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September 9, 2013 by Ali

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

“Movin’ to the country…gonna eat a lot of peaches……”

Ok ok, I may not be moving to the country. But I definitely ate a lot of peaches on my recent trip to California to visit Del Monte.

Actually, we had the amazing opportunity to literally pick peaches fresh off the tree, and then follow them literally from farm to “table” all the way through the canning process and into some delicious dishes that I can’t wait to share with you. It was incredible. It was inspiring. It was fascinating. It was delicious. And of course, I would say the whole experience was downright “peachy”. ;)

So come follow along on this photo journal of my time experiencing a Del Monte peach and tomato harvest with some of my wonderful blogging friends. And then be sure to scroll to the very bottom, where you can enter for the chance to win an extra “sweet” giveaway.

Alright — off to California we go!

Del Monte Harvest |

First of all, allow me to introduce you to my sweet friends who I joined for the trip, and the wonderful food blogs they write:

If you haven’t visited their blogs before, you must. These women are such talented cooks and bloggers, and I quickly found out that they are also so much fun to travel with! We are all from totally different parts of the nation, but had such a great time exploring California together!

We each flew into San Francisco and spent the first day exploring the Bay area, and then hopped in some cars and road tripped it to Modesto for the final two days — home of Del Monte’s fruit cannery.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Now I have, of course, eaten Del Monte canned peaches (and that iconic fruit cocktail) since I was a kid. So I was excited to finally get the chance to visit the peach farms and meet the farmers and hear the story behind the company. But I have to admit that I was mostly curious to see what really happens in the process from farm to table (or “can”).

I feel like there has definitely been a growing trend away from canned produce over the last few decades — partly because using fresh produce is awesome when you can get it. But when it’s out of season, which is most of the year for me living in Kansas, or when you are looking for that convenient canned option, it seems like consumers like me still get a little wary about not knowing what really happens to the peaches or tomatoes in the canning process. So I showed up with a bunch of questions to ask, and ready to eat some peaches!!!

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

From the first moment we all walked into the door of the Del Monte cannery and smelled the sweet, intoxicating, peachy air, we all knew that it was going to be a delicious day. Everyone gave us such a warm welcome. And after a quick breakfast, we all donned our hairnets (“safety first” in a packaging facility!) and then headed for a tour of the canning facility.

We began outside, where Del Monte is constantly receiving trucks overflowing with fresh peaches since the farmers are in the middle of harvest. I have never seen so many peaches in my life! And oh my goodness, did they look and smell tasty.

(Millions of peaches…peaches for me…)

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Then the fascinating part began — following the peaches step by step through the canning process.

I have to admit that I’m not much of a canner. I tried it once when I visited my friend Megan’s farmhouse and we spent the day making homemade Earl Grey Peach Jam. And while the results were delicious, I learned that the process is a lot of work!!!

I also remember being amazed at how the basics of canning have virtually remained the same since our great-great-great-great-grandmothers were canning jam centuries before. Interestingly, it turns out that the canning process is pretty much the same at Del Monte. Yes, they have worked to maximize the efficiency of their technology so that they can process huge batches of peaches as well as other fruits and veggies quickly to ensure a high quality product. But the overall essence of the process is still the same classics of canning!

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

We watched as the peaches were all very carefully inspected (and then inspected again, and again). Then a cool machine helped remove the fuzzy skins. Then the peaches were pitted, sliced, mixed with different kinds of syrups for the different varieties, canned, and packaged. And then those packages — which came in all sorts of shapes and sizes — were all distributed quickly to stores all around the world. It was amazing.

All of us couldn’t stop talking about how incredible it was that these machines were so efficiently able to perform the simple tasks that canners have done for centuries — especially things like removing the peach skins so perfectly and chopping the peaches into perfectly-sized bites. But while they also have fancy scanners that help with ensuring the color and quality of each peach, it was cool to see that there is still no substitute for a final inspection with human eyes. The hardworking crew at the cannery were inspiring to watch as they watched each peach come through the line to be sure that it would pass the quality standards.

We also heard again and again how careful Del Monte is with making sure that the peaches that come in from the farms are harvested and canned at the peak of ripeness to ensure the best end product in the cans. This helps to lock in quality and flavor — which, I’ve learned over the years, can sometimes be more nutritious than fruit that has been sitting on the shelf for days or weeks. And 98% of Del Monte’s canned fruits and veggies are preservative-free. Bonus.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

While in the canning facility, we also had the chance to see some other local fruit being canned — especially pears, grapes and cherries that go into Del Monte’s classic fruit cocktail.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

These used to be a staple in my school lunches back in the day! Although I want to point out that the heavy syrup option that I used to have is only one of the many options that Del Monte now offers for canned peaches. You can purchase many varieties of peaches with “lite” syrup, or even peaches with no sugar added at all. You can check out all of their different varieties of canned peaches here.

And 100% of those canned peaches (and Del Monte tomatoes!) are grown in the USA.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Afterwards, we stopped for a little break with a peach slushy snack that we learned was made by pureeing and freezing the canned peaches we had just watched pass through the canning facility. So yummy! I’m totally trying this at home for a quick and easy frozen treat.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Next, we all hopped in the car and drove outside of town to visit a local peach farm. And it was as charming and adorable as I had hoped!

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

When we arrived, we were introduced to 3rd-generation peach farmers, John and Cliff.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

And their sweet dog, Cosmo, who kind of stole the spotlight (and all of our hearts). :)

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

They told us all about life on a peach farm. It may be beautiful and delicious, but as with all farming, it requires dedication and a lot of hard work. These farmers are constantly learning about and studying the new innovations in the industry to improve their farms. From advances in irrigation, to planting rotations, to building a great team of harvesters, there is so much to keep learning!

But the heart of their peach farm has remained tried and true throughout the generations. And we were all awed and inspired by the pride in these brothers’ eyes as they talked about their farm, and what it has meant to their family. Farmers are seriously the coolest!!!

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

We were all smiles after smelling that heavenly peach scent all morning.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

And of course, we did what the food blogging paparazzi are known for — taking a zillion photos. ;)

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

But how could you not?! These peaches were b-e-a-utiful… Del Monte Harvest Tour | …and tasty! I picked and ate one fresh off the tree! Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Afterwards, we returned to Del Monte for a delicious lunch overflowing with fruits and veggies, many of them Del Monte. My kind of lunch. :)

Del Monte Harvest Tour | Even the centerpieces were overflowing with fruit! (Do you spy the peaches and oranges in there?) Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Did I mention how much I love these bloggers? :)

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

After lunch, we had the surprise of getting to visit another Del Monte farm. This time — tomatoes!!

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Now, we definitely grow tomatoes in Kansas. But our neighborhood loft garden does not look like this!

There were literally acres upon acres of tomatoes as far as the eye could see. But the thing I immediately noticed was that their tomatoes are not staked up like mine have always been. Rather, they let them grow flat. And then an enormous harvester is able to come and miraculously pick them up instead of having to pick them one at a time by hand.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

On the farm, we were introduced to another farming family — The Pereira’s.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

They gave us a tour of their tomato farms, and proudly showed us some of their crop that was nearly ready for harvesting.

The main question we all had was how on earth the harvesters are able to plow through these fields without crushing all of the beautiful ripe tomatoes! It turns out, as they demonstrated above, that all you really need to do to remove tomatoes from the vine is hold up the plant and then give it a good shake. Once you do, the tomatoes instantly fall out and the plant can be mulched to help fertilize the ground for the next crop. Pretty cool!

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

We even got to see one of the tomato harvesters in action as it came through the fields.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Harvesters of all kinds absolutely fascinate me. Such a cool process to see the tomatoes picked, sorted, and then literally wind blown into a storage cart that drives alongside the harvester.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

This tire was as tall as me, and filled with tomatoes. It gives entirely new imagery to “crushed tomatoes”, eh? :) Then all of those tomatoes are transferred immediately to Del Monte for canning at the peak of ripeness.

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Of course, we had to snag just a few for sampling. And then the Pereira’s generously encouraged everyone to hand-pick a batch to take home. They were so kind!!

Del Monte Harvest Tour |

Our group had such a great time getting to talk with them and hear about their story farming, and working with Del Monte. Without any prompting, it was cool to hear them talk so positively about what it’s like to work with Del Monte. They spoke very highly of the company and the ways that it respects and values their farmers, and also how they offer some of the most fair wages in the business. It was affirming to hear, and yet again confirmed why Del Monte has been a leader in this industry for so many years.

Overall, it was an amazing trip. And it was certainly made all the more amazing with a great group of blogging friends, some great farmers, and all of the great folks from Del Monte. Many thanks to the Del Monte and BlogHer crew for inviting me along, and to all of you readers for following along on this adventure!

Be sure to check out the other bloggers’ great roundup posts about the harvest tour here. And now to the extra “peachy” ending to this post…a $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

$100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

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Be sure to visit the Del Monte Brand Page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and discover more chances to win!


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    - Heather

  150. I love grilled peaches with pound cake and balsamic vinegar! Also, gazpacho for tomatoes!

    - Erica @ erica finds

  151. My favorite is peach strudel.

    - Janine McNally

  152. I love a Peach Pie!

    - kesha

  153. I love frozen peaches in smoothies.

    - Kelster

  154. Nutty Peach Crisp – was a family favorite growing up and still shows up frequently at dinners.

    - Susan Christy

  155. Peach ice cream gets me every time. And for tomatoes, I love a good bruschetta!

    - Megan (Braise The Roof)

  156. I love peach jam!

    - Natalie J Vandenberghe

  157. Back in the day (shhh… to how long), in then called Junior High (now Middle School), when Cooking class was mandatory, I kept a recipe for Blueberry Peach Pie. Somehow down the years that recipe vanished to never-never land. I can still taste that Blueberry Peach Pie today, no recipe ever found to be equal those delicious memories.

    - Lyn K

  158. I love to grill fresh peaches and top with whipped topping, cinnamon and honey!!

    - Caroline

  159. There are few things in life as wonderful as a fresh, in-season tomato.

    My favorite peach recipe is a peaches and cream recipe handed down from my mother with a light crunchy crust.

    - tammigirl

  160. I love peach crisp!

    - Jenny

  161. I love a simple peach crisp with rolled oats!

    - Whitney Lindeman

  162. I like them straight out of the large sam’s club can. I love del monte peaches!

    - Gianna

  163. Homemade tomato soup is my favorite tomato recipe. I’m glad fall is around the corner.

    - heather z

  164. There is nothing better than homemade peach ice cream

    - heather z

  165. My favorite tomato recipe is tomato pie!

    - Pam

  166. I love the white peaches! so yummy!

    - Kristen

  167. My favorite Peach recipe is peach cobbler right from the oven. I always put vanilla ice cream on top.

    - Katie

  168. Fresh salsa, yum!

    - Shainna

  169. Bruschetta is my go to tomato recipe

    - Melissa B in IL

  170. Peach Bellini

    - Melissa B in IL

  171. I love making peach crisp!

    - Erin

  172. Peach pie

    - Amy Orvin

  173. Peach Streusel

    - Kristi

  174. Peach Cobbler

    - christy spurlock

  175. Caprese salad for tomatos, and greek yogurt with sliced peaches for peaches!

    - Linda

  176. I like peach cobbler.

    - Carol

  177. peach cobbler!

    - davis ann

  178. I am all about peach cobbler and a Caprese salad. True flavors come out in these dishes. Of course there is not much better than a ripe, juicy peach.

    - Emily @ Life on Food

  179. I love caprese salad or peaches simply sliced!

    - Kara

  180. Galette with White Peaches and Tomato!

    - Britnie Morris

  181. I love to make caprese salad with tomatoes. Peaches I just make peach cobler.

    - Regina

  182. I have to say that marcella’s tomato sauce is probably my favorite reason to reach for a can of tomatoes

    - Teresa

  183. I love peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream!

    - Laura@FoodSnobSTL

  184. I tweeted about this giveaway —


    - Mandy

  185. I love eating grilled peaches with ice cream. Yum!


    - Mandy

  186. I enjoy tomato caprese salads.

    - Cynthia C

  187. I love chopping up tomatoes for my eggs in the morining. Gives it a bright color and amazing taste!

    - Nikki

  188. I love tomatoes on my sandwich. I could eat tomatoes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I love, love, love fresh from the garden tomatoes.

    Honestly, I love adding a peach and banana to my cereal in the morning. I’d never turn down my great grandmother’s recipe for peach cobbler with, of course, homemade ice cream.

    - Amanda

  189. Hands down- Peach Cobbler!

    - Melissa

  190. A very simple brushetta is my favorite tomato recipe. Tomato, garlic, fresh basil, olive oil, and S&P! On garlic toast :)

    - Tamra H

  191. I love peaches with cream, simply but perfect.

    - Karen Lynch

  192. Peach cobbler, peach pie yum

    - Suzi

  193. fresh peaches sliced on homemade ice cream…and fresh tomatoes with my egg in the morning…with a little avocado!

    - kimt

  194. I love combining both peaches and tomatoes with burrata- either on a crostini is a little bite of heaven!

    - Erica

  195. I love Peach Crisps! And fresh tomatoes in Pico de Gallo!

    - Mary Beth Elderton

  196. I love peach cobbler.

    - Julie Steinbarger

  197. i love gazpacho (just made it last night!) and homemade peach ice cream!

    - kristin

  198. I love peach crumble!

    - Heather Hicks

  199. grilled peaches with cream and pico de gallo

    - Sascha

  200. Peaches–I love peach cobbler or pie.

    - Em Robin

  201. raspberry peach pie

    - audrey

  202. tweet –
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

    - Lisa Brown

  203. For sure, peach cobbler.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

    - Lisa Brown

  204. My favorite peach iis a cling. My favorite variety of cling is a “Shasta”. I luv freestones as well and my fav. Would be the “Alberta”. I was born and raised in the valley. I am from 3rd generation peach family too! Modesto Ca. Is where my folks raised us- on a peach/almond ranch. My sisters and I know all too well the half ton bin of peaches as we used to work in the field pulling any culls from fresh picked fruit. Harvest time is a very busy time for the lives of a farm family-as we all worked. Early morn til mid after noon, 6-7 days/week during harvest. The production of this beautiful peach does not stop in mid-September as you have year round ” must to-do’s”. Wonderful life lessons and values were given us with the learned hard work we did when living at home. We also worked along side our beloved grandparents-and cherish these days.
    I would say my favorite peach recipe would be mom’s peach pie—amazing!
    Enjoyed your post and pics!

    - C.

  205. Looks like you had a “BLAST”-so beautiful.

    - colleen m.

  206. I love my recipe from my grandma Butter peach frosting cake.

    - kymi a

  207. My favorite tomato recipe is a fresh watercress salad with onions & fresh diced tomato’s mixed with seasame oil and a little kikkoman soy sauce. It’s delicious.

    - kymi a

  208. We love peach pie from scratch with homemade vanilla ice cream. Yum! Favorite tomato recipe hands down is an old fashioned BLT sandwich with those huge beefsteak tomatoes.

    - Missy M

  209. I posted a tweet as well (thanks!):

    - Margot C

  210. I love making a peach pie with whipped cream

    - Margot C

  211. How fun! Looks like you had a great time! And that dog is adorable – I could see how he stole the spotlight!

    And thanks for the awesome giveaway – my favorite peach recipe? Upside down peach cake!

    - Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

  212. My favorite peach recipe is Old-Fashioned Peach Cobbler. It was handed down to me from my grandma who taught me how to cook.

    - Heather B

  213. My favorite peach recipe is peach pie from scratch.

    - nancy bowers

  214. I love a good dutch oven peach cobbler!

    - April J

  215. Peach muffins are a favorite of mine – Yum!!

    - Marie

  216. My favorite tomato recipe has to be fresh bruschetta or caprese. I love when tomatoes are the star of any dish.

    - Katy

  217. My favorite peach recipe is my peach crumble

    - Katy

  218. My favorite peach recipe is a crumble cobbler and my favorite tomato recipe is bucatini all’amatriciana.

    - Jenne

  219. I have made my Buttermilk Peach Pie a few times over the past few years; always a winner and the perfect balance of sweetness.

    - Sarah Morris

  220. I like a Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil Salad

    - Kelly D

  221. When I used to have a garden with tomatoes, I loved making salsa and just mixing tomatoes, any other fresh veggies, reduced balsamic vinegar and basil, soooo simple and soooooooooooooooo good!!

    - Erin

  222. It’s not really a “recipe”, but my favorite thing to do with peaches (aside from just eating them straight-up) is slice one, microwave with some cinnamon, and then top with a scoop of good vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

    - Emily T.

  223. I love anything made with peaches, but I have a very soft spot for a certain grilled peach and Vidalia onion salad with buttermilk dressing. It reminds me so much of my sister.

    - Kelsey

  224. My favorite tomato recipe is fresh homemade salsa.

    - Kristen M

  225. My favorite tomato recipe is Caprese salad. Fresh mozzerella, tomatoes and basil – YUM!

    - Amy L

  226. I love tomato caprese salads with a balsamic reduction. Peaches I like best freshly cut up or in a drink of some kind like smoothies or cocktails.

    - Jennifer Griffith

  227. Southern peach cobbler. Yum!

    - Michelle L

  228. my favorite peach recipe is Peach Polly. Polly is my sister. My mom would make individual cups so we all had our own. Drain the peaches saving the juice. Combine juice and corn starch and heat to thicken
    Put peaches in individual pan and add thickened juice. Top with dry yellow cake mix. Put pat of butter on top of each. Bake until golden

    - Sandy

  229. I have been loving peach smoothies lately! Nice and refreshing!

    - Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate

  230. Peach Gingerbread upside down cake mmmm

    - Heather

  231. Peach tomato pie!

    - cori

  232. I love fresh sliced peaches and cinnamon sticks in water. Yummy, refreshing and pretty!

    - Lisa

  233. Peach cobbler! My son doesn’t eat many sweets but he does love his cobbler and peach is his fans down favorite!

    - Katie Zack

  234. Oh! I make a wonderful peach cobbler when the Georgia Peaches are in season!

    - Wanda McHenry

  235. Peach cobbler is my favorite peach recipe. I don’t eat tomatoes.

    - Jessica To

  236. Peach cobbler is my favorite!

    - Shyanne

  237. I adore peach cobbler…it reminds me of home!

    - Kelli

  238. I love making bruschetta with tomatoes!

    - Shyanne

  239. A baked peach pancake starts my Saturday mornings off right!

    - Kari

    (my account is private due to some creepy stalkers, but if you want/need proof of the Tweet, please send me a request)

    - Becca from

  241. I love a good peach cobbler!

    - Jenny

  242. What a fun trip! I bet it smelled heavenly :)
    I love using fresh tomatoes to make bruschetta.

    - Becca from

  243. I love to make peach cobbler.

    - Lisa

  244. I love to make peach crisp in the summertime– especially individually sized ones!

    - Anne [A Squared]

  245. My favorite way to eat peaches is just like they come! Sliced and peeled with ice cream is really good though. Tomatoes is the same, sliced with salt and pepper only if out of my garden though, if not mix with some avocados and a little garlic, yummy!!

    - Sharon Cain

  246. My favorite tomato recipe is fresh, homemade salsa!

    - Bianca

  247. My favorite peach recipe is good ole fashioned peach cobbler.

    - Bianca

  248. I love making homemade pasta sauce and bruschetta.

    - Audrey B.

  249. An oldie but goodie- I love fresh tomatoes in marinara sauce for spaghetti, lasagna, you name it!

    - Ashley P

  250. This sounds so fun; what a great trip! :) I’m a softy, but I love the tomato and garlic bruschetta that my boyfriend makes; it’s just so simple and good on yummy french bread! :)

    - Chelsea

  251. This year I have made bourbon peaches which I will let sit until Christmas and then give them away for gifts, I always use del monte tomatoes for my fresh salsa as well as in my chili and pasta sauces. I find the quality of their product to be top notch.

    - heidi

  252. I love peach sangria and making bruschetta with tomatoes!

    - Bree Courtney

  253. For canned tomatoes, I like to make shakshouka. Fresh tomatoes I like to just eat, or maybe put in guacamole!

    - Erin

  254. My favorite peach recipe is Peach Crumb Bars and my favorite tomato recipes are homemade spaghetti sauce, marinara, and salsa!!

    - Jennay

  255. tweet–

    - Mami2jcn

  256. Peach pie with vanilla ice cream…yum!

    - Mami2jcn

  257. Tomato and feta salad with basil.

    - Erica

  258. My current favorite peach recipe is Peach and Ginger pie:

    It’s sweet and spicy and I even put crystallized ginger in the crust :)

    - Yvonne

  259. I really love this goat cheese & heirloom tomato tart that I make for my husband and me every summer :)

    - Marie

  260. Peach Cobbler Muffins!!!

    - Lindsay Lee

  261. i love making indian spiced tomato and onion chutney and peach cobbler..:)

    - vaishali

  262. I like to make an easy peach roll up


    1 can of sliced peaches or a few fresh peaches sliced
    1 tube of crescent rolls
    1/3 cup of sugar
    1/4 cup of butter
    1 tsp. vanilla
    1/2 cup of Mountain Dew

    Separate your crescent rolls and place a peach in the wide end of each one and roll up.
    Place the rolled up peach crescents in a pie dish (spray with non-stick cooking spray first) and make sure they are barely touching. They are going to expand quite a bit so you want to give them room.
    In a small microwave safe melt the butter and then stir in the sugar and vanilla. Spoon this mixture over the crescents.
    Pour the soda over the top and then bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until golden.

    - Melissa M

  263. How awesome, I appreciate Del Monte so much more now! I’ve always put their peaches with cottage cheese as a snack anytime or breakfast.

    - Drew Regan

  264. Peach Cobbler

    - Stacey Lizotte

  265. My favorite Recipe for Peach and tomato is
    Peach and Tomato Gazpacho:

    Makes 4 first-course servings

    active time
    20 min
    total time
    20 min

    use ice in this recipe because it gives the gazpacho just the right chill without the soup having to be refrigerated for any length of time. If you don’t have pre crushed ice, crush about 1/4 cup ice in a blender.

    1 1/2 lb tomatoes, chopped (4 cups)
    1 lb peaches, pitted and chopped (2 cups)
    1/4 cup crushed ice
    2 tablespoons chopped shallot (1 medium)
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    1 1/2 tablespoons white-wine vinegar
    1 tablespoon chopped fresh tarragon
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon black pepper
    1/4 to 1/2 cup water

    Purée two thirds of tomatoes and half of peaches with ice, shallot, 1 tablespoon oil, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 2 teaspoons tarragon, 3/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper in a blender until very smooth, about 1 minute. Force through a medium-mesh sieve into a large glass measure, discarding solids. Stir in water to desired consistency.
    Toss together remaining tomatoes and peaches with remaining tablespoon oil, remaining 1/2 tablespoon vinegar, remaining teaspoon tarragon, and remaining 1/4 teaspoon each of salt and pepper in a bowl. 3 Serve soup in bowls topped with tomato peach salsa.

    - ALPA

  266. Pancakes topped with caramelised peaches and honey. Yum!

    - Samantha

  267. I love to eat fresh peaches raw when they are in season, but in winter, I use my own canned peaches to make bourbon peach cobbler.

    - Lindsay

  268. Slow roasted tomatoes. Especially end of the summer when you have so many and don’t know what to do with them anymore. I roasted and the freeze them. When winter comes I make a tomato pesto / sauce out of it which is a piece of summer.
    Peach butter is what I usually make. It’s so good and very addicting! :)

    - Elisa

  269. I love tomato soup with fresh tomatoes!

    - Natalie S

  270. Mango peach salsa and tomato mozzarella panini!

    - Melanie @

  271. Fresh Peach Pie (uncooked; similar to Fresh Strawberry Pie)!

    - Dorothea

  272. Grilled peaches are fantastic!

    - Vic

  273. I love homemade peach pie!

    - amy pugmire

  274. I adore a good peach crisp and love to make and can tomato salsa.

    - Terri C

  275. What a fun media trip! I always love learning more about where my food comes from! I love making peach salsa!

    - katie

  276. tweeted

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

    - Kay

  277. Peach crumb bars with cream cheese!!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

    - Kay

  278. I love to cut up a peach, toss it with some cinnamon and microwave it for about 45 seconds. I top it with some greek yogurt and almonds! It’s a great snack! For tomatoes, my favorite way is tossing them with some olive oil, salt and pepper and then roasting them.

    - Kelly

  279. I love a good homemade, slow cooked pasta sauce!

    - Madeleine

  280. Any variation of caprese salad is tops, but my favorite way is simply tomato, a fresh slice of mozzarella and drizzled balsamic vinaigrette on top!

    - Esme

  281. Besides just eating a fresh juicy peach I love peach pie and peach cobbler.

    - Bernie B

  282. I really just love peaches and tomatoes as is (as are??) Grilled peaches, peach cobbler, peach cake…can’t go wrong.

    As for tomatoes I guess my favorite is a salad make by marinating tomatoes with cucumbers and red onion in a mayo based vinaigrette then top romaine with that. Or gazpacho

    - Sam Haughwout

  283. Fresh Tomatoes = Fresh Bruschetta

    - Christine Schettig

  284. That’s a difficult question because my favorite way to enjoy a peach is just plain, no recipe, just cut it up and eat it :) Second favorite is probably a peach crisp…with vanilla ice cream of course.

    - SaraC

  285. Fresh tomatoes cooked with sautéed butter and diced onions add salt and pepper then tear up 4-5 slices of white bread toast stir to combine then serve…old family recipe my mom made for all of us. The taste is outstanding.

    - Brenda Wentworth

  286. So many beautiful photos! Looks like you ladies had a blast!

    - Kailley @ Kailley's Kitchen

  287. My favorite peach recipe is baked peach oatmeal.

    - Lynda M.

  288. I love making fresh sauce with tomatoes!!

    - Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

  289. sliced peaches—peach crumb pie, tomatoes–when i make from my spaghetti sauce—–

    - annette turello

  290. Tomato’s I love canning some fresh tomato soup to use in the winter time; just add some cream and flour and it is like summertime in a cup.

    - Ashley

  291. Mmmmmmmm I would have to say peach mango fish tacos followed up with peach ice cream

    - Ashley

  292. I tweeted about your tour and giveaway! Here is the tweet link:

    - Mai

  293. Peach cobbler has to be my all time summer favorite. I remember my dad bringing home peaches, we all pitched in to help peel them. Then my mom would can peaches, make peach jam and jelly …. and a huge peach cobbler. There is nothing like a fresh cobbler made with fresh peaches!

    - Janet Beaman

  294. I love a gooey, caramelized, peach tarte tatin.

    - Michelle D.

  295. I love to grill a peach or two and eat it nice and warm with a scoop of french vanilla or caramel ice cream… simply delicious! Thanks!

    - Kirsten

  296. I absolutely adore peach cobbler with extra crumble on top and a thick crust on the bottom (I’m a crust/crumble girl!) ;)

    - Mai

  297. What an incredible experience!! All of the food looks amazing, but I’m suddenly craving that peach slushie- so fresh and delicious!

    - Sues

  298. I am in love with grilled peaches served with vanilla ice cream !

    - Cindy Carver

  299. My favorite peach recipe is peach pie!! Topped with vanilla ice cream of course :-)

    - Jacqui

  300. You can’t go wrong with a well made peach cobbler.

    - Jen

  301. I love a peach cobbler- simple and brings up wonderful memories with my mom! I also love to make a tomato basil ricotta tart!

    - Manette Gutterman

  302. One of my favorite desserts is a peach and raspberry crisp!
    The sweetness from the peaches combined with the pizazz of raspberries leaves me going back for seconds every time! :)

    - Rhonda R.

  303. I love peach cobbler! I also got a recipe from a friend for a peach dump cake where you put cake mix, peaches, and butter into a crock pot and it is delicious!!

    - Bridget

  304. That peach slushy looks delish!!! You’ll have to share your recipe once you recreate it! Yum!!
    What a fun time picking fruit right from the source!

    - Rhonda R.

  305. I love peach cobbler – it’s a classic!

    - Samantha

  306. Looks like a lot of fun. I love Del Monte peaches AND canned tomato products. I usually eat their peaches in a bowl with some cream or milk and I use their tomatoes for everything! I never had access to fresh peaches like I do now, so I don’t really know how to cook/bake them. I’ve only had them fresh or grilled. One recipe I like using stewed tomatoes is to cook them with onions and SPAM. Yes, SPAM.

    - Deece

  307. I would have to say peach pie!

    - Nancy P.@thebittersideofsweet

  308. My favorite peach recipe is peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream and my fave tomato recipe is mac and cheese with tomatoes.

    - April Yedinak

  309. Grilled peaches with cinnamon whipped cream are definitely a favorite!

    - Becky B

  310. My favorite is roasted tomatoes on good sourdough smeared with roasted garlic, warm goats cheese and minced fresh basil. easy peasy and so delicious!

    - jan

  311. My favorite recipe recently found is Peach and Blueberry crumbles – delish! I’ve always been in love with my gramma’s peach pie, but not been good at recreating it. These relieve the craving.

    - Lisa

  312. I love this tomato quiche:

    - Elizabeth G.

  313. Peach cobbler – is an all time favorite. But for tomatoes – nothing is better than an blt with the l & t fresh from the garden.

    - Kathy Z

  314. Definitely peach cobbler!

    - Shelly

  315. Peach salsa or a tomato caprese salad!

    - Becky

  316. My favorite tomato recipe is def. my pasta sauce-so simple and so yummy!

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  317. I LOVE peach cobbler :)

    - Katie

  318. I love peach cobbler, it is a summertime staple in my house!

    - Kelsea

  319. I love fresh tomatoes with big chunks of feta, olive oil and balsamic vinegar! Nummmm

    - Rachel

  320. I like peach salsa

    - Elena

  321. A pure unaltered peach straight off the tree or a tomato fresh off the vine works for me EVERY time!

    - Anne Rogers

  322. I love peaches (and tomatoes!), and try to use them in a variety of ways. My hubby introduced me to the idea of pairing peaches with meats like pork and beef; it’s amazing how wonderfully peaches enhance savory dishes. We add pureed peach to ground beef, and it makes the best, juiciest hamburgers! But we also like to use them in the crockpot, like in this recipe:

    - Lynne M Meyer

  323. Bruschetta:)

    - Alice Epstein

  324. My favorite recipe is for peach cobbler, or is it peach pie, or maybe peach ice cream. I sure do love me some peaches!

    - VictoriaN

  325. My fave tomato recipe is caprese salad!

    - Laura (Tutti Dolci)

  326. I love peaches in my oatmeal!

    - Julie

  327. i love roasted tomatoes on ANYTHING!! i simply toss in some olive oil and bake at 400 for anywhere between 10-50 minutes (depending on size and how soft i want them). i then add the tomatoes to anything from salads to pasta to other veggies! so good!

    and thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

    - megan

  328. I just love peaches and my favorite peach recipe is a ham and peach panini on ciabatta bread! The saltiness of the ham and the sweetness of the peach compliment one another so well and make for a perfect meal on a hot Summer night!

    - Heather

  329. Favorite tomato recipe has gotta be goat cheese and tomato tart!

    - Katy

  330. My favorite peach recipe isn’t really a recipe. I love to slice fresh peaches in half, remove the pit, and place on my george foreman grill until soft. Delish!

    Side note- my dad makes the BEST peach cobbler with Del Monte peaches! That is the first think I thought of when I saw your blog post title! :)

    - Kristina Edson

  331. Grilled peaches

    - Bryn

  332. My favorite tomato recipe is ham and tomato pie and my favorite peach recipe is peach cobbler scones, so delicious!


  333. Since I love desserts, I’d have to say peach crostada is my favorite recipe. Thanks for the recap of your trip!

    - Ashley | Spoonful of Flavor

  334. I love the way you put this post together, Ali! I literally felt like I was there with you taking it all in – what an amazing trip :)

    - Tracey

  335. My favorite peach recipe is peach ice cream!

    - Christina

  336. My favorite recipe with tomatoes is taco soup.

    - livivua

  337. Favorite peach recipe is Peach Shortcakes! Like strawberry shortcakes, but with peaches and cream instead of strawberries :)

    - Kaylee

  338. My favorite tomato recipe is my “Fast Chop Guac”. I combine chopped guacamole, cherry tomatoes, onion, cilantro, and feta cheese.

    - Kristen

  339. My favorite peach recipe is my family’s peach cobbler. Yum o !!

    - Emily K

  340. I think my favorite tomato recipe is any kind of bruschetta. Recently, we’ve been grilling pitas then putting the fresh tomatoes/basil/mozzarella right off the grill! Yummm everything is better with fresh tomatoes and anything/everything grilled!

    - Jacqui