

I’ve actually been testing out this Zwilling 9-Piece Professional Knife Block Set myself for the past month, and oh my goodness, it has been an absolute treat to use.

Zwilling 9-Piece Professional Knife Block Set GIVEAWAY |

The set comes with 9 pieces, including a 3″ paring knife, 4″ paring knife, 5″ santoku knife hollow edge, 6″ slicing knife, 8″ chef’s knife, 8″ bread knife, kitchen shears, sharpening steel, and a hardwood block that fits in beautifully with my kitchen. I mean, let’s be real, the entire set is beautiful to look at. But more importantly, each knife does a beautiful job when put to work preparing food, like slicing the cucumbers for my water each day…

Zwilling Knives Giveaway 1

…or slicing through a hunk o’ butternut squash.

How To Cut Butternut Squash 10

Needless to say, these knives have instantly become the new rockstars of my kitchen.

And I have become their #1 fan. :)

So! For anyone else interested in upgrading to a new knife set, I highly recommend looking into them. And also — of course! — entering the giveaway below for a chance to win a set for free! Here are the deets:


Giveaway Prize:

One lucky winner will receive a new Zwilling Pro 9-Piece Knife Block Set ($449 value), which includes:

  • 3″ Paring Knife
  • 4″ Paring Knife
  • 5″ Santoku Knife Hollow Edge
  • 6″ Slicing Knife
  • 8″ Chef’s Knife
  • 8″ Bread Knife
  • Kitchen Shears
  • Sharpening Steel
  • Hardwood Block

Why They’re Awesome:

  • Each knife is precision forged using Zwilling’s Sigmaforge process, resulting in an exceptionally hard yet flexible blade.
  • Zwilling’s friodur ice-hardening technique results in a harder, sharper blade that is corrosion resistant and highly elastic.
  • Each blade has hollow-ground depressions to reduce friction and minimize sticking.
  • Precise lasers are used to ensure each blade’s edge is at the optimal cutting angle for maximum sharpness.


Follow the Rafflecopter instructions below to enter the giveaway, and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Zwilling 9-Piece Professional Knife Block Set GIVEAWAY |

This giveaway has been sponsored by Zwilling. They provided the giveaway prize, as well as an additional set of knives for me to test out and review, but all opinions here are 100% my own as always. Thanks for supporting brands like these who help make giveaways possible!

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  1. Out knives are so old and no good! I’d love this new set :)

  2. I need a new set of knives and I’ve heard great things about these.

  3. Zwilling Knives are the best. They would be a wonderful tool in my kitchen.

  4. gorgeous knife set.  It would look great in my kitchen.

  5. I would love to win these knives for my mom!

  6. I have a couple nice knives, but this set would really amp up my kitchen! *fingers crossed*

  7. I love reading what Ali has to say in her blog, as well as experiment with all the recipes she has to share, never disappointed! It’s the first thing I check each morning :) Was also just in search of a new knife set, too, and sounds like the Zwilling one comes highly recommended from a foodie expert! What a generous gift!

  8. These knives look like a great replacement for my old college knives!

  9. my current knives are seriously dull!! they cause so much aggravation, even with cutting sweet potatoes!

  10. Our knives all got broken up in the dishwashing (I know, what losers put their knives in the dishwashers). They were cheap knives. Nothing like these. So I won’t bother saying how desperate I am to win. 

  11. I’d love to win this knife set because as newlyweds who like to cook, we need a quality set of knives but haven’t been able to afford the price tag.

  12. When we got married, my husband and I combined the best of our knives…it would be great to have a matching set!

  13. Those knives are beautiful. I could really use a new set to go with our new house. 

  14. I’ve had “good chef’s knife” on my Christmas list for a couple of years and, for some reason, people don’t think this makes a good gift! Yet I can’t seem to find the ability to splurge on it myself. I’d love these. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. My knives are so cheap

  16. Our knives are embarrassingly old and dull but this is one of those things I never prioritize but totally should! I cook so much that I would a brand spankin’ new set of knives to make all my dicing, slicing, cubing and cutting easier!

  17. ::fingers crossed!:: We use a lot of your recipes and I’m in serious need of a good knife set. Mine can barely cut a tomato.

  18. My old knives have gotten pretty dull and it’s definitely time for some new ones

  19. I would love to try these out in my kitchen!

  20. Those knives look awesome!

  21. I would love to have these knives to replace the old ones I have right now.  I’m constantly worried about chopping a finger off with my current ones haha! 

  22. I would love the knife bock because I don’t really have great knives. I’m starting to get even more involved with cooking, and it would be great to have these!

  23. I’d love to replace my current set with this one! 

  24. I accidentally copy/pasted the wrong link on the pinterest entry. Is there any way to fix it? With my luck, I’d win and then get disqualified for it. 

  25. These knives are AMAZING! My uncle who’s a chef has a set and I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go there. Unfortunately never been able to afford my very own :(

  26. I’d love to have this beautiful set. Nothing beats a quality set of knives in the kitchen – having a really good knife can improve your cooking skills immensely! We have a hodge podge of decent knives, but a set like this would go really far in our kitchen!

  27. I have never had “good” knives. This would be such a help in the kitchen!

  28. Still using the $20 knives from college – this update would be amazing!

  29. These knives look great!  I think it was time I upgrade to a “big girl” set myself.

  30. I’d love to grow up and have a big girl set of knives! :)

  31. I would love to give this wonderful knive set for a gift to my daughter!

  32. Would LOVE these knives. Great Giveaway.

  33. Our knives are old, cheap, and dull. These are my dream knives! 

  34. I have two high quality knives, but then it goes downhill from there! And don’t even get me started on my shears… A full set of high quality knives would make my year.

  35. I only have one knife in my collection that is even usable! Haha.

  36. I love having the right (sharp!) knife for the job. Makes cooking easier. 

  37. You would cry if you could see my current set of knives…they are that bad!

  38. I would love a new set of knives!  Mine are a wedding gift from 1986 and could use an update :)

  39. I’d LOVE to have a good set of knives :)

  40. I just moved to a new house with a great new kitchen.  A new set of knives near my new cooktop would be the icing on the cake! Thanks for the opportunity to win a set!

  41. I’d love to have a decent set of knives to use that actually stay sharp.

  42. I need these!!

  43. I need a new knife set and this would work amazingly!!!

  44. These knives are BEAUTIFUL! As I’m getting more into cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, I would LOVE a set to hone in my knife skills and really have fun in the kitchen.

  45. My knives are definitely outdated and could use an update. These look amazing!

  46. i am so in need of a set of good knives!   i cook often and i’m convinced successful cooking is having the right tools!  these look like beauties!   love your blog Ali!   i’ve made alot of your recipes!

  47. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I agree that knives are the best kitchen investment!

  48. My not-so-great knife set could really use an upgrade. These would fit perfectly in my kitchen :) 

  49. My knives are nearing 13 years old!

  50. I need these knives because I have 7 butternut “volunteers” that grew in my compost, and our knives are not good. As in, always cut at a slant and I worry about my fingers, not good.